Football, Player Profile | February 9, 2018

Jacob Foster Will be Flying High in the United States Air Force

Jacob Foster with his parents Glen Foster and Leanne Chariton, and sisters from left to right, Corina and Jessica Foster.                  (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake’s Football Team reached another milestone when Senior Offensive Lineman, Jacob Foster signed his letter of intent to attend the Air Force Academy this week. To fully understand this signing, then ask any College Football Fan and they will let you know the exact date for school’s to acquire signatures for future players on their team they support.

Jacob Foster posing with his Hawk Teammates. (photo by Karen Holmes)

“There are a lot of boys all over the nation that are signing today,” Head Coach Charlie Drum stated. “Those colleges are getting boys and Air Force is getting a Man!”

Coach Drum continued, “Jacob has made the right decisions in who he hung out with and took care of his classroom work.”

Foster has been a mainstay for the past four years by holding down the trenches for the Hawks as this young man made his jump to the Varsity after a couple of freshman games and made his home there for the rest of his career.

“He (Foster) was a leader on the field and classroom,” Defensive Line Coach Javier Almanza recalled.

His Offensive Line Coach, Bill Greene heaped accolades when he talked about his Junior year, “Every Coach in our meeting after that season did not hesitate to raise their hands when voting on the District 14-4A MVP for that year…..that is something you will never see for an offensive lineman and now I will be an Air Force Fan!”

Foster will be graduating with a 4.0 and 9th in his class when May comes calling later this year.

Glen Foster making sure his Son finishes his signature.  (photo by Karen Holmes)

“From pop-warner and 6th grade at Spring Branch to his development in Mountain Valley…..We (his Mom and I) have preached that the classroom comes first and then football is second,” Glen Foster said recalling his son’s rise to this day. “There were a lot of D-II Schools looking at him and he interviewed with Army and then Air Force…..after we took a visit, then that sealed the deal and there is no question about their academics and he will be representing our Country.”

Dad continued, “Jacob has prepared and developed for the discipline and what comes first….and he took that to the football field. The players and Coaches helped him learn and that is what has readied him for the next level.”

The ReSporter remembers two plays in particular that would tell you that Air Force will be getting a Man this next year.

Two years ago, Running Back Austin Brennan was on a break-a-way run for the end zone as he took his route based on who Foster would block to clear the way for the TD run. This rushing play was over 60 yards of real estate and Brennan took his cue 40 yards down the field when Foster destroyed a poor defensive back, which is where that player ended up….on his back, while Brennan waltzed across the goal line and a Hawk score.

It is finished and now Air Force will be next stop for Jacob Foster. (photo by Karen Holmes)

That second play was this season when the Hawk Coaches decided to give this lineman the best honor, as he lined up in the back field, for a rushing touchdown.

That spoke volumes for how Foster was revered by his Coaches and his teammates had a chance to block for this future Air Force player.

“These last four years have been a blast,” Foster closed. “I had a great time on the playing field and I was raised by great parents and I want to thank everyone that supported me along the way.”

Canyon Lake has had a lot of firsts this year and this first will certainly rank up there, as this was a celebration not only on the playing field but within the classroom where teachers and fans alike will relish on having a chance of knowing a young man that will have your back.

Congrats Jacob!!!