Game Article, Girls Basketball | February 7, 2018

The Lake is now Undisputed District 28-4A Champions after Win over Bandera, 64-27

Emily Geist will be one of the Junior Varsity that will make the move up for Playoffs.     (mjrphotog.com)


It is now official, Canyon Lake Lady Hawks (29-6) have won the 3rd District Championship trophy for the Hawk’s sports teams, after dominating their last regular season contest over Bandera, 64-27.

  Go District Champion Hawks!!

“We feel real proud of the progress we have made this year,” Head Coach Zach Burleson commented. “We have overcome some obstacles and it has been a great team effort to get here. Our confidence in each other has really been great….been a lot of fun to be a part of this team.”

Coach Burleson has certainly laid some good ground work with the ladies and take the info below to relish, for a team that deserves a ton of accolades as the playoffs commence next week.

With 27 out of 35 games, Canyon Lake has held that many opponents from reaching the 40 point plateau this season.

Last year, CL would have a forgettable year as they would be shut-out of District play after not winning one game. The Hawks had just one game that was decided by 10 or less points and were outscored, 457 to 334 in those 8 contests. Or an average score: Hawks 42 to Opponent 57.

This year the revenge tour did just the opposite. The Hawks scored 388 for an average of, 48.5 and gave up, 288 points with a 36 point average.

Go  Champ Hawks!

Going from no wins to a District Championship is a great accomplishment and that stifling defense held those same teams that ran rough shod over CL last year to 21 points per game less than what they feasted on a year ago.

The secret? Four Seniors and a group of Sophomores that no longer play like sophomores as these 5 players have a total of 251 varsity battles in their locker after this last regular season conquest.

This game result would not be a mystery after Canyon Lake went into their locker room for halftime with a comfortable, 42-19 lead. The Hawks held the Bulldogs to 8 second half points as the 28-4A District Champions would waltz into their locker room with another goal.

Winning a playoff game for the first time in Lady Hawk history.

All but one Hawk player (Caroline Kullberg) had an assist and steal in this run-a-way victory. Kullberg would do what she does best leading the team with 5 block shots.

Here is the crux for this season as we will compare this game with the Sophomore Stats with last year’s battle against Bandera as Freshman players.


 Bandera Game      fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta pts or-dr tot a  s  b to
 Freshman   2017     2-13    1-4     2-4    9   5-2   7  1  4  1  5
 Sophomores 2018    12-19    2-3     2-5   32   3-15 18 11 11  7 14

A stark difference in what a year can do for this age group.

Hill Country Furnishings says Go Hawks

Congrats Champion Hawks!!

Canyon Lake set a high bar in this game, with 20 assists, 17 steals, and 9 blocks. Those 20 assists is a Hawk Record as there are many games that a team will not even reach that number of made shots.

Reagan Heun shot 50% from the floor and was perfect from the free throw line in leading CL with 18 points. Lainee Moses continues to show improvement with each night of play as this Sophomore finished with 11 points while dishing out 4 assists and 4 steals in this contest.

“We got a lot of good looks and got up, then we were able to spread them out,” Coach Burleson said. “When we did, then Reagan (Heun), took over and scored layups on four straight possessions….life was easier after that.”

Heun led CL with 5 assists and has matured her game with less shots in scoring more points this season. Those assists are a testament to her all around game.

Canyon Lake finished the regular season having 6 of their players with 50 or more steals giving you an idea of how hard they have played defense.


               Players             Season Steals
               Chelsea Tschoepe         89
               Alexa Ramos              87
               Lainee Moses             68
               Reagan Heun              58
               Char Hutson              52
               Marley Carrizales        50

That will give CL an average of 14 steals per contest which gives you more chances to score while keeping an opponent on the low end of that scoring margin.

   Hawks Flying High

Bandera has had better years, but nothing compares to the year your Hawks are having as they will now prepare for a meeting with Gonzales next Tuesday night at Canyon High School with tip-off being 6:30pm. The Canyon Lake Broadcasting team will be live streaming the contest, if you cannot be there.

Congrats to the DISTRICT 28-4A CHAMPIONS and Go Hawks!!!


            1  2  3  4  Final
 CL Hawks  19 23  7 15  64
 Bandera    8 11  2  6  27

                   2pt     3pt           tot rebounds
                 fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta pts or-dr tot a  s  b  to
 Skylar Hurst      3-3     0-0     0-1    6   1-0   1  2  1  0  3
 Lainee Moses      4-6     1-2     0-0   11   1-0   1  4  4  0  4
 Marley Carrizales 1-1     0-0     0-0    2   0-0   0  4  2  0  5
 Chelsea Tschoepe  1-3     1-1     0-0    5   0-5   5  2  4  1  2
 Char Hutson       1-1     0-0     6-8    8   0-0   0  2  1  1  2
 Caroline Kullberg 3-4     0-0     2-5    8   0-5   5  0  0  5  1
 Reagan Heun       4-6     2-6     4-4   18   0-6   6  5  4  1  4
 Jessie Melendez   3-5     0-0     0-0    6   2-5   7  1  1  1  2
 totals           20-29    4-9    12-18  64   4-21 25 20 17  9 23
 percentages       69%     44%     67%