Track & Field | March 19, 2018

All-Time Track & Field based on a Track Meet Scoring

         Marisa Ellis Clearing the High Jump Bar and Finishing 1st in the State Meet!!

The ReSporter has compiled a different way of showing the best Hawk athletes based on scoring their All-Time Events just like a Track Meet would determine a winning School.

For instance, Jordan Anderson has the best 100 meter dash and for that he would accumulate 10 points for that event. The second place student would get 8 points and so on to the 6th place finish.


                      In a track meet the points for events are:
                                1st Place:   10
                                2nd Place:    8
                                3rd Place:    6
                                4th Place:    4
                                5th Place:    2
                                6th Place:    1

Alayna-Gayle says way to Go All-Time Hawks!!

Another note is the number events is not limited to 5 as a Meet would observe and if a Hawk athlete is in the top 6 in more than five events then those points would continue to add up.

Relays would have a first place with 5 points for each runner and 2nd place would have 4 points per athlete and so on.

However, if an athlete is on the No. 1 Relay team the The ReSporter would not use that athlete again if they were on one of the other 5 relay times.

Make sense? If not, then just have trust in the process and know that it can be clear as mud if you can find The ReSporter at a Hawk Sporting venue.

One last note, if there is a tie then the tie breaker would be based on giving more weight to the athlete that is in 1st on the All-Time list on any given event. That would continue if they finished 2nd or 3rd and so on.

For instance, below, Jessica Cunningham and Alysha Perez are both tied with 30 points. Since Cunningham is still No. 1 in three events, then that would put her ahead of Perez for the tie breaker.


             The Ladies          Pts       Top Ten    The Men              Pts
    1st:     Bailey Drum         40                   Jordan Anderson      55
    2nd:     Skylar Hurst        38                   Caimen McDonough     32
    3rd:     Mariah Ellis        37                   Lester Boehm         26
    4th:     Jessica Cunningham  30                   Brandon Courtney     25
    5th:     Alysha Perez        30                   Heath McDonough      19
    6th:     Madison Churbe      27                   Jacob Foster         16
    7th:     Hannah Graves       26                   Gerrit Wilkins       16
    8th:     Audrey Schulze      25                   Doug Hubnik          16
    9th:     Marisa Ellis        24                   Eduardo Covarrubias  16
   10th:     Kaelin Simmons      20                   Daniel Camarillo     16