Baseball, Softball, Standings | March 25, 2018

Baseball & Softball Standings

Isaiah Valdez is ready for the ‘keepem close’ throw.  As the JV won an earlier game this year.               (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake has an unmatched year thus far in the Sports Department as every Hawk team has been able to punch a ticket for the playoffs so far.

The last two teams that are auditioning for a chance to have a post-season will be CL’s Baseball and Softball teams.

The Hit Man says ‘Keep getting Hits Hawks!!

Canyon Lake’s Baseball team has had a longer district schedule than other sports as they will play each school 3 times compared to 2 times for Volleyball-Basketball, and Soccer. Baseball has a two consecutive game schedule with each team and then after that part of the contests are finished another round of battles.

So, Baseball has played more games than Softball who will end their season a week before their counterpart.

Softball started District 28-4A play with a losing record but all but two of those losses occurred against 5A-6A schools. These Ladies started off their district schedule on the road and a win over Boerne last Friday.

This is not the same team that started this campaign as there was some missing parts with a Basketball team that did not want to end their season. There has been some injuries too, which has given CL a chance to play more of their roster but the flip side is working on the chemistry for the defense.

If this Hawk Softball squad can reduce those errors and continue with their hot bats then this could be another sport that might have more games after district play has ended. Another good aspect is seeing the Hawks go deeper down their batting order with some lethal bats.

For the Baseball team, CL has started with two losses to Boerne but the good news is knowing the Greyhounds will put many more schools in that same predicament as that school is loaded and ranked high in The State of Texas.

                        Go Hawks!!

The Hawks did get their first win last Friday, when CL beat Hondo and if this crew can turn some more heads and surprise enough opponents then this too, could be a playoff year for Baseball.

This team does not have a high batting average but their on base percentage has been performing well and that is one key that must continue for a chance of manufacturing more victories. A winning record is not too shabby either as Canyon Lake has not had a winning record this late in the year since their 2010 season.

That 2010 team finished with a, 15-14 tally after beating Devine with two wins and then losing 2 out of 3 games against Hidalgo. Baseball was the fist Hawk Sport to get past the Bi-District contest.

Get out to the diamond and take in some Baseball/Softball action and let’s get these two teams into the playoffs.

Go Hawks!!

                                 DISTRICT 28-4A STANDINGS

                                    Overall District
                           W   L  T  Pct                           W  L    Pct   GB
           Boerne          15  2  1 .861           Boerne          4  0  1.000 
           Fredericksburg  13  5  0 .765           Fredericksburg  3  0  1.000  0.5
           CL Hawks        11  7  1 .583           Hondo           2  3   .400  2.5
           Hondo            9  8  0 .529           CL Hawks        1  2   .333  3.5
           Bandera         10 10  0 .500           Bandera         0  5   .000  5.5

                                    This Week’s Schedule

                          3.27 CL Hawks       @    Hondo
                               Bandera        @    Fredericksburg
                               Boerne         @    SA Antonian

                          3.29 CL Hawks       @    Fredericksburg
                               Devine         @    Bandera
                               Boerne         @    Hondo

                                    Last Week’s Results

                          3.20 Boerne         10   CL Hawks       0
                               Hondo           9   Bandera        3
                               Wimberley       3   Fredericksburg 2

                          3.23 CL Hawks        5   Hondo          3
                               Fredericksburg 10   Bandera        0
                               Boerne          7   SA Antonian    4


                                      SOFTBALL STANDINGS
            Overall         W  L  T   Pct          District        W  L    Pct   GB
            Fredericksburg 13  5  0  .765          Bandera         2  1   .667
            Hondo          10  7  0  .667          CL Hawks        3  0  1.000  0.5
            Bandera         9  8  0  .529          Fredericksburg  2  1  1.000  0.5
            CL Hawks       11 10  1  .523          Boerne          1  2   .000  2.0
            Boerne          8 12  0  .368          Hondo           0  3   .000  2.0

                                     This Week’s Schedule
                         3.26 Hondo           3    CL Hawks        6

                         3.27 Fredericksburg 16    Bandera         5

                         3.29 CL Hawks        8    Fredericksburg  5
                              Boerne          9    Hondo           7
                              Bandera              Bye

                                     Last Week’s Results
                         3.20 Bandera        15    Boerne          6
                              Fredericksburg 14    Hondo           1
                              CL Hawks             Bye

                         3.23 CL Hawks       12    Boerne          2
                              Bandera         4    Hondo           2
                              Fredericksburg       Bye