Game Article, Track & Field | March 5, 2018

Boys Track: Hawks See Double in Panther Relays with 2 Team Wins by Varsity & JV

Canyon Lake dominated the Navarro Panther Relays by having both their Varsity and Junior Varsity finish on top of the heap against 10 other schools on Saturday.

Hill Country Furnishings says Go Hawks

             Congrats Hawks!!

The Hawks JV tracksters had several 1st Place medals as did the Varsity in the name of Lester Boehm and Caimen McDonough.

All of the 1st place finishes proved to be Personal Records (PR) and McDonough’s Triple Jump shows his improvement in all those field events.

McDonough finished this meet with 40 points out of a possible 50 that was attainable.

Boehm was in some events that are not usual as he will use these running events compared to being entered into Relays. Both of his dash runs were PR’s and he moved up the All-Time Hawk list to boot.

For the Junior Varsity these Boys were all different as the sprints/runs/field events were all represented in finishing first in 5 of the 13 total events.

                     Go Hawks!!

Canyon Lake’s Junior Varsity used their depth to take control of this Panther Relays as these Hawks had 4 events with 2 Hawk’s who placed and 3 events with 3 Hawk’s gathering points. There was one other event that CLJV had 4 students with points as the Hawks entered another track team since there were more than 3 that can compete.

Canyon Lake’s JV had a 2nd-4th-5th-6th in that Triple Jump competition.

Patrick McAuliffe finished with 30 points with Cody Kline right behind that with 29 scored in the meet. Seth Titzman finished with 21 points and there were 5 other JV athletes finish with double digit scoring.

                         Paul Martinez       16
                         Caleb Almond        16
                         Bryce Vincent       16
                         Logan Cruz          12
                         Ryan Rivali         10

 The JV Hawks had 17 athletes that would contribute for this win scoring 188 points.
CL’s Varsity represented with 13 students and 7 of those had 10 or more points.
                        Caimen McDonough     40
                        Lester Boehm         25
                        Jacob Foster         14
                        Joseph Ruiz          12
                        Chance Martelli      11
                        Nik Rivera           10
                        Conner Rose          10

Joseph Crisp had a PR with his Discus throw as he now ranks 1st in District 28-4A and 3rd on the All-Time Hawk list.

The list below has all of the Personal Bests in Navarro and where their time ranks them in District 28-4A and then if that PR has them ranked in the Top-Ten All-Time Hawk List.

                                                            All Time
          Personal Bests                   28-4A Rank       Hawk Top 10
          Lester Boehm          100 meter      3rd              3rd
          Joseph Ruiz           100 meter     13th
          Lester Boehm          200 meter      2nd              3rd
          Chance Martelli       400 meter      3rd              6th
          Patrick McAuliffe     800 meter      3rd              8th
          Seth Titzman          800 meter      4th              9th
          Caden McLaughlin     1600 meter      7th
          Deagan Miller        1600 meter      8th
          Deagan Miller        3200 meter     10th
          Logan Cruz        100 m hurdles      6th
          Cody Kline        100 m hurdles      7th
          Caimen McDonough  300 m hurdles      1st              2nd
          Bryce Vincent     300 m hurdles      5th
          Cody Kline        300 m hurdles      9th
          Stephen Sharp     300 m hurdles     10th
          Caimen McDonough      long jump      3rd              6th
          Jacob Foster           shot-put      1st              3rd
          Joseph Crisp             discus      1st              3rd
          Caimen McDonough    triple jump      1st              1st
          Troy Eyster         triple jump      5th
          Patrick McAuliffe     high jump      3rd

                        Junior Varsity       1st PLACE     Varsity
          Paul Martinez        100m          12.26         Lester Boehm     100m     11.23
                                                           Lester Boehm     200m     22.74
          Bryce Vincent        300mh         44.55         Caimen McDonough 300mh    40.71
          Patrick McAuliffe    800m        2:11.08         Caimen McDonough  tj      43-03
          Logan Cruz           110mh         18.21
          Cody Kline           long jump      5-06



Canyon Lake will be back on the Cinders this week on March 7th at the Bandera Relays. The Hawks had some good results last year in Bandera and this season, CL has won 4 meets when you look at both Varsity and Junior Varsity for boys & girls.

Canyon Lake has not finished below 3rd place and will look to continue that motif as the season gears up for District 28-4A in April. With Spring Break beginning in a week there will not be any Track action for that time period.

There are just 3 meets left before Canyon Lake hosts this year’s District Meet on April 11th- 12th.

Go Fast, Jump High and Long, and Throw Far Hawks!!


           Junior Varsity     Team Standings Panther Relays   Varsity
           Canyon Lake    188                                 Canyon Lake       149
           Navarro         90                                 SA Cole            87
           Victoria West   87                                 Navarro            83
           Lytle           65                                 Poth               59
           Luling          45                                 Victoria West      51
           Poth            27                                 Lytle              45
           SA Cole         21                                 Luling             35
           Marion          16                                 Marion             28
           Stacey          12                                 Nixon Smiley       16
           John Paul       10                                 Life Gate           6
           Life Gate        6                                 John Paul           4

                                      100 meter dash
           Paul Martinez       12.26    1st         Lester Boehm         11.23    1st
           Caleb Almond        12.46    2nd         Joseph Ruiz          11.81    2nd
           Patrick Almond      13.09

                                     200 meter dash
           Ryan Rivali         24.43    3rd         Lester Boehm         22.74    1st
           Paul Martinez       24.78    5th         Conner Rose          24.21    3rd

                                     400 meter dash
           Seth Titzman        56.93    2nd         Chance Martelli      52.66    5th
           Donavan Stockwell   59.06    6th         Jesse Sarmiento      54.11
           Jesse Horner        59.56

                                    800 meter run
           Patrick McAuliffe 2:11.08    1st         Matt Bell          2:14.00
           Seth Titzman      2:11.51    2nd

                                   1600 meter run
           Cayden McLaughlin 5:25.52    4th         Jaren Marmolijo    5:12.46
           Deagan Miller     5:27.81    5th

                                  3200 meter run
           Deagan Miller    11:47.91    4th
           Cayden McLaughlin 12:58.00

                               110 meter hurdles
           Logan Cruz          18.21    1st         Caimen McDonough     16.13    3rd
           Cody Kline          18.52    3rd         Nik Rivera           17.36    4th
           Bryce Vincent       19.11    6th

                               300 meter hurdles
           Bryce Vincent       44.55    1st         Caimen McDonough     40.71    1st
           Cody Kline          46.05    2nd         Nik Rivera           42.30    3rd
           Stephen Sharp       46.80    4th
           Derek Wiatrek       47.78

                               4x100 meter relay
           Canyon Lake JV      47.30    2nd          Canyon Lake           DQ
           Paul Martinez      Caleb Almond
           Ryan Rivali        Jesse Horner

                              4x200 meter relay
           Canyon Lake      1:41.80     DQ           Canyon Lake       1:36.75    2nd
           Colton Eilers     Caleb Almond            Joseph Ruiz        Tristan Chacon
           Ryan Rivali       Derek Wiatrek           Connor Rose        Chance Martelli

                              4x400 meter relay
           Canyon Lake      3:48.30    1st           Canyon Lake       3:30.98    1st
           Colton Eilers     Seth Titzman            Landry Moore       Chance Martelli
           Bryce Vincent     Cody Kline              Jesse Sarmiento    Lester Boehm

           Canyon Lake      4:02.78    4th
           Stephen Sharp      Jesse Horner
           Patrick McAuliffe  Logan Cruz

                                 Long jump
           Cody Kline        17-07.50  1st           Caimen McDonough  20-04.50   3rd
           Patrick McAuliffe 17-01.50  2nd           Tristan Chacon    18-10.00
           Colton Eilers     16-00.00  6th           Nik Rivera        17-06.00

                                Shot Put
                                                     Jacob Foster      45-07.50   2nd
                                                     Ross Snowden      41-05.25   6th

           Hudson Duke      92-00.00   6th           Joseph Crisp     137-09.00   2nd
                                                     Jacob Foster     126-10.00   3rd
                                                     Bradley Hight    120-06.50   4th

                             Triple jump
           Troy Eyster      37-05.50   2nd           Caimen McDonough  45-03.00   1st
           Caleb Almond     35-11.00   4th
           Colton Eilers    31-01.00   5th
           Patrick Almond   31-01.00   5th

                              High jump
           Patrick McAuliffe 5-06.00   2nd           Caimen McDonough   6-00.00   2nd
                                                     Chance Martelli    5-06.00