Game Article, Track & Field | March 9, 2018

CL Hawks Keep Winning in Boys Track

The JV Hawks Track team lost to Bandera/Hondo/Johnson City/Blanco/Center Point/Comfort by just 57 points, after adding up all of those schools results, they had a total of 338 points compared to Canyon Lake’s 281 total.

In other words, the Boys Junior Varsity dominated their second Track Meet in a row at the Early Season Bandera Track Meet.

This would be the final meet before Spring Break and the Hawks were able to recoup from their Saturday Meet at Navarro with a 4 day turn-a-round horse race to the finish line.

Both Varsity and Junior Varsity were able to break the 200 point mark as the JV finished just 19 points from getting to 300 points.

Double digit scoring was in full supply with 14 JV Students recording that milestone and 10 Varsity athletes.


                 Double Digit    &     First Place Finishes
                                       (Relays has 4 each with this ribbon)

          Junior Varsity    pts  1st    Varsity             pts   1st
          Cody Kline         29   3     Caimen McDonough     37    3
          Caleb Almond       26   1     Lester Boehm         18    2
          Seth Titzman       25   3     Jacob Foster         18    1
          Tristan Chacon     23   1     Nik Rivera           16
          Patrick McAuliffe  19         Jesus Sarmiento      16
          Payton McMullen    18   1     Chance Martelli      15    2
          Ryan Rivali        16         Matt Bell            14
          Colton Eilers      16         Connor Rose          13
          Nash Young         16         Landry Moore         12    1
          Bryce Vincent      15   1     Joseph Crisp         10    1
          Logan Cruz         14   1
          Josh Almond        12
          Daniel O’Dell      10   1
          Cayden McLaughlin  10


This Bandera Meet had schools that were smaller but two of the schools competing share the same District 28-4A as Canyon Lake with Bandera (the Host) and Hondo being in attendance.

The Hit Man says Way to keep going Hawks!!

Fredericksburg is the top dog in this district as they have dominated the Cinders,  Canyon Lake did have a stint where they made it to 2nd place for a couple of years during the 2011-12 campaigns, but Freddie is always on top.

Seeing all the students garnering points speaks to the volume of athletes that have infiltrated the halls of CLHS and that is starting to show results when these students can have a chance to show their skill level as an individual resulting in a team sport.

A break down of where these points accumulated would give an indication of how deep a pool of potential points can come from is divided in Field/Sprint/Long Distance/Hurdles/Relays.


                                     Event       Points
                Varsity              Field        64
                Junior Varsity                    85

                Varsity              Relays       48
                Junior Varsity                    66

                Varsity              Sprints      36
                Junior Varsity                    66

                Varsity        Long Distance      24
                Junior Varsity                    36

                Varsity              Hurdles      36
                Junior Varsity                    43

What this shows is how well CL is scoring in all facets of their meets and how well the future looks as the Junior Varsity will have a chance of injecting more into this sport as the Senior Class graduates.

Don Chente says we are Proud of the Tracksters!

The Discus and Shot-Put have been a strong attribute this year and showng signs of scoring points in those long distance events is a bonus. That has been a weakness for a long time. Yes, there has been some good athletes but the number of students that are scoring this year has been a pleasant surprise.

Caimen McDonough will need a larger pit for his Triple Jump Events as he has upped his PR the last 3 meets and has reached the 44 foot barrier which would put him in rarified air. This Meet did not have McDonough entered into his strong suit (high jump) as Coach Troy Moses continues to move his athletes around to see other ways of getting the most from his team.

Chance Martelli is another athlete that continues to quietly lower his 400 meter time as his last two meets have been PR runs. Martelli has also helped in the 4×400 relay and that group of men have been improving as this year has matured.

Jacob Foster has improved his Shot-Put in his last two meets while making his presence known in the Discus in scoring double digit in those two events. Points from this part of the Field Events will play huge when district meet comes calling.

Joseph Crisp is another athletes that made a rousing entrance two meets ago with his discus event and another point maker for the throwing part of this sport.

                  Let’s Go Hawks!!

Lester Boehm can be used in a lot of ways and Coach Moses has been moving Boehm into several avenues in trying to maximize more Hawk points.

Soccer or Track, Matt Bell broke the 5:00 barrier this past meet and getting past that time mark is much like the Stock Market breaking a barrier and then it becomes easier to go higher. The Mile Run is much the same way and breaking that mark will help for future races and times going lower.

Will Hillenbrand was competing with the Varsity this week as this student will have a chance for not only scoring in an event that is shy on numbers of participants but Fredericksburg is very good in the Vault and scoring points also takes points away from a loaded Billies team which can be a win-win situation for the Hawks.

On the Junior Varsity side, Cody Kline, Seth Titzman and many other athletes are competing with a chance of being moved up as points for the Varsity is paramount when District 28-4A comes to town next month. There are so many good athletes with this crew of students that Coach Moses will be up late at nights trying to figure out the best combinations for a successful run/throw/you get the idea.

Congrats Canyon Lake and catch this crew the week after Spring Break when the Tracksters will be performing in Wimberley….close enough to get some support for these student athletes.


Early Season Bandera Relays

                  Varsity                          Junior Varsity
                  Canyon Lake Hawks     208        Canyon Lake Hawks       281
                  Bandera               141        Bandera                 149
                  Hondo                 124        Hondo                    94
                  Johnson City           64        Johnson City             65
                  Blanco                 49        Blanco                   19
                  Center Point           19        Center Point             11
                  Comfort                 0        Comfort                   0

                                            100 meter
                  Lester Boehm         11.27  1st  Caleb Almond          12.02  1st
                  Tae Gray             12.38       Andrew Kullberg       12.89

                                            200 meter
                  Conner Rose          23.56  3rd  Ryan Rivali           25.17  2nd
                  Grayson Lee          24.62  5th  Tristan Chacon        25.33  3rd

                                           400 meter
                  Chance Martelli      52.49  1st  Seth Titzman          56.20  1st
                  Jesse Sarmiento      54.74  2nd  Nash Young            58.27  2nd
                                                   Patrick McAuliffe     58.65  3rd
                                                   Payton McMullen       60.10  4th
                                                   Trey Lucero           60.50  6th

                                          800 meter
                  Jesse Sarmiento    2:10.10  2nd  Seth Titzman        2:12.85  1st
                  Matt Bell          2:11.10  3rd  Patrick McAuliffe   2:14.16  2nd

                                         1600 meter
                  Matt Bell          4:59.34  2nd  Cayden McLaughlin   5:24.63  2nd
                  Peter Schultz      5:19.92

                                         3200 meter
                  Peter Schultz     12:01.05  5th  Deagan Miller      11:57.15  3rd
                                                   Cayden McLaughlin  12.21.51  5th

                                     110 meter hurdles
                  Caimen McDonough     15.75  1st  Logan Cruz            17.94  1st
                  Nik Rivera           16.57  2nd  Nash Young            18.06  2nd
                                                   Bryce Vincent         19.28  5th
                                                   Stephen Sharp         19.67  6th

                                    300 meter hurdles
                  Caimen McDonough     41.54  1st  Cody Kline            45.27  1st
                  Nik Rivera           42.05  2nd  Bryce Vincent         46.33  2nd
                                                   Stephen Sharp         48.54  4th

                                       long jump
                  Caimen McDonough  18-11.00  5th  Cody Kline         18-01.50  1st
                                                   Tristan Chacon     18-01.25  2nd
                                                   Patrick McAuliffe  17-02.00  6th

                                     triple jump
                  Caimen McDonough  44-04.50  1st  Caleb Almond       38-00.75  2nd
                                                   Colton Eilers      36-03.59  3rd
                                                   Payton McMullen    35-09.00  4th
                                                   Derek Wiatrek      35-06.00  5th

                                      shot put
                  Jacob Foster      43-10.00  1st  Josh Almond        36-00.00  2nd
                  Ross Snowden      42-05.00  2nd  Hudson Duke        32.11.00  5th
                  Brayden Hight     39-05.50  5th

                  Joseph Crisp     128-03.50  1st  Daniel O’Dell      99-01.00  1st
                  Jacob Foster     127-06.50  2nd  Shawn Pendelton    93.07.00  3rd
                  Bradley Hight    124-03.00  3rd  Josh Almond        91-06.00  4th

                                     high jump
                                                   Payton McMullen     5-07.00  1st
                                                   Logan Cruz          5-02.00  4th
                                                   Patrick McAuliffe   5-02.00  5th
                                    pole vault
                  Will Hillenbrand  11-06.00  2nd

      4x100 relay Canyon Lake          44.97  2nd  Canyon Lake           46.82  2nd
                  Joseph Ruiz   Landry Moore       Colton Eilers   Caleb Almond
                  Conner Rose   Greyson Lee        Ryan Rivali     Tristan Chacon

                                                   Canyon Lake           51.01  6th
                                                   Andrew Kullberg Ty Martinez
                                                   Patrick Almond  Stephen Sharp

      4x200 relay Canyon Lake       1:33.62  3rd   Canyon Lake         1:38.28  2nd
                  Landry Moore   Connor Rose       Colton Eilers   Caleb Almond
                  Greyson Lee    Lester Boehm      Ryan Rivali     Cody Kline

                                                   Canyon Lake         1:44.90  5th
                                                   Derek Wiatrek   Jesse Horner
                                                   Andrew Kullberg Ty Martinez

      4x400 relay Canyon Lake       3:30.67  1st   Canyon Lake         3:47.84  1st
                  Landry Moore     Chance Martelli Bryce Vincent   Cody Kline
                  Caimen McDonough Lester Boehm    Seth Titzman    Tristan Chacon

                                                   Canyon Lake 3:59.66 4th
                                                   Colton Eilers     Derek Wiatrek
                                                   Patrick McAuliffe Jesse Horner