Game Article, Track & Field | March 17, 2018

Lady Hawks Sweep Bandera Relays

Canyon Lake had another successful evening at the Track as both the Varsity and Junior Varsity won at the Bandera Relay last Wednesday.

The Lady Hawks have continued to have a phenomenal year with each week after finishing their 4th Meet in the Top 3 in the team standings.

Hurst is ready to get the Hawks going in Wimberley.

“Their ‘random’ lane assignments have not been on our side lately which does cause our girls to be in heats with runners that may not push them as much as we would like,” Head Coach John Barthels noted on this meet. “But they all understand that we are always running against the clock and we will not make excuses for ourselves…..We have had the pleasure of running two teams at every meet so far in each division that has allowed us to get many times on a lot of girls. This has helped us and also made my job more exciting because we are close to the time where we will enter the best we have in order to score points at the district meet.”

Personal Bests are becoming routine as this Hawk Track Team heads around their last turn before the finish line in the form of next months District 28-4A Track Meet being held at Fredericksburg.

This meet had Audrey Schulze as the high point lady with Skylar Hurst right behind her as this type of competition between teammates should help iron sharpen iron when CL meets other schools.

“Audrey (Schulze) has had a great beginning to her Junior year of track,’ Coach Barthels said in response to this battle with fellow teammate Skylar Hurst. ‘The competition has been great between the girls and everyone is working hard.”

Fredericksburg is the team to beat as they have won district championships as a routine and with a ton of depth which is a key for success on the cinders should go into this year’s District Meet as the favorite.

                Go Lady Hawks!!

The Canyon Lake Ladies Track Team helped finish off the Sweep in Bandera as all 4 of the Hawk’s contingents came away from this meet holding a 1st Place Banner.

This Bulldog Meet happened with just 4 days of rest after competing in Navarro and scoring points seems to be a common occurrence after the Junior Varsity finished with a record 264 and a Varsity 182 points in this before Spring Break Meet.

Depth for the Hawk JV squad was the key as they more than doubled Hondo who finished 2nd. Bandera was 3rd as these same schools will be in an upcoming District 28-4A meet in April.

Alyssa Strickland lowered her 100 meter hurdle and is getting closer to the All-Time mark held by Jessica Cunningham.

                Let’s Go Hawks!!

There were other Hawks that upped their PR’s as Adia Garcia finished with her best throw in her Discus event going over the 100 foot mark giving CL two ladies (Jade Lawless) which can come in handy when district comes calling.

Alysha Perez had her PR in the Shot Put and Anna Bettersworth topped the 5-2 high jump as that tied her for 2nd place on the Hawk Best list.

On that same event (high jump) the JV Girls finished, 1st-2nd-3rd for a 24 point sweep. Landry Brown soared to 4-07 feet with Caroline Kullberg and Madison Blackburn taking care of those next two spots.


                        DOUBLE DIGIT TOP SCORERS
      JUNIOR VARSITY      pts   1st       VARSITY           pts    1st
      Landry Brown         34    4        Audrey Schulze     38     1
      Madison Blackburn    34    2        Skylar Hurst       28     1
      Riley Shear          20    3        Alysha Perez       19
      Kaitlyn Yuill        18    1        Lainee Moses       17     1
      Hailey Overstreet    18    2        Madison Churbe     15
      Caroline Kullberg    14             Alyssa Strckland   12     1
      Madi Self            14             Natalie McCoy      11
      Jasiah Hespen        14    1        Adia Garcia        10     1
      Caitlyn MacDonald    13    1        Amber Leach        10     1
      Jessi Gore           11    1
      Hannah Cortez        10
      Maddy  Puente        10    1
      Danielle Carty       10    2

                                      Team Points
      Junior Varsity                      Varsity
      Canyon Lake Hawks   264             Canyon Lake Hawks   182
      Hondo               109             Bandera             158
      Bandera              91             Blanco              143
      Blanco               82             Comfort              75
      Comfort              46             Hondo                52
      Center Point         17             Johnson City         22
      Johnson City          0             Center Point          1

                                    100 meter
      Caitlyn MacDonald     13.88   2nd   Alysha Perez        13.36   2nd
      Landry Brown          14.16   4th

                                    200 meter
      Riley Shear           28.26   1st   Audrey Schulze      27.47   1st
      Hailey Overstreet     28.81   2nd   Skylar Hurst        27.69   2nd
      Caroline Kullberg     29.86   3rd   Sierra Natal        28.90   6th

                                    400 meter
      Jasiah Hespen         70.67   2nd   Skylar Hurst        61.13   1st
      Jessi Gore            72.00   3rd   Audrey Schulze      62.04   2nd
                                          Sierra Natal        67.47   6th

                                   800 meter
      Kaitlyn Yuill       2:48.62   2nd

                                  1600 meter
      Kaitlyn Yuill       6:30.73   1st
      Maddie Morris       6:33.46   2nd
      Madi Self           6:50.80   4th

                                   3200 meter
      Hannah Young       16:47.86   4th

                                 100 m hurdles
      Madison Blackburn     18.16   1st   Alyssa Strickland    15.52   1st
      Briana Ramos          19.31   3rd
      Hannah Cortez         19.40   4th
      Randi Green           19.56   5th

                                 300 m hurdles
      Madison Blackburn     56.31   1st   Lainee Moses         51.19   1st
      Hannah Cortez         56.98   3rd   Alyssa Strickland    52.44   5th
      Briana Ramos          58.01   6th

                                    long jump
      Landry Brown       14-07.50   1st   Audrey Schulze    15-07.50   2nd
      Madi Self          14-04.50   4th   Madison Churbe    15-01.00   4th
      Jasiah Hespen      13-11.00   6th

                                   triple jump
      Madison Blackburn  29-07.00   2nd   Audrey Schulze    32-02.00   2nd
      Madi Self          29-04.00   3rd   Skylar Hurst      31-03.00   4th
      Briana Ramos       27-07.00   6th

                                    shot put
      Maddy  Puente      29-05.00   1st   Alysha Perez      31-07.00   4th
      Lindsey Hebert     28-10.00   3rd

      Cassidy Felps      71-04.00   2nd   Adia Garcia      101-05.25   1st
      Madison Harwell    57-00.00   5th   Jade Lawless      97-07.50   2nd
      Lindsey Hebert     56-01.00   6th

                                   high jump
      Landry Brown        4-07.00   1st   Anna Bettersworth  5-02.00   2nd
      Caroline Kullberg   4-06.00   2nd   Skylar Hurst       4-10.00   5th
      Madison Blackburn   4-02.00   3rd

                                  pole vault
                                          Amber Leach        8-00.00   1st

      4x100 meter relay     53.55   1st   4x100 meter relay       3rd
      Caitlyn MacDonald  Riley Shear      Natalie McCoy      Alysha Perez
      Hailey Overstreet  Landry Brown     Lainee Moses       Madison Churbe

      4x200 meter relay   1:56.21   1st   4x200 meter relay  1:51.04   2nd
      Hailey Overstreet  Landry Brown     Natalie McCoy      Alysha Perez
      Danielle Carty     Riley Shear      Sierra Natal       Madison Churbe

      4x400 meter relay   4:40.70   1st   4x400 meter relay  4:11.98   2nd
      Jessi Gore         Jasiah Hespen    Skylar Hurst       Natalie McCoy
      Adrielle Rico      Danielle Carty   Lainee Moses       Audrey Schulze