Game Article, Track & Field | March 4, 2018

Track & Field: Lady Hawks Finish 1st (JV) & 2nd (Varsity) in Panther Relays


                   Audrey Schulze passing the baton to Lainee Moses.

Canyon Lake Lady Track Team turned in another 1st & 2nd with their Junior Varsity and Varsity teams for the second meet in a row. This time the team finishes were reversed as CL’s Junior Varsity dominated on their side while the Girls Varsity was short by 14 points in taking the gold.

Mima's says good game Freshman Hawks!!

                      Go Hawks!!

“We did pretty well overall,” Head Coach John Barthels said. “Our JV girls dominated and we had a lot of PR’s in field events before the weather turned. I am proud of the way our girls work!”

Breaking the Events down in to five categories you can get a good idea of this year’s strengths and weaknesses.

Events: Dash/Runs/Hurdles/Relays/Field

The dash events involve: 100, 200, and 400 dash
Runs would involve: 800, 1600, and 3200 longer runs.
Hurdles have just two to look at: 100 and 300 meter hurdles
Field events: Long Jump, Triple Jump, Discus, Shot Put, Pole Vault, and High Jump.
Relays would have: 4×100, 4×200, and 4×400


                            Varsity        Junior Varsity
                Dash:         41                35
                Runs:          0                12
                Hurdles:      10                30
                Relays:       40                56
                Field:        45                66

Canyon Lake had a mishap on their varsity hurdle run which took a possible 10 points off while the Junior Varsity scored in each category with some degree of authority.

Says Go Hawks

                   Let’s Go Hawks!!

For the point totals, the Panther Relays did not disclose the athletes that ran in each relay and there were some blank spots for some of the races that could not be found. The ReSporter is working with the Coaches to help finish up those details.

Suffice to say, with those shortcomings for those races, Skylar Hurst was leading all Varsity participants with 36 points with the 4×400 relay not showing. Audrey Schulze had 23 points and Alysha Perez was the other Hawk with double digit points showing 10.

The Junior Varsity had 15 girls scoring points with a tie between Brianna Ramos and Landry Brown both with 24 points. Madi Self placed in 3 events with two 1st place finishes for 21 points.

Hannah Cortez (14) and Riley Shear (10) were the other two athletes in double digits and Shear had a first place in the 200 meter dash.

               Varsity Team            Scores          Junior Varsity
            1. Gregory Portland   142               1. Canyon Lake        198
            2. Canyon Lake        128               2. Victoria West       76
            3. SA Cole            118               3. Gregory Portland    62
            4. Victoria West       86               4. Lytle               53
            5. Poth                72               5. Marion              48
            6. Navarro             52               6. SA Cole             41
            7. Lytle               13               7. Luling              30
            8. John Paul            4               8. Navarro             18
                                                    9. Poth                15
                                                   10. Lifegate             7

            Varsity                    Shot Put     Junior Varsity
            Alysha Perez          31-00.50   4th    Madison Harwell       24-10.00    4th

            Adia Garcia          108-04.00   2nd    Cassidy Felps         82-03.50    2nd
            Jade Lawless          97-07.50   6th

                                      Long Jump
            Madison Churbe        15-10.25   5th    Madi Self             15-05.00    1st
            Audrey Schulze        15-10.00   6th    Landry Brown          15-01.00    2nd

                                    Triple Jump
            Skylar Hurst          35-06.25   2nd    Madi Self             30-05.00    1st
            Audrey Schulze        33-01.50   3rd    Brianna Ramos         28-09.00    2nd
            Hannah Cortez         27-02.00   4th

                                     High Jump
            Skylar Hurst           4-10.00   2nd    Landry Brown           4-08.00    2nd
            Anna Bettersworth      4-10.00   4th    Caroline Kullberg      4-08.00    3rd
            Natalie McCoy          4-06.00   5th

                                  1600 meter run
                                                    Kaitlyn Yuill          6:32.40    4th
                                                    Madi Self              6:41.05    6th

                                  3200 meter run
                                                    Hannah Williams       16:14.46    5th

                                    Pole Vault
            Amber Leach            8-06.00   6th

                                  100 meter dash
            Alysha Perez             13.11   3rd    Landry Brown             14.02    2nd
                                                    Danielle Carty           14.18    4th
                                                    Caitlyn MacDonald        14.33    6th

                                 200 meter dash
            Skylar Hurst             27.05   1st    Riley Shear              29.02    1st
            Audrey Schulze           27.34   3rd    Hailey Overstreet        29.11    2nd
            Sierra Natal             28.08   6th

                                 400 meter dash
            Skylar Hurst             60.55   1st    Adrielle Rica            69.99    4th
            Audrey Schulze           61.33   2nd

                                 800 meter run
                                                    Kaitlyn Yuill          2:46.47    4th

                               100 meter hurdles
                                                    Brianna Ramos            19:55    2nd
                                                    Hannah Cortez            20:11    4th

                               300 meter hurdles
            Lainee Moses             50.74   3rd    Brianna Ramos            56:65    2nd
            Alyssa Strickland        51.26   4th    Hannah Cortez            56.98    3rd
                                                    Randi Green              58.46    4th

                               400 meter relay
            CL Hawks                 52.04   3rd    Canyon Lake JV           53.68    1st

                               800 meter relay
            CL Hawks               1:52.11   4th    Canyon Lake JV         1:56.58    2nd

                              1600 meter relay
            CL Hawks               4:17.51   2nd    Canyon Lake JV         4:49.81    1st