Coaches Corner, Track & Field | April 3, 2018

Boy’s Track: Coaches Corner with Troy Moses


Caimen McDonough working on a landing spot. Make sure your treys are in the upright & locked position. (photo by Karen Holmes)

The ReSporter: What are your thoughts on how this season has gone up to the week before the District Meet?

Track and Field Coach Troy Moses

Coach Moses: “We have had a very successful season thus far.”

The ReSporter: Why do the Hurdle Events have so many Hawk athletes wanting to compete in them?

Coach Moses: “That’s where we feel we can make up points on other teams. We want everybody running the hurdles, then we will move athletes away from them as the coaches figure out what events they’ll excel in.”

The ReSporter: There are some events that CL has some good times but those results were accomplished early in the season, how do you get those athletes back to that same level in order for scoring points? (in particular the distance events)

              Go Boy’s Track!!

Coach Moses: “We just have to try to get our legs back under us as district gets closer. We spend a lot of time working to get in to shape and now’s the time to rest and try to be as fresh as possible for district.”

The ReSporter: How do you decide if a Junior Varsity athlete is ready for competing with the Varsity?

Coach Moses: “I just look at the district results. If they have a chance at making the finals or placing on Varsity then we will move them up.”

The ReSporter: What goes into your decision on how many Relays an Athlete will run vs. competing in the individual running event?

Coach Moses: “Again if depends on if it looks like they can place in those individual events. If it doesn’t look like they can place in an individual but would help one of our relays, then that’s an easy decision.”

            Proud of the Hawks!!

The ReSporter: Which Group of Events needs to perform at a higher rate to realize a chance for competing for a district championship? (such as: Relay-Dash-Runs-Hurdles-Jumps-Throws)

Coach Moses: “I think this is one of those years where I feel we can score in almost every event. Of course we need a few people to step up and perform well. Right now our distance runners are in the mix to get some points, but we all know times start to drop come district, so we have to match everybody else.”

The ReSporter; Thanks Coach and good luck next week, did you get those answers bout the District Event and Freddie?