Coaches Corner, Track & Field | April 6, 2018

Girls Track: Coaches Corner with John Barthels

        Senior Skylar Hurst prepares for District 28-4A Meet next week.


The ReSporter: You have Skylar and Alysha that have been involved with Track for 4 years now, what has these two athletes meant to the overall group of ladies that are participating?

                Let’s Go Hawks!!

Coach Barthels: “Skylar and Alysha have been leaders for years and although quiet, they show their leadership by pushing through workouts without question and never question any event that I have tried to put them in or get them to try.
They are great role models for our younger runners and I refer to them a lot when I am speaking about the positives of why we do the things we do.”

The ReSporter: How have this week’s practices gone and how much can you tell that these practices will have results during the actual meet?

Coach Barthels: “Practices have been a little tougher this week. I have always attempted to get the team to peak at the right time and I feel as though we should be in good shape next week based off of our practices.”

The ReSporter: What goes into your decision making on how many relays you have an athlete run vs. there individual event?

Coach Barthels: “It is all about points and all about advancing runners on to the next level. Combining the two is never an easy thing.”

The ReSporter: Which group of events will need to be elevated for CL to realize their highest score when district commences? (dash-runs-relays-hurdles-throws-jumps)

Coach Barthels: “This week will probably be relays. We are going to attempt to get as many points as possible by mixing things up as best we can.”

The ReSporter: You have had a record number of participants involved this year, how do you keep them involved throughout the year to return next year?

Hill Country Furnishings says Go Hawks

               Congrats Hawks!!

Coach Barthels: “All but two of our meets this year have allowed us to bring two JV teams to compete and we are able to then run 6 people in an event vs 3. The same applies to district. 6 athletes can run in each event at district with your top 3 advancing to finals.”

The ReSporter: Track & Field is a bunch of individuals that compete against others and the clock. Have you seen this group embrace the Team aspect and you see them encouraging other Hawks that compete  on a different arena than their own?

Coach Barthels: “The team has been great and are always positive.”

The ReSporter: What would you consider a good day at the track when you leave the field and the meet is over?

Coach Barthels: “Advancing someone to the area meet in each event that we are entered in.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach, congrats on those 3 top of the heap finishes….