Game Article, Track & Field | April 13, 2018

Hawks Knock King off Throne Win District 28-4A Championship

                                                          Boys Track & Field are District 28-4A Champions.                    (photo by Karen Holmes) 


Caimen McDonough scored 45 points in winning every event he entered as Canyon Lake would un-throne the King (Fredericksburg) with a dramatic 4×400 relay win over the Billies catapulting the Hawks to their first District Championship for Track & Field.

            Way to Go Hawks!!

McDonough has totaled 418 All-Time points during his track career and finds himself 44 points behind Sprinter Jordan Anderson for 1st place. McDonough missed scoring the most points in a District Track Meet by 3 points as Anderson scored 48 points in the 2012 District Meet after winning 4 events and finishing 2nd in the Long Jump that year.

Winning all of his events entered was a huge part of CL’s total team effort in pulling off this upset win over a perennial track team that is not used to finishing 2nd in this sport.

Canyon Lake versus Fredericksburg has always seen the Hawks looking up to the Billies during this time of the year in Track. Below are the points and finishes every year these two schools have been in the same district. There were just 2 years FHS did not share the same district for Track & Field.


            2009      2010       2011      2012      2013       2014      2017      2018
 Freddie    180  1st  231  1st   201  1st  168  1st   180  1st  144  1st  188  1st  165  2nd
 CL Hawks     9  7th   90  4th   150  2nd  127  2nd    37  6th   81  5th  130  3rd  168  1st

The Track Throne has a new King sitting on that chair with this group of athletes in taking over, for this year, a place that had been reserved for the Billies every season since these two schools have shared the same district.

Canyon Lake moved two JV Boys up to Varsity for this Meet and those two, moved up students, scored in the 800 meter run and 300 meter hurdle events.

Logan Cruz is having fun with a grimace going over a hurdle. (photo Karen Holmes)

Seth Titzman ran the 800 race and finished 4th qualifying him for an Area Meet. Titzman had accumulated, 89 points for his Junior Varsity team this season and would see his 4 points being enough to help with a District 28-4A Championship.

How about Bryce Vincent, who was running in an event that had McDonough and Nik Rivera competing. So, Vincent would know that at least 2 of those top 6 finishing athletes would be CL teammates and leaving just 4 other spots to garner points for The Lake.

No problem, as Vincent finished with a 6th place finish scoring 1 point with a 42.20 time that was more than a second better than any race this season.

Senior Jacob Foster teamed up with Joseph Crisp in the Discus with a 1st & 2nd place scoring 18 points. Foster’s throw was over 12 feet further than his throw at his first meet of the season.

So many contributors for this win, when the 4×400 meter relay team, would take the stage next needing 2 points to catch the Billies for first. It was easy to see what would be needed in this final event for a District Title.

“I knew we could run a good time,” Head Coach Troy Moses quipped. “We had run a 3:27 earlier this year and I knew we could get them (Fredericksburg).”

            Finishing the job!!

Coach Moses continued, “We had pulled Landry (Moore) out of the 200 because we wanted to be sure he would be fresh for the mile relay….anytime you can run your first leg of this relay in a, .51 second split, then you will have a good race.”

On what he was thinking during that last leg when McDonough was trying to hold off the Billies during that final stretch, “We have been coaching Caimen for 4 years and I knew as soon as he got that baton in his hands that he was not going to let it go.”

So, the final event had added Moore to the foursome after taking Lester Boehm out to run another event to maximize points. A lot going on behind the scenes for what would be one of the most exciting nights for Canyon Lake as they now have 3 District Championships this year something not even being remotely thought about in previous years for the Hawk Sports.

“It was a good run and I was really nervous,” Jesse Sarmiento said as he was the 3rd leg of the relay. “We had been working hard all season.”

Seeing each Hawk get the baton was nerve racking for the Hawk Nation too as this race was between just the two schools that were fighting for a first place finish.

              Proud of the Hawks!!

“I was thinking my team has got to do it,” Chance Martelli said as he had finished the 2nd leg of The Race. “There is a new king in town and we do not want to stop here.”

It took everything Canyon Lake had to take this Championship which gives credit for a school that has produced for countless years in the Track world in Fredericksburg.

Go Hawks!!



                                 TEAM STANDINGS
            Varsity                              Junior Varsity
            CL Hawks          168                Fredericksburg    272
            Fredericksburg    165                CL Hawks          148
            Bandera           117                Bandera            94
            Boerne             93                Boerne             51
            Hondo              70                Hondo              38

            Varsity High           Point Hawks   Junior Varsity
            Caimen McDonough   45                Nash Young         26
            Jacob Foster       18                Arthur Cardosa     20
            Lester Boehm       17                Caleb Almond       14
            Nik Rivera         12                Paul Martinez      13
            Landry Moore       11                Ryan Rivali        11
            Chance Martelli     9                Josh Almond        10
            Matt Bell           8                Peter Schultz      10
            Joseph Crisp        8                Shawn Pendleton     8
            Jesse Sarmiento     6                Jesse Horner        8
            Conner Rose         6                Colton Eilers       8
            Greyson Lee         6                Andrew Kullberg     5
            Ross Snowden        6                Logan Cruz          4
            Will Hillenbrand    6                Trey Lucero         4
            Seth Titzman        4                Daniel O’Dell       2
            Joseph Ruiz         3                Jacob Christiansen  1
            Tristan Chacon      3                Caden McLaughlin    1
            Patrick McAliffe    2                Derek Wiatrek       1
            Bryce Vincent       1

                                  AREA QUALFIERS

            Lester Boehm     100 meter   200 meter   4x200 relay
            Chance Martelli  400 meter   4x400 relay
            Matt Bell        800 meter
            Seth Titzman     800 meter
            Nik Rivera       110 m hurd  300 meter hurdle
            Caimen McDonough 110m hurd   300m hurd   4x400 relay  high jump  triple jump
            Jacob Foster     shot put    discus
            Ross Snowden     shot put
            Will Hillenbrand pole vault
            Joseph Crisp     discus
            Jesse Sarmiento  4x400 relay
            Landry Moore     4x200 relay 4x400 relay
            Conner Rose      4x100 relay 4x200 relay
            Joseph Ruiz      4x100 relay
            Greyson Lee      4x100 relay 4x200 relay
            Tristan Chacon   4x100 relay


                                DISTRICT 28-4A TRACK RESULTS

                                       100 meter
 Lester Boehm       11.23   2nd                    Arthur Cardosa         11.58   1st
                                                   Caleb Almond           11.84   4th

                                       200 meter
 Lester Boehm       22.61   3rd                    Arthur Cardosa         23.49   1st
                                                   Ryan Rivali            24.53   5th

                                       400 meter
 Chance Martelli    52.70   4th                    Jesse Horner           56.90   4th
 Jesse Sarmiento    53.21   6th

                                       800 meter
 Matt Bell        2:09.90   2nd                    Jacob Christiansen   2:17.82   6th
 Seth Titzman     2:10.19   4th
 Patrick McAliffe 2:12.23   5th

                                      1600 meter
                                                   Peter Schultz        5:13.31   3rd

                                      3200 meter
                                                   Peter Schultz       11:44.70   4th
                                                   Caden McLaughlin    12:22.01   6th

                                 110 meter hurdles
 Caimen McDonough   15.47   1st                    Nash Young             16.67   1st
 Nik Rivera         16.52   4th                    Logan Cruz             17.55   4th

                                 300 meter hurdles
 Caimen McDonough   39.52   1st                    Nash Young             42.63   1st
 Nik Rivera         41.24   2nd                    Derek Wiatrek          47.35   6th
 Bryce Vincent      42.20   6th

 4x100 meter relay  44.45   3rd                    4x100 meter relay      46.23   1st
 Conner Rose      Greyson Lee                      Paul Martinez       Ryan Rivali
 Tristan Chacon   Joseph Ruiz                      Andrew Kullberg     Caleb Almond

 4x200 meter relay 1:30.91  3rd                    4x200 meter relay    1:37.48   2nd
 Landry Moore     Greyson Lee                      Paul Martinez       Ryan Rivali
 Conner Rose      Lester Boehm                     Colton Eilers       Caleb Almond

 4x400 meter relay 3:26.50  1st                    4x400 meter relay    3:49.12   2nd
 Landry Moore     Chance Martelli                  Paul Martinez       Jesse Horner
 Jesse Sarmiento  Caimen McDonough                 Trey Lucero         Colton Eilers

                                     shot put
 Jacob Foster    44-07.25   2nd                    Josh Almond         40-00.25   1st
 Ross Snowden    42-06.75   3rd
 Jacob Foster      144-08   1st                    Shawn Pendleton       109-09   2nd
 Joseph Crisp      136-04   2nd                    Daniel O’Dell         101-10   5th

                                    high jump
 Caimen McDonough    6-04   1st                    Nash Young              5-04   3rd

                                   pole vault
 Will Hillenbrand   12-06   3rd

                                   triple jump
 Caimen McDonough 42-08.00  1st                    Caleb Almond        36-08.75   6th