Softball, Standings | April 8, 2018

Softball Standings and a District 28-4A Run Down, **Updated Standings

Welcome Home! Bailey Bryan touches all bases after going Yard in Hondo game! (photo by Karen Holmes)

Canyon Lake’s Softball team will be in uncharted territory for the next two weeks as this group of ladies have righted their ship after an 0-8 start to having their best shot for a district championship.

     Let’s Go Hawks!!

This year’s team is setting new standards with their bats as each game is being rewarded by players making their trip around the bases after hitting a home-run.

Last week the Hawks finished their first round of contests with a 3 homer game in beating Bandera, 13-9. The bats were alive on a night the pitching did not produce one of their stellar performances.

The standings below show a Hawk team on top but those first round battles were not run-a-way wins, which should help CL to pause and realize, that just putting on their uniform will not produce a win. This crew will have to continue to work and not go to sleep on any night as that could produce an unwanted result.

That Boerne game had the only contest that had your Hawks firing on all cylinders at the start after scoring 10 runs in those first two innings.

Since that game, Canyon Lake had to scratch and claw their way to a win over Hondo winning in the final inning and then that Fredericksburg tilt would have CL taking the lead again in those later innings and that 2nd win.

Against Bandera, the Hawks would start on fire but that fire had to be restarted to keep the charging Bulldogs at bay and in their doghouse.

                  Let’s Go Hawks!!

To put it bluntly, Canyon Lake still has a lot of work to do in keeping their spot atop District 28-4A for the next two weeks.

Canyon Lake will need to continue starting those first two innings like the first round of district battles, as the Hawks outscored their district friends by a, 17-4 score.

These were the total runs scored for offense and defense during that first set of District 28-4A contests.

                      Canyon Lake    Freddie     Hondo     Bandera      Boerne
 1st 4 games              Hawks      Billies     Owls      Bulldogs   Greyhounds
 Runs Scored               39          36         13         33          19
 Runs Allowed              19          16         33         37          40
 Difference               +20         +20        -20         -4         -21

                      Go Hawks!!

Numbers mean something and looking at the difference in game scores shows the Billies with the same number as Canyon Lake was able to capture in that first round.

This district is certainly not over and all four schools have started their 2nd set of games last Friday as each team accomplished the same result as the first set, with the Billies and Bulldogs coming out on top.

Fun time of the year and the final curtain will rise this Tuesday and a big crowd would be just the answer for this Softball Team.

Go Hawks and Beat the ‘Hounds!!


                                  SOFTBALL STANDINGS

     Regular Season                            District Games
     Team             W   L   T   Pct          Team            W  L     Pct    GB
     Fredericksburg  16   6   0  .727         *CL Hawks        5  0   1.000    —
     CL Hawks        13  10   1  .563         *Fredericksburg  4  1    .800   1.0
     Bandera         11  10   0  .524         *Bandera         4  2    .667   1.5
     Hondo           10   9   0  .526          Boerne          1  5    .200   4.5
     Boerne           9  15   0  .375          Hondo           0  6    .000   5.5
                                              *Clinched Playoff Spot

                                 This Week’s Schedule
               Tue Apr 10        CL Hawks       13    Boerne         12
                                 Bandera        11    Hondo           7
                                 SA Antonian     5    Fredericksburg  4

               Thu Apr 12        Bandera         @    Fredericksburg

               Fri Apr 13        CL Hawks        @    Hondo         7:00pm
                                 Boerne               Bye

                                 Last Week’s Results
               April 3rd         CL Hawks       13    Bandera    9
                                 Fredericksburg  6    Boerne     3
                                 Hondo                Bye

               April 6th         Bandera        15    Boerne    11
                                 Fredericksburg  5    Hondo      0
                                 CL Hawks             Bye