Game Article, Track & Field | April 19, 2018

Track & Field: Boys Win & Ladies Take 3rd in Area Meet

                                                            CANYON LAKE IS THE AREA CHAMPS!!


Canyon Lake Boys team took the Area Meet by storm in winning this  Meet for the first time in Hawk history with a dramatic 4×400 meter relay finish over Fredericksburg and Wimberley, scoring 108 points.

    4X400 Meter Relay Champs

The Lady Hawks finished in 3rd place compiling 79 points and now each team will start their preparation for the Region Meet to be held in Kingsville April 26-27th.

Caimen McDonough continued his strong showing as this young man will be an active participant in a couple of weeks after qualifying in all 5 events entered for the Area Meet.

Impressive showing to say the least after finishing in 1st place for the 300 hurdles (39.61), high jump (6-02), triple jump (43-03.00) and 4×400 meter relay (3:24.92). Navarro had some tough competition for McDonough, being the 4th person to cross the line, in that 110 meter hurdle race.

For McDonough, he improved his 300 hurdle event breaking the 40 second barrier and joined Brandon Courtney as the only Hawks in that small fraternity.

Those 39 points moved McDonough (457) to within 6 points of passing Jordan Anderson (462) for scoring points in his track career. To reach this plateau has to assume that an athlete can stay healthy and competing in several events. Oh Yeah, and also be good at what they do.

   What an Athlete in Skylar Hurst

Lester Boehm scored 17 points and passed the 300 point mark for his career and in doing that joined, that Anderson young man, as the only Hawks in that small 2-man fraternity. Boehm ran in the 4×200 and 4×400 relays that finished with  All-Time Canyon lake marks.

in the 800 meter run, Matt Bell finished 4th giving him a chance for improving his time at the Region Meet. Bell’s time, 2;07.48, was the 2nd fastest in Hawk history and his running mate was Seth Titzman who finished one place away from a trip to Kingsville and his time, (2:08.46) placed in 3rd place, for The Lake.

The Hawk Boys team will have 12 students that have elongated their season as this school and athletic season gets long in the tooth.

The Lady Hawks are taking 10 to compete in Kingsville as this next round will ratchet up the level of athletes as each round does become, survival of the fittest.

Madison Churbe is in her element when she is competing in Track

Skylar Hurst continues to improve after lowering this year’s 400 meter mark to 59 seconds even as she coasted across the finish line having a place securely in hand. Hurst was also part of the 4×400 relay team that brought their time down 3 seconds to the second best mark ever (4:08.07) for the Green & Gold.

Audrey Schulze had a PR in her 400 race with little time for rest as she ran the 3rd leg of the 4×200 relay right before her race began. Schulze will join Hurst in participating in more than one event as she was also part of the two relays that qualified.

Alyssa Strickland lowered her 100 hurdle’s signature run as that has become a common occurrence each week and now will hope to improve on her Region race from last year, as she enters her 2nd time to reach this level.

Schulze, Alysha Perez,  Hurst are the only Seniors on this trip with some freshman and other younger ladies that look to gain some valuable experience with a chance to make it to the big stage in Austin. Case and point is Landry Brown who was brought up for the District 28-4A Meet to compete with the Varsity and has performed well in the High Jump. Sierra Natal joins in after helping that 4×400 relay.

Freshman Will Hillenbrand reaches goal, competing in Region Meet

Fredericksburg’s Ladies dominated this Area Meet by being deep with many athletes to garner points but a 3rd place finish is not to shabby for a blossoming team that had a lot of youth on the cinders in Wimberley.

CL’s Boys had to win their 4×400 relay much like the situation that was presented to them the week before at Freddie Land. Last week the Hawks were one point behind the Billies going into that last race and on this night, Canyon Lake had a 3 point lead over Wimberley and 6 point advantage against FHS.

The Hawks went to work right at the gun with Chance Martelli coming out of the blocks on that first leg of the 4×400 relay. Another winning performance as CL moved McDonough up for that 2nd leg to make room for Boehm, who would take the anchor leg.

“I was going to get this right,” Martelli said sagely. “I was nervous but I was not going to let any one pass me on my leg…I just told myself that I was not stopping and I was going to just keep the lead.”

Caimen McDonough and Nic Rivera taking 1st and 3rd in District

McDonough was nails last week taking the baton and holding off the advances for the Billies and on this night, Martelli had stretched out a decent advantage for that 1st hand-off.

“Just another day,” McDonough said after a busy night. On what he was thinking after he took the baton, “I have got to increase the lead but I knew that Les (Boehm) would have my back.”

The lead stayed in place for Jesse Sarmiento and the thrills were evident as Freddie had made up the difference and a virtual tie going into a final round of exhaustive energy. FHS took the lead immediately after the hand-offs and Boehm went into 2nd place for the curve and then made his move on the first straight a way.

CL had 4 Seniors on this evening and two of those, McDonough and Boehm are 2nd & 3rd on the All-Time points list. That shows experience and a trust in knowing what can be done and how to use those many previous times on the track.

“I just realized that all those times I have been running and I wanted to break that 50 second mark,” Boehm stated after being asked why he passed the Billies runner that early in the lap. “I was just going to run all out and I had run the race just like that before and I knew I could make it”…..On what he was running on going into that final stretch, “You know that they (the other runners) are right behind you….and so I can hear the people in the crowd and I just have to keep on going as it becomes all mental to the finish.”

That last straight a way was nip and tuck for the whole race when Boehm pulled it out over Wimberley after they took out Freddie. This time a new school record that should instill a booster shot with another chance of advancing to Austin.

A close race that separated the top 3 schools in this area by just .41 seconds, in a win for your Canyon Lake Hawks.

Chance Martelli passing the baton to Jessie Sarmiento

“Two weeks in a row, coming down to the mile relay,” Head Coach Troy Moses said with a sigh of relief. “I thought he (Martelli) blew them out of the water.”….Moses said when asked on having the lead after the first lap. “We talk strategy all the time on when to make the right move and I thought that Les (Boehm) made his move too early, but it turned out to be the right move.”


                 Canyon Lake       3:24.18
                 Wimberley         3:24.29
                 Fredericksburg    3:24.59

Way to Go both for the, Boys and Girls, and Congrats on a memorable season!!


                                   Region Qualifiers

 Boys                                         Girls
 Camien McDonough 110 & 300 hurdles,          Skylar Hurst      200 & 400 meter 
 triple jump high jump 4x400 relay                              triple jump 4x400 relay
 Lester Boehm     100 meter, 4x200 relay      Audrey Schulze    200 & 400 relay
                  4x400 relay                                   400 meter dash
 Greyson Lee      4x100 & 4x200 relay         Madison Churbe    4x200 relay
 Connor Rose      4x100 & 4x200 relay         Alyssa Strickland 100 meter hurdles
 Matt Bell        800 meter run               Alysha Perez      4x200 relay
 Jesse Sarmiento  4x400 relay                 Hailey Overstreet 4x200 relay
 Jacob Foster     shot put                    Natalie McCoy     4x400 relay
 Will Hillenbrand pole vault                  Sierra Natal      4x400 relay
 Landry Moore     4x100 relay                 Jade Lawless      discus
 Joseph Ruiz      4x100 relay                 Landry Brown      high jump
 Arthur Cardoso   4x200 relay
 Chance Martelli  4x400 relay

                            AREA TRACK MEET RESULTS

           Boys                               Girls
           CANYON LAKE         108            Fredericksburg       153
           Wimberley           102            Wimberley            127
           Fredericksburg       94            CANYON LAKE           79
           Navarro              85            La Vernia             71
           Bandera              79            Boerne                59
           Boerne               55            Bandera               58
           La Vernia            34            Gonzales              46
           Gonzales             31            Navarro               22
           Hondo                23            Hondo                  6
           Eastside Memorial     8

                            INDIVIDUAL HAWK SCORING
           Caimen McDonough     39            Skylar Hurst          25
           Lester Boehm         17            Audrey Schulze        10
           Chance Martelli       7            Alyssa Strickland      8
           Jacob Foster          6            Madison Churbe         7.5
           Greyson Lee           6            Jade Lawless           6
           Connor Rose           6            Landry Brown           6
           Jesse Sarmiento       5            Alysha Perez           3.5
           Will Hillenbrand      4            Hailey Overstreet      3.5
           Matt Bell             4            Natalie McCoy          3
           Arthur Cardoso        4            Sierra Natal           3
           Nic Rivera            3            Lainee Moses           1.5
           Seth Titzman          2            Amber Leach            1.0
           Joseph Ruiz           2
           Landry Moore          2
           Ross Snowden          1

                               HAWK AREA MEET SCORERS
           Boys                               Girls
                                     100 meters
           Lester Boehm     10.95  2nd        Alysha Perez         13.15  7th
                                     200 meters
                                              Skylar Hurst         26.73  3rd
                                              Madison Churbe       26.84  5th

                                     400 meters
           Chance Martelli  52.08  5th        Skylar Hurst         59.00  2nd
                                              Audrey Schulze       60.80  4th

                                     800 meters
           Matt Bell      2:07.48  4th
           Seth Titzman   2:08.46  5th

                                110/100 meter hurdles
           Caimen McDonough 15.42  4th        Alyssa Strickland    15.19  2nd
           Nic Rivera       15.96  6th

                                 300 meter hurdles
           Caimen McDonough 39.61  1st        Lainee Moses         49.74  6th
           Nic Rivera       41.05  5th

                                 4x100 meter relay
                            44.18  4th                             51.60  6th
           Joseph Ruiz     Landry Moore       Hailey Overstreet  Alysha Perez
           Connor Rose     Greyson Lee        Lainee Moses       Madison Churbe

                                 4x200 meter relay
                          1:30.29  2nd                           1:48.27  3rd
           Arthur Cardoso  Greyson Lee        Hailey Overstreet  Alysha Perez
           Connor Rose     Lester Boehm       Audrey Schulze     Madison Churbe

                                4x400 meter relay
                          3:24.18  1st                           4:08.52  3rd
           Chance Martelli Caimen McDonough   Audrey Schulze     Natalie McCoy
           Jesse Sarmiento Lester Boehm       Sierra Natal       Skylar Hurst

                                     shot put
           Jacob Foster  44-00.00  4th
           Ross Snowden  42-04.00  6th

           Jacob Foster 127-00.00  5th        Jade Lawless     101-05.00  3rd
           Joseph Crisp 118-03.50  8th

                                     high jump
           Caimen McDonough  6-02  1st        Landry Brown       5-00.00  3rd

                                    pole vault
           Will Hillenbrand 12-06  4th        Amber Leach        8-06.00  6th

                                    long jump
                                              Madison Churbe    16-05.00  5th

                                   triple jump
           Caimen McDonough 43-08  1st        Skylar Hurst      36-00.75  2nd
                                              Audrey Schulze    32-11.50  8th