Coming in at #6 was the Lady Hawk’s Basketball tilt with Fredericksburg

Senior Alexa Ramos was a key cog in the Hawks Basketball Season. (photo by Karen Holmes)

CL Girl’s Basketball was at it again with their win over Fredericksburg to reach #6 on the Top 15 Countdown. Road wins is one of the main criteria for a Hawk club in having a chance of reaching one of the top sporting events. This was certainly a main reason for this lofty finish for CL’s Basketball club.

The Hit Man says Way to Go Hawks!!

Head Coach Zach Burleson summed up this game thusly, “This win was really big for us. It put us in contention for the first time to win the district championship. And, to be honest, it was the game that showed everybody that we were for real. We were able to dictate the game from the start and force Fredericksburg into the type of game we wanted to play. Long story short – we went from thinking about being district champions to becoming champions for the first time right there and winning 9 straight late in the season.”



                                           HAWK TOP 15 COUNTDOWN
                                       15. Volleyball win over Wimberley in Bi-District
                                       14. Girl’s Basketball beating Boerne Champion
                                       13. Boy’s Basketball win over Wimberley
                                       12. CL’s Football Bi-District win over Gatesville
                                       11. Hawk Ladies Track & Field Season
                                       10. Canyon Lake Football defeating an undefeated Boerne
                                        9. Softball sweeping Navarro in their Bi-District contest
                                        8. Girl’s Basketball Region win over Sealy
                                        7. Softball Road win over Fredericksburg
                                        6. Lady Basketball win over Billies has CL enjoying 1st place finish

Canyon Lake had proven themselves throughout this campaign but there are some ‘mental’ hurdles that need to be exorcised in order to realize those ultimate dreams coming true.

          Way to Go Lady Hawks!!

The Hawks had not had many basketball season’s that had this sport in a position of going far in the playoffs. Three years ago, the Hawks, had reached the post-season as a 4th seed and was paired with a Liberty Hill team that had some D-1 players. The ending was not pretty.

This time around, Canyon Lake had put some good numbers up for their record but now winning games would have more importance, as district play will always carry more weight.

The Lake had already taken a blow when Boerne beat your Hawks in the opening district contests. Canyon Lake would not be able to afford another loss during that first round of district battles.

Fredericksburg has several sports that they excel in and beating a formidable school would be a major accomplishment for CL but also help redirect the direction for this year’s team.

The Billies were, 2-0 going into their district play and both wins were no doubters, as they waylaid Hondo by 16 points and that was a school CL would beat 4 times this year, but each of those battles were 10 rounds in the ring as that Owl team would make you work for any advantage for a win.

 Way to Go Hawks!!

A 31 point win over Boerne would send a message, as the Greyhounds, were the opening district game loss by 10 points.

Now playing in the Freddie Barn for a must win and a high seed would be a huge hurdle to clear.

Canyon Lake was a defensive team first and they would have to be on their game on that side of the court to leave on this gym on the positive side of a ledger.

Fredericksburg jumped out to an, 11-7 first quarter lead but a 2nd stanza blitz put CL in a position with a good counter punch and eventual victory that propelled your Hawks to the top of the race and running the table in the 2nd round in their district schedule.

A great game and win on the Road in Billie Land and The ReSporter hopes this read is pleasing to your eyes, enjoy the read!!

Lady Hawks Win Big over Billies, 47-38