Football, Game Article | May 24, 2018

Countdown Reaches #10 with Hawk Football Win over Boerne

Tristan Chacon follows a pretty good lineman in Jacob Foster for a long gain in win over Gatesville.                             (photo by Karen Holmes)

The Final 10 Countdown, commences with last year’s contest between Canyon Lake and Boerne. Both teams were flying high when this district game came calling.

                      HAWK TOP 15 COUNTDOWN:
                  15. Volleyball win over Wimberley in Bi-District
                  14. Girl’s Basketball beating Boerne Champion
                  13. Boy’s Basketball in win over Wimberley
                  12. CL's Football Bi-District Win over Gatesville
                  11. Hawk Ladies Track & Field Season


CL had weathered their two game sway earlier in the season against Wimberley and Giddings and had started to get many injured players back in the mix by this time of the season. This was a carbon copy year for the Hawks as they had the same wins and losses as their previous games the year before.

The Greyhounds were riding a 7 game winning streak and had snuffed out a good Fredericksburg team on the road the week before this battle.

The Lake had won their contest with Austin Eastside but that would not be a good barometer for Canyon Lake as this Austin School was a Junior Varsity competitor at their best and hardly a game a team would use as a marquee contest in showing other teams, on how good you were.

In fact, most schools would be more concerned on how to play this Eastside battle without having any injuries.

So a date with a 7-0 team vs. a 5-2 Hawk squad and Boerne had beaten a Wimberley team that would go deep into the post-season. The Texan’s beat CL in that two game swoon.

A Canyon Lake win over the Greyhounds would make a statement and put this Hawk victory in a position to win their district and now be the hunted team instead of the hunter.

Every facet in this contest would play an important role in beating the Greyhounds.

A win that was needed and taking care of business on the road. Probably the biggest win administered on another team’s turf in the history, for Canyon Lake.

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CL Hawks Biggest Road Win in Upset Over Boerne, 31-21