Softball | May 1, 2018

Hawk Softball Musing and Top 10 Misc.

Kay Puente was so hot in last week’s series that the Catcher could not hold onto the ball. (photo by Karen Holmes)


The Canyon Lake Hawks will be making a first this week as they will be traveling to Smithville to meet the Sealy Tigers in a best of 3 series. CL is in their 3rd year of post-season play and have now progressed further than those first two tries after taking care of Navarro last week.

    Let’s Go Hawks!!

Who has the advantage for this week’s game? Tough question as there are no stats to know anything about this Tiger team. A similar record and the team has 11 Junior/Seniors on their squad.

On the other hand, The Lake, has just 3 players that are in those two upper grades.

Canyon Lake has a Junior Varsity club playing against older teams for the most part. Yes, some of the players would have made varsity on many other teams but as a whole, an age gap has been present for this whole campaign.

The Hawks started this year in games with 5A-6A schools and started off with an, 0-8 record and many bumps and bruises for those on the battle line contests. That might have been the one item helping this crew as their schedule did ease up and with that the wins started to amass and now being 5 games over .500 will attest to those accomplishments.

             Keep Going Hawks!!

The ReSporter thought it would be fun for a Top-10 rendition of all those miscellaneous items that take place during games. There are 4 of those Misc. below for you to have a gander at, and The ReSporter has highlighted all the players that are presently playing on those lists below in Hawk Green.

Go Hawks and Beat the Tigers!! 


          hit by pitch (hbp)                sac bunts  
          Megan Browning      7             Kirsten Jones       11
          Carley Dubois       6             Kat Weber           10
          Bailey Bryan        6             Vicky Henderson      9
          Kat Weber           6             McKenna Beseda       7
          Lilimae Daily       5             Carley Dubois        6
          Kirsten Jones       5             Bailey Bryan         5
          Lauren Mentzer      3             Taylor Robinson      5
          Mary Jordan         3             Lauren Mentzer       5
          Tiffany Arredondo   3             Tiffany Arredondo    4
          Vicky Henderson     3             Lizzy Henderson      4
          Adriana Peaslee     3             Kenzie Sayles        4
          Missy Romero        3
          Kelsey Ahrens       3

          sacrifice flies (sf)              roe (reach on error)
          Maddy Puente         4            Maggie Banks        12
          Lauren Mentzer       3            Kat Weber            8
          Kelsey Ahrens        3            Maddy Puente         7
          Kat Weber            3            Carley Dubois        6
          Adriana Zunker       3            Adriana Peaslee      6
          Missy Romero         2            Cameron Berger       6
          Alexis Robinson      2            Kenzie Sayles        6
          Lilimae Daily        2            Lauren Mentzer       5
          several players with 1            Alexis Robinson      4