Ladies Basketball’s Game with Boerne Champion is #14 for Countdown

Senior Alexa Ramos was a key cog in the Hawks Basketball Season. (photo by Karen Holmes)


Next up for this year’s Top 15 Countdown will go to a CL Girls Basketball game against Boerne Champion.

   Super Year Hawks, Congrats!!

Canyon Lake’s Ladies Basketball team accomplished a first in going 3 rounds into their post-season. This Boerne Champion contest was after some tournaments and would be a bell-weather way of seeing just how good this year’s Hawks might be.

The Hawks entered this battle with a 9-2 record and giving up 33 points per game while the Chargers had a 54 per game average with a 5-3 slate. BC would go on a 5 game winning streak after this loss to the Hawks.

Boerne Champion is a 5A squad and CL had won several contests but there had not been many contests you could classify as top notch competition.

CL had beaten Austin Reagan, 46-3 in an earlier tournament game and in this contest with Champion would favor your Hawks as they would unleash their defensive strength by limiting this 5A squad 15 points under their average up to this point of the season.

This Hawk team had used 4 freshman the year before and with a good crew of Seniors and those freshman now being classified as Sophomores would be a good formula as this year commenced.

Canyon Lake did have some ebb and flows in this contest as there would not be a lead more than 7 points throughout in this 4 quarter battle.

               Great Year Hawks!!

A significant victory that helped build another pillar for a team that had not been blessed with a lot of pillars from previous years, this was a tough out and would catapult CL to greater heights as the season progressed.

Reagan Heun was the only player that reached double figures with 20 points but as mentioned in the article, it was quiet 20 points. That is meant as a compliment for this player that reached a pinnacle not seen many times in the Hawk history.

Heun was a scorer but what made this young lady excel on the court was how she found other players as she increased her assists ten fold and followed that up with steals and blocks.

Canyon Lake’s Round-Ball team was split with 4 Seniors and the rest being in their 2nd year of Varsity Ball.

Seeing how all 4 Seniors brought their ‘A’ game to the court was evident during this magical season.

The Hit Man says Way to Go CL!!

Char Hutson finished her last year with solid play on both sides of the court while Skylar Hurst used her height with solid play in the paint.

Alexa Ramos ended her career rising to the top of All-Time accolades for many of those stat lines needed in helping a team rise to the top.

Boerne Champion did not come into this game expecting to lose and Canyon Lake made it known after this contest that they were for real and proved it with the best record percentage wise in CL history.


                                     TOP FIVE
         Girls Teams                           Combined Teams
      1. Basketball  31-07  .816  ’18       1. Ladies Basketball  31-07 .816  ’18
      2. Volleyball  33-09  .786  ’15       2. Football            8-2  .800  ’11
      3. Volleyball  31-12  .721  ’14       3. Volleyball         33-09 .786  ’15
      4. Volleyball  23-11  .676  ’17       4. Football           10-3  .769  ’17
      5. Volleyball  26-13  .667  ’16       5. Volleyball         31-12 .721  ’14

Here is The ReSporter’s link to CL’s win over Boerne Champion. Way to Go Hawks!!

CL Lady Basketball Take a Charge in Win over Boerne Champion, 41-38

Way to Go Hawks!!