Softball | May 10, 2018

Softball: District Awards, Season & Career Top 5

       #9 was MVP for District 28-4A this Season. Congrats to Bailey Bryan.                         (photo by Karen Holmes)


Canyon Lake brought some hardware home after winning their first District Championship for Softball. The Lake started this year with an 0-8 mark and then after weathering that start, stormed into district play suffering just one loss.

    Super Year Hawks, Congrats!!

Another winning season with all of these awards coming from a roster that had two Seniors (Maggie Banks & Briana Zunker) and one Junior (Bailey Bryan). Basically a very talented JV squad took the reins this season that went two rounds into the post-season play.

Good news, that will have a team needing to replace their second baseman and third baseman. Banks had a stellar season in the circle with a change-up that befuddled many foes in helping CL forge into battle each week with a good chance of coming out on top.

Bailey Bryan was voted MVP and had some lofty numbers for ammunition for those coaches that were sequestered during the voting after play was over. Bryan homered against all of the District 28-4A combatants that had those accolades offered for her splendid play in Centerfield with some exclamation points in throwing out would be opponents trying to score.

Congratulations on your great season and Go Hawks!!


                                    DISTRICT 28-4A AWARDS

               Most Valuable Player: Bailey Bryan             Canyon Lake
               Offensive MVP:        Ashlyn Weinheimer        Fredericksburg
               Defensive MVP:        Mia Torres               Fredericksburg
               Newcomer:             Elle Weinheimer          Fredericksburg
               First Team Pitcher:   Maggie Banks             Canyon Lake

               First Team Infield:   Marley Carrizales        Canyon Lake

               First Team Outfield:  Maddy Puente             Canyon Lake

               First Team Utility:   Adriana Peaslee          Canyon Lake
               (multiple positions)

               Second Team Infield:  Kay Puente               Canyon Lake

               Second Team Outfield: Kenzie Sayles            Canyon Lake


                                        SEASON TOP 5
  at bats                        runs                         hits
  Maddy Puente          91       Bailey Bryan           37    Bailey Bryan           43
  Maggie Banks          89       Marley Carrizales      29    Maddy Puente           33
  Kenzie Sayles         86       Kenzie Sayles          27    Kenzie Sayles          32
  Kay Puente            84       Maddy Puente           26    Marley Carrizales      32
  Bailey Bryan          78       Kay Puente             14    Adriana Peaslee        28

  rbi’s                          extra base hits              base on balls
  Bailey Bryan          41       Maddy Puente           17    Bailey Bryan           21
  Maddy Puente          30       Bailey Bryan           15    Marley Carrizales      13
  Maggie Banks          23       Kenzie Sayles           8    Kenzie Sayles          12
  Adriana Peaslee       22       Maggie Banks            8    Adriana Zunker          8
  Kenzie Sayles         14       Adriana Peaslee         7    Adriana Peaslee         7
                                                              Maddy Puente            7

  on base pct                    slugging pct                 stolen bases
  Bailey Bryan        .663       Bailey Bryan         .974    Kenzie Sayles          17
  Marley Carrizales   .640       Maddy Puente         .604    Bailey Bryan           14
  Adriana Peaslee     .462       Marley Carrizales    .542    Marley Carrizales      13
  Kenzie Sayles       .455       Adriana Peaslee      .529    Maddy Puente            6
  Jessie Melendez     .415       Jessie Melendez      .522    Kay Puente              2

                                 batting average
                                 Bailey Bryan         .551
                                 Marley Carrizales    .542
                                 Adriana Peaslee      .400
                                 Kenzie Sayles        .372
                                 Maddy Puente         .363  


                                     CAREER TOP 5
  At Bats                        Hits                         Runs
  Alexis Robinson      340       Carley Dubois         149    Carley Dubois        124
  Carley Dubois        327       Alexis Robinson       121    Alexis Robinson      112
  Kelsey Ahrens        284       Bailey Bryan          100    Kirsten Jones         81
  Kat Weber            270       Missy Romero           90    Bailey Bryan          79
  Missy Romero         251       Kelsey Ahrens          88    Missy Romero          77
                                 Kat Weber              88

  RBI’s                          Extra Base Hits              Base on Balls
  Alexis Robinson       95       Alexis Robinson        53    Missy Romero          55
  Kelsey Ahrens         75       Missy Romero           35    Brianna Young         52
  Brianna Young         74       Kelsey Ahrens          34    Alexis Robinson       52
  Bailey Bryan          74       Maddy Puente           28    Bailey Bryan          40
  Maddy Puente          61       Brianna Young          26    Kat Weber             39

  On Base Pct.                   Slugging Pct.                Stolen Bases
  Marley Carrizales   .629       Maddy Puente         .651    Carley Dubois        101
  Bailey Bryan        .531       Bailey Bryan         .620    Kirsten Jones         41
  Carley Dubois       .512       Alexis Robinson      .615    McKenna Beseda        39
  Brianna Young       .496       Marley Carrizales    .553    Tiffany Arredondo     39
  Missy Romero        .479       Adriana Peaslee      .553    Marley Carrizales     32

  (Percentages based             Batting Average
   100 or more at bats)          Marley Carrizales    .545
                                 Carley Dubois        .456
                                 Bailey Bryan         .437
                                 Maddy Puente         .404
                                 Adriana Peaslee      .364