Track & Field | June 3, 2018

#1 for Countdown: Boy’s Track & Field District Win

                           Finishing the job in 4×400 relay win over Fredericksburg.                                        (photo by Karen Holmes)

CL’s Track & Field Boy’s Team comes in with the #1 Ranking in this years sporting events for Canyon Lake High School. This sport took care of business when they out ran the district schools to the finish line for one of 4 District 28-4A Championships!

Head Coach Troy Moses commented in much the same manner as his comments for the #5 rankings for their Area Track Meet Trophy.

“All I can say about them is Wow!!!,” Coach Moses said when asked to comment on both Area and District Meet Championships for this write-up. “Looking back,  they were the same type of meet. At the end of each Meet we had the same scenario…..win the 4×400 and we are Champions!! I’m just so proud of the way our kids stepped up and performed. If I had to say one thing about what the District Meet that won it for us, it was the 800 meter run. Scoring 14 points in that event was not expected.”


                                         HAWK TOP 15 COUNTDOWN
                                     15. Volleyball win over Wimberley in Bi-District
                                     14. Girl’s Basketball beating Boerne Champion
                                     13. Boy’s Basketball win over Wimberley
                                     12. CL’s Football Bi-District win over Gatesville
                                     11. Hawk Ladies Track & Field Season
                                     10. Canyon Lake Football defeating an undefeated Boerne
                                      9. Softball sweeping Navarro in their Bi-District contest
                                      8. Girl’s Basketball Region win over Sealy
                                      7. Softball Road win over Fredericksburg
                                      6. Lady Basketball win over Billies has CL enjoying another 1st place
                                      5. Boy’s Track & Field Area Meet
                                      4. Taylor Football District Win!!
                                      3. Baseball Bandera Series
                                      2. Pleasanton Area Football Victory
                                      1. District Champions Boys Track & Field

 What a Year Hawks, Congrats!!

For the readers that have followed this count down, do note that The ReSporter, knows that there were some of events that did not make this list that were well deserving.

This list rated the Baseball team high based on how unexpected it was for that team to make the play-offs. Conversely, you have a Volleyball squad that has performed at such a high level for many years with wins of significant and getting a Wow factor is harder to reach.

Hence, going back to Coach Moses first words having, a Wow factor and The ReSporter would reiterate that sentiment without any doubt for this #1 Ranking.

Another time that happened recently was last year’s Boys Soccer win over Salado which was so unexpected.

Fredericksburg had been king of this sport every year that Canyon Lake was on those same cinders. There was a two year hiatus 3 years ago when the Hawk’s sports were not with the Billies. That has not happened in Football. That sport is different, as the UIL, assigns those districts based on size of school.

District Track Meets will go for two days with all the qualifying running events pairing down the top 8 for one race on that second day. The only points scored on that first day will be those long distance runs and field events.

Canyon Lake was in second place after that first day of events and would have to make up some ground to catch the Billies on their home track.

                             Standings After 1st Day (7 events scored)

                             Fredericksburg          83
                             Canyon Lake             58
                             Hondo                   35
                             Bandera                 29
                             Boerne                  11

There would need to be some surprises and that came from that 800 meter run that Coach Moses mentioned earlier.

The Hawks were able to qualify Matt Bell (2nd) and Seth Titzman (4th) for the Area Meet with Patrick McAliffe finishing in the 5th place spot. All three of these Hawk runners will be returning next season.


                             Six District Scorers for 800 Meter Run
                          1. Christian McKnelly       2:09.19      Bandera      Freshman
                          2. Matt Bell                2:09.90      CL Hawks     Junior
                          3. Eloy Alvarez             2:10.03      Freddie      Senior
                          4. Seth Titzman             2:10.19      CL Hawks     Sophomore
                          5. Patrick McAliffe         2:12.23      CL Hawks     Sophomore
                          6. Aaron Ledesma            2:13.10      Hondo        Freshman

Canyon Lake would promote some of the Junior Varsity up to Varsity for more chances of having a chance to score in those events that they were excelling in during their season.

            What a Year Hawks!!

That was the case for both Titzman and McAliffe above as they ran primarily on the JV squad and showing the Coaches they deserved a chance of going up to that next level of competition.

All those calculations would help in pulling this, Unthroning of Fredericksburg, off their Track & Field perch for this season.

In that earlier article accentuating the Area Boy’s Track Team needing to keep in front of two schools, on this night, CL would have Fredericksburg as their only challenger and a chance for finishing first against this Goliath.

Run Down on that 2nd Day, in order of Events and how CL and FHS stood after each race was counted.


                    CL Hawks    58 (1st Day) FHS        83    Hawk Finishers
 4x100 Relay        3rd    12   70           5th    4   87    Rose, Lee, Chacon, Ruiz
   800 Meter Run           14   84                  6   93    Bell 2nd, Titzman 4th, McAliffe 5th
   110 Hurdles             14   98                 14  107    McDonough 1st, Rivera 4th
   100 Dash                 8  106                  3  110    Lester Boehm 2nd
 4x200 Relay        3rd    12  118           4th    8  118    Rose, Moore, Lee, Boehme
   400 Dash                 5  123                 14  132    Maretlli 4th, Sarmiento 6th
   300 Hurdles             19  142                  4  136    McDonough 1st, Rivera 2nd. Vincent 6th
   200 Dash                 6  148                  3  139    Lester Boehm 3rd
  1600 Meter Run            0  148                 10  149
  1600 Relay        1st    20  168           2nd   16  165    Moore, Martelli, Sarmiento, McDonough

What a great day for Canyon Lake as each point scored was needed big time for knocking off a school that had enjoyed supremacy over all their competitors for each year CL had been in that same district.

4 District Champions Hawks!

This is what catapulted this sporting event to the top with all those ingredients needed for this type of recognition.

CL District 29-4A  Championship
The day coming down to that last event for settling a winner.
Beating a school that had controlled this sport throughout CL’s history.

Exciting year and The ReSporter hopes you enjoyed the Countdown and look forward to covering next season.

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Congrats and Go Hawks!!

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Hawks Knock King off Throne Win District 28-4A Championship