Game Article, Volleyball | August 29, 2018

CL Hawks JV Win Barnburner Over Johnson City

      Olivia Robinson and Sara Mefford teamed up in barnburner win over Johnson City.

Canyon Lake JV team was night and day different, in their win over Johnson City Eagles, sweeping the last two sets after starting this night with a less than inspiring start to the game.

“We started slow with school just starting and were just not aggressive,” Head Freshman Coach Megan Helmey stated. “Our serving was better and gave us a chance for a change and then the girls were not afraid to hit the ball.”

              Way to Go Hawks!!

That first set had CLJV taking a quick 7-5 lead that was lost just as quickly when the Eagles outscored the Hawks, 14-4 on their way to a comfortable 9 point victory. Canyon Lake scored on JC errors and just one kill by the good gals, when Tillie Wetz had a kill during Johnson City’s run.

“We gave pep talks and I had to get my serve and I needed to look to Coach for where to serve and pass to the back row,” Olivia Robinson started. “We were not playing very well to start the game and we kept trying in pepping each other up and knew we had to talk a lot.”

“We talked and encouraged ourselves,” Sara Mefford chimed in. “We just needed to keep our energy and realized and decided not to focus on that first set and concentrate on getting our motivation back.”

Well said, as these two plus the rest of this Hawk Team were a different team as this game matured into those later sets.

But CL’s second set started much like their first as the JC Eagles led through most of this battle until a Taylor Fillinger ace and Mefford kill that wrestled the lead to the home team, 17-16.  From this point on….the Hawks would not go to sleep and would get the best of the Eagles.

CLJV’s crew kept the pressure on in upping the game to, 20-18 that had Mefford and Robinson kills and two blocks to top it off from Mefford.

   Let’s Go Hawks!!


Johnson City swung the momentum to their side with a 4 point rally and lead, 22-20 and poised for a sweep over CL.

Another kill by Mefford closed the Eagle rally and Hannah Cortez would serve the Hawks to victory scoring the next 4 points combined with an ace for a Hawk JV win and the rubber set next up.

This 3rd set started with each team firing their salvo’s and a 4-4 tie  when Madeline Row took the back row with her serve.

Row had an ace and a kill for Robinson and forge a 8-4 lead and a chance to pull away from Johnson City. 

Robinson was next up to serve and during her stint, The Lake water broke the dam and the Hawks would rally with 9 points, now leading 17-6. During this barrage of points, Robinson would score with three aces and two kills by Mefford. 

                        Go Hawks!

Tillie Wetz continued the scoring with a kill and the points ended after the block by Riley Shear.

Canyon Lake would be able to coast for an easy deciding best of 3 set. 

Not so fast, that mindset was squashed when this Eagle team responded with an 8 point rally that matched CL’s and put this game back in jeopardy, 19-17 Hawks.

The JV Hawks finished the set with two kills from Robinson and the final winning kill from Tillie Wetz for a, 25-22 win. That resulted in a tiring and thrilling evening against a solid JC group of ladies.

“We need to have better warm-ups,” Coach Helmey surmised.

CLJV will be back in action for an early start when they travel to Blanco for a 4pm first serve battle. 

Canyon Lake Varsity was not as fortunate as the up and down roller coaster had this game seeing the Hawks on the lower part of that ride that was never able to rise back up.

Johnson City has a top 5 team and they showed it is a deserving recognition as your Hawks did not have a lead at any time during this 3 set sweep.

The Hawk Varsity will try to get their roller coaster ride to go higher this Friday in Blanco with their game starting as the end of the Hawk JV squad.

Go Hawks!!

            Junior Varsity Team Stats 
            Hawks JV vs. Eagles JV: 16-25, 25-22, 25-22
            Kills:  Olivia Robinson   6
                    Sara Mefford      5
                    Tillie Wetz       3
                    Madeline Row      1
                    Riley Shear       1
            Aces:   Olivia Robinson   3
                    Tillie Wetz       1
                    Taylor Fillinger  1
                    Hannah Cortez     1
                    Madeline Row      1
            Blocks: Tillie Wetz       2
                    Sara Mefford      2
                    Riley Shear       1

            Varsity Team Stats:
            Canyon Lake vs. Johnson City: 14-25, 11-25, 21-25
            Kills:   Paige Bower       5
                     Megan Vorhis      5
            Assists: Raegan Cowan      5
                     Cassidy Felps     5
            Digs:    Mariah Haight     7
            Aces:    Mariah Haight     1
                     Paige Bower       1
                     Kaylee Moore      1
            Blocks:  Cassidy Felps     1
                     Megan Vorhis      1
                     Kayla Wunderlich  1