Game Article, Volleyball | August 25, 2018

CL Hawks Win Silver Bracket Consolation in Rattler Tourney

       Mariah Haight and Paige Bower still smiling after a long day of work during the Rattler Tourney.

Canyon Lake won Consolation in the Silver Bracket on Saturday after disposing Cal Allen in a two set sweep, 25-13 and 25-22 this past Saturday.

The Hawks finished their Rattler Tournament with a 4-2 record and now stand with an, 11-10 season record after their final tournament play for this season.

            Way to Go Hawks!!

Canyon Lake started their Saturday with a hard fought loss to San Marcos after taking the first set but not being able to seal the deal with SM winning those final two sets.

Those second set contests were not a thing of beauty when CL would struggle in each contest during that game stretch all day long.

“We were getting way to comfortable,” Head Coach Kim Paisley said shaking her head.

Canyon Lake had some team building exercises last week after starting with a loss on Tuesday against Poth. The Hawks rebounded with 4 wins and will look to continue their play on a high note. “Yeah, we refused to work together and when you refuse to do it, then we needed to translate that they can work together.”

Those are the times a team can finally jell and in the last two tournaments Canyon Lake has shown signs of being a different group of players after some of those ‘team building moments’.

Alamo Heights was next and would succumb to CL after the Hawks doubled two of their wins with 25-16 victories. The Lady Mules (that sounds funny), would make the game interesting taking that middle set but the Hawks were able to rebound by sustaining a sizable lead to finish off the Heights.

                      Go Hawks!

Next up was Cal Allen and they would meet a buzz saw to open the Consolation Championship game, when CL would be able to break the game open after a 9-9 tie and outscoring the Wildcats, 16-4 with a resounding win to finish that first set.

The Wildcats were able to take a lead through most of that 2nd Set, as Cal Allen, had a 3 point lead, 21-18. The Wildcats had their largest lead, 12-8 as Cal Allen were able to keep enough distance during that middle part of this contest.

The Hawks would outscore the Wildcats, 6-1 for the sweep and win over this 5A school. Sealing another dramatic comeback for your home town team.

Mariah Haight’s serves allowed CL with enough points to stage this comeback as that part of the rotation seemed to be in sync scoring 9 points during that part of CL’s set.

“This is the first year that I have been jump serving and if you have it under control then it really helps the team a lot,” Haight calculated. “I need to be persistent with my jump serve because it can be more intimidating.”

             Way to Go Hawks!!

Canyon Lake does have several players that have dialed in some good serves so far this season.

Paige Bower brings consistent scoring and had teamed up with recent graduate Anna Bettersworth these past two campaigns, with her blocks and now has a new partner in Megan Vorhis.

Bower commented on this part of the season thus far, “There will be a new slate when district starts…..playing these tough 6A and 5A schools will get us ready to play in our district.”

Bower continued on her overall play, “I am trying to be more aggressive with my serves and I have been really working hard on my game this Summer and my defense, by focusing on my blocking and being successful with that part of my game because getting a big hit is good but defense wins games.”

The Hawks will finish their non-district schedule with 5 more schools before the Boerne Greyhounds come to the Hawk Nest to open District 28-4A on September 21st.

A 10-9 record has seen some inconsistent play for CL but another simple fact is having 7 of those 9 losses at the hands of 5 & 6A schools.

The Hawks will be back in action this Tuesday when Johnson City comes to the Hawk Nest with the Sub-Varsity start time at 5pm and Varsity will follow on their court at 6pm . Go Hawks!!


                           HAWK LEADERS TOURNAMENT
         First Day                            Second Day
         CL vs. Tuloso-Midway: 25-23, 26-24   CL vs. San Marcos: 25-22, 20-25, 16-25
         Kills:   Riley Mickey     7          Kills:   Riley Mickey      10
         Assists: Cassidy Felps   13          Assists: Raegan Cowan      11
         Digs:    Lainee Moses    12          Digs:    Lainee Moses      15
         Aces:    Cassidy Felps    1          Aces:    Cassidy Felps      1
         Blocks:  Paige Bower      3                   Kayla Wunderlich   1
                                                       Mariah Haight      1
         CL vs. Boswell: 20-25, 20-25
         Kills:   Riley Mickey     3          CL vs. Alamo Heights: 25-16, 21-25, 25-16
         Assists: Raegan Cowan     4          Kills:   Riley Mickey       8
         Digs:    Lainee Moses     7          Assists: Raegan Cowan      10
         Aces:    Mariah Haight    2          Digs:    Lainee Moses       9
         Blocks:  Megan Vorhis     5          Aces:    Cassidy Felps      3
                                              Blocks:  Paige Bower        2
         CL vs. Del Valle: 25-15, 25-19
         Kills:   Riley Mickey     7          CL vs. Cal Allen: 25-13, 25-22
         Assists: Raegan Cowan    13          Kills:   Caroline Kullberg  8
         Digs:    Mariah Haight    7          Assists: Cassidy Felps      9
         Aces:    Cassidy Felps    1          Digs:    Lainee Moses       8
                  Mariah Haight    1          Aces:    Mariah Haight      3
                  Riley Mickey     1          Blocks:  Megan Vorhis       4
         Blocks:  Paige Bower      2
                  Megan Vorhis     2