Volleyball | August 5, 2018

CL Volleyball Goes to Battle on Tuesday @ Home with 10am Start

          Head Coach Kim Paisley

Canyon Lake will go to battle this week with a round-robin set of games against Schertz Clemens and Liberty Hill, as this year begins with two power house schools.

Last season both teams had some daunting records with LH Panthers garnering a 33-11 year while the Clemens Buffaloes came home with a 40-6 campaign.

The Panthers were beat by the Class 4A Champions Needville who happened to be the same team that ended CL’s season. That contest was a Final Four loss for LH while Clemens final loss was to SA Reagan.

Canyon Lake had their first scrimmage last Saturday when they traveled to Lehman and unofficially winning those two contests over Austin Akins and Lehman.

“I was very pleased with the competition,” Head Coach Kim Paisley said. “There are some stuff we need to fine tune and our girls know we need to stay focused with these two highly competitive strong teams on Tuesday.”

Early season cobwebs is always a point where Coaches work on striving to miss getting entangled in those sticky quagmires.

                 Go Volleyball

“Many on our team arrived in mid-season form last week,” Coach Paisley admonished. “We lost 7 Seniors and 5 of those ladies were starters from last year’s group….I did pull up 4 Sophomores to our Varsity last year and that proved to be a strong move, as they have shown how ready they are last week.”

Canyon Lake has finished their 3rd year in a row having lost 7 seniors and those sophomores that were brought up will help solidify starting  off this season.

“If we can get our passing down and we have to be on point with our passing and defense,” Coach Paisley calculated when asked how this upcoming games can end in CL’s favor on Tuesday.

The loss of 3 year starter Faith Hasness along with Anna Bettersworth who finished her career as the all-time blocker for the Hawks will give the Hawk’s fans an idea of who will be counted on to keep Canyon Lake ready for this week’s games.

“Hailey Overstreet and Cassidy Felps have helped in setting and taking over for the Hasness loss,” Paisley cited.

         Have a Great Year Hawks!!

The Hawks will be counting on Paige Bower for helping in taking up the slack lost by losing Bettersworth.

Canyon Lake will have their final scrimmage in Blanco for a 10am get together on Monday and then a face-off against LH-Clemens on Tuesday.

The Hawks will see if they can advance further this week-end when they go to Wimberley for their Tex-Fest Tournament.

When asked what her thoughts for this year’s games, Coach Paisley said, “This year we can be District Champs!”

Fitting for the first Hawk Sport to make that goal three year’s ago….now, will this year be the first time a Hawk Sport can say they were the first to win 2 District Titles?

Go Hawks!!


                          TOP 10 ALL-TIME VOLLEYBALL STATS

                   Kills                             Aces
                   Bailey Drum           1199        Faith Hasness             131
                   Addison Farley         808        Hannah Wunderlich         110
                   Amber Ramsey           629        Regam Mickey              107
                   Faith Hasness          492        Hanna White                91
                   Anna Bettersworth      470        Hayley Melone              90
                   Alysha Perez           285        Mariah Ellis               83
                   Paige Bower            262        Sam York                   64
                   Mariah Ellis           259        Anna Bettersworth          59
                   Tara Clark             223        Ashley Biering             44
                   Alyssa Drum            222        Lillie Sander              39

                   Assists                           Digs
                   Regan Mickey          3153        Hayley Melone            1205
                   Faith Hasness         1252        Faith Hasness            1000
                   Miki Roberts           780        Sam York                  861
                   Mariah Ellis           389        Bailey Drum               837
                   Hannah Wunderlich      291        Regan Mickey              647
                   Cassidy Felps          265        Mariah Ellis              610
                   Sam York               261        Amber Voigt               458
                   Mariah Ellis           114        Addison Farley            357
                                                     Hanna White               334
                                                     Hannah Wunderlich         237

                                Anna Bettersworth        197
                                Paige Bower              114
                                Bailey Drum               82
                                Alexis Robinson           77
                                Regan Mickey              68
                                Emma Gray                 67
                                Lillie Sander             57
                                Amber Ramsey              57
                                Tira Clark                50
                                Faith Hasness             30