Game Article, Volleyball | August 7, 2018

Hawk Volleyball Season Starts with a Split after Liberty Hill Win

Megan Vorhis & Lainee Moses both had a hand in CL’s 5 Set Win over Liberty Hill.

Canyon Lake split their 3-team round robin, to open their season, after losing to Clemens and then a win over Liberty Hill and a 1-1 record against two very competitive schools.

 Way to Go Hawks!!

The Hawks started their season playing Clemens and coming up short after being swept. The score was, 25-10 for each game, coming away knowing, a better outing would need to commence against the Panthers.

To put it succinctly, Clemens was a solid 6A opponent as the Buffaloes left no doubt that they were the better team.

CL would battle Liberty Hill nest for a split and momentum entering the Tex-Fest Tourney in Wimberley later this week.

“We wanted momentum to go into the Tex-Fest and it was good for us to grind through physically and mentally,” Head Coach Kim Paisley stated. “I’m glad we had the opportunity for a 5 set and now we can practice tomorrow going into this weekend.”

Canyon Lake had not been practicing much going into their opening games and this start will give Coaches enough to find out their weaknesses and work out for a more consistent season.

CL & LH started this day by copying each other during each set. The Hawks jumped out to a 5-0 start that finished with a 25-20 victory…then LH would copy that same format taking a 5-0 advantage that would end with that same result, a 25-20 win to tie the two combatants.

Way to Go Hawk Volleyball

Liberty Hill opened with a 7-1 lead in that 3rd set and road that to a 25-19 win to put the Panthers up 2 games to one. A ton of confidence for the visitors that was quickly doused with some Hawk reality when Canyon Lake would open up a 4-0 start and increase that lead throughout the middle part of their game as they stretched that lead for a 15-5 lead.

Liberty Hill would be out of this contest in hopes they would not be lapped as CL would not relinquish their lead and tied up the game going into their 5th set.

That final set has a first team to 15 or winning by 2 points and a win.

This time neither school could not get more than a one point lead with both schools tied at 6 a piece. When Libero Lainee Moses would be CL’s next server.

A 3 point rally had a LH timeout for a strategy session, but another result for Volleyball time-outs is in hopes of disrupting a server. It is not uncommon to see that server miss that next serve and allowing their counterpart to get back into the game.

              Way to Go Hawks!!

Sure enough, Moses next serve was in the net, but what was not realized by CL, was a conference going on with a Panther player in the umpire. In Volleyball that umpire will always give a server the ok to play.

“I thought I saw him (umpire) motioning for me to serve,” Moses said matter of factly. “Then I served short into the net…and then when I was relieved and said, Yes!! When they told me that play had not been signaled in….Coach wanted me to serve it short on the left side because they did not have that part of the court covered.”

This would be a great game changer as that short serve would serve notice that Moses would have to just get the serve over the next time she would be called on.

“Yes, Coach told me after that to just get it in….,” Moses finished.

That rally would continue for a Hawk, 7 point lead, 13-6 before allowing the Panthers to get back on the scoreboard.

Canyon Lake would finish off Liberty Hill, 15-8 for a much needed win to help start their season with a good result and persevering, as Coach Paisley would say, ‘Grind through for a win!”

Freedom Mail Center says Way to Go Hawks!

The Hawks were led by Megan Vorhis with 10 kills as this Freshman started her career with a great game as she and the team can get more practices for a whirlwind start to their season.

“This was a very intense game,” Vorhis started. “We stuck together and stayed focused and this will basically keep our momentum going for this week’s games.”

Tex-Fest is next as games will now be relegated to best of 3 battles during the tournament part of the year.

Good start and Go Hawks!!


Two Game Leaders:
CL vs Clemens: 10-25, 10-25, 10-25
Kills:   Riley Mickey   5
Assists: Cassidy Felps 16
Digs:    Lainee Moses   9
Blocks:  Paige Bower    2

CL vs. Liberty Hill: 25-20, 20-25, 19-25, 25-14, 15-8
Kills:   Megan Vorhis       10
Assists: Hailey Overstreet  17
Digs:    Lainee Moses       21
Aces:    Caroline Kullberg   2 
         Haley Overstreet    2
Blocks:  Megan Vorhis        4 
         Paige Bower         4

Clemens vs. Liberty Hill: 25-18, 25-19, 25-13

Canyon Lake JV vs. Liberty Hill: 16-25, 30-29, 21-25
CLJV           vs. Clemens:      26-28, 12-25

Canyon Lake Freshman vs. Clemens:      25-14, 25-14
CL Freshman          vs. Liberty Hill: 10-25, 25-20, 25-27