Game Article, Volleyball | August 11, 2018

Hawks Absent during 2nd Day at Tex-Fest

It wasn’t a pretty day inside the gym for Saturday’s Tex-Fest, as Canyon Lake, was a no-show in their contests after being swept by Peaster and Lago Vista in their Gold Bracket.

   Let’s Go Hawks!!

“We were flat footed, lazy, and could not make it to the ball,” Head Coach Kim Paisley said painfully. “We had two great practices this week and started with a good day on Friday, but our back row-front row was ugly and we will go back to basics on Monday.”

The Hawks were in their first battle with Peaster but a bad stretch in the passing department that would allow just enough separation for the Visitors to seal a loss on the Hawks.

CL’s passing in the loser’s bracket was non-existent as Lago Vista made short order of the Hawks after a relentless rally that would last for the duration of that second set losing, 25-9.

“We were mentally absent,” Coach finished.

The day had such a bad taste that some CL fans were offering The ReSporter money for not having a posting of the day’s games.

There will be better days ahead as was just the first week of competition and the day would certainly give Canyon Lake’s Coaches plenty of teaching opportunities in the coming weeks.


CL vs. Peaster: Hawks Lose, 20-25, 18-25
Kills:   Paige Bower     5
Assists: Cassidy Felps  18
Digs:    Mariah Haight  16
Aces:    Lainee Moses    1
Blocks:  Megan Vorhis    1

CL vs. Lago Vista: Hawks Lose, 20-25, 9-25
Kills:   Kayla Wunderlich  3
Assists: Haley Overstreet  6
Digs:    Riley Mickey      9
Aces:    Riley Mickey      1
         Haley Overstreet  1
Blocks:  Megan Vorhis      1