Game Article, Volleyball | August 10, 2018

Hawks Sweep 1st Day @ Tex-Fest

    Senior Riley Mickey is providing some leadership this season.

Canyon Lake was all business on Friday during their first day of competition in Wimberley’s Volleyball Tournament.

Burnet, Boling, and Caddo Mills were all fodder after the Hawks paved their way to the Gold Round that commence Saturday morning in the Main Gym. Canyon Lake will be paired against Peaster starting at 9am.

“That was all the momentum we needed, so we would not have to play in this gym (Bridges) on Saturday,” Head Coach Kimberley Paisley said after a sweltering set of contests.

CL has had problems in two main areas that Coach Paisley wants to conquer this season. Winning the Gold Division and making it past the 2nd Round of the UIL Volleyball Tournament.

Both of those areas have not seen a Hawk conquest and a highly competitive Coach will certainly be focused on making it past those two barriers. That first hurdle will be played out at 9am on Saturday and that second hurdle still has some games that need to be played to finish district play qualifying for a playoff spot.

Canyon Lake (4-1) looked sharp compared to their start on Tuesday, but to be fair, those first two battles to start this season, were played against a much better set of teams than those schools CL played Friday.

Burnet was first up for the early morning start and a slow start heated up fast, much like the gym, and CL scored a sweep winning by 9 and 8 points. Freshman Megan Vorhis led with 7 kills while Cassidy Felps was on scoring 23 assists.

                   Go Hawks!

The Hawks continued their pace when Boling bowed out after a decent battle in that first game and a Hawk 5 point victory. Boling came back from an early 7 point deficit (13-7) to tie the game at 14 all.

Canyon Lake would rebound with a 11-6 finish for the first win before Hawk route for the sweep in the second battle that saw Haley Overstreet put the set away with a 5 point rally on her serve.

The Hawks were not finished and would be needing one more win in their pool for a 3-0 record and the invitation to start Saturday in the Gold Bracket. This will be the 4th year in a row having your Hawks starting play in the Winner’s Pool and that first hurdle will be presented for a chance to win, facing Peaster first. This School beat CL in 2015.

Riley Mickey had some solid play leading Canyon Lake in two of those wins in the kill category. This is Mickey’s 3 year on the varsity and is ready to help with some solid leadership.

“Coach expects more from me this year,” Mickey started. “I need to have a lot more leadership and instead of being a follower I will need to lead.”

             Way to Go Hawks!!

Mickey looked very comfortable on the court while being in the game for the full rotation.

“I have worked hard this Summer and being a Senior I feel more confident,” Mickey said confidently. “We will need to play hard tomorrow and give it all we got.”

On CL’s chances to finish the Tourney in first, “I believe we can win if we can stay together as a team.”

Canyon Lake will have tougher teams on their second day of competition.

Coach Paisley responded after a hot full day, “We found where our rotation is the weakest and we worked on that part of our game so we could win and play or next games out of this gym.”

“There will be tougher teams and we had some good play today and had some pinpoint serves as we hit our serves where I told them to hit them,” Coach Paisley closed while fanning herself for relief but with wins.

Go Hawks!!


CL (2-1) vs. Burnet:
Hawks Win 25-16, 25-17
Kills:   Megan Vorhis      7
Assists: Cassidy Felps    23
Digs:    Haley Overstreet  8
Aces:    Haley Overstreet  2
Blocks:  Paige Bower       1

CL (3-1) vs. Boling
Hawks Win 25-20, 25-14
Kills:   Riley Mickey      8
Assists: Haley Overstreet 19
Digs:    Lainee Moses      5
Aces:    Paige Bower       2
Blocks:  Paige Bower       2

CL (4-1) vs. Caddo Mills
Hawks Win 25-17, 25-18
Kills:   Riley Mickey      7
Assists: Cassidy Felps    23
Digs:    Mariah Haight     9
Aces:    Haley Overstreet  3
Blocks:  Paige Bower       2