Football, Pre/Game | September 28, 2018

Pre/Game: Canyon Lake @ Blanco Friday 7:30pm

       CL Hawks Defense will be out to stop a good Blanco running attack.       (photo by Karen Holmes)

                 Pre/Game:   Canyon Lake    @       Blanco         This Friday 7:30pm
                             Hawks (4-0)            Panthers (3-1)

                 Series is tied at 5-5 record
                 2008 Hawks 00 Panthers 63
                 2009 Hawks 21 Panthers 14
                 2010 Hawks 07 Panthers 12
                 2011 Hawks 14 Panthers 07
                 2012 Hawks 26 Panthers 21
                 2013 Hawks 06 Panthers 13
                 2014 Hawks 07 Panthers 35
                 2015 Hawks 00 Panthers 14
                 2016 Hawks 40 Panthers 07
                 2017 Hawks 38 Panthers 00

                 This Years Results:
                 CL Hawks 22 Marble Falls  00     Blanco 20 Lago Vista        07
                 CL Hawks 20 Weiss         03     Blanco 20 Aus St. Michaels  14
                 CL Hawks 33 Wimberley     14     Blanco 22 Marion            29
                 CL Hawks 50 Smithville    30     Blanco 34 Randolph          07


Way to Plug Leaks, Go Hawks!

Canyon Lake has three teams they have played since games started back in 2008 season.

Wimberley, Fredericksburg and Blanco and that first contest with the Panthers was an awakening after a 63 point loss. Blanco had run off a 3 game winning streak in this series, but The Lake was able to tie the series up last year after a convincing 38-00 victory.

CL can have their own 3 game streak with a win this Friday over the Panthers and that victory would have Canyon Lake with their first ever over .500 record, 59-58.

The Hawks have been on a hot streak starting this season with a 4-0 slate and winning 12 of their last 13 battles. This Blanco game will be the first in this series that did not open the season.

That will result in more stats and tendencies not known in our previous Pre/Game assessments.

One item has not changed offensively for the Panthers as they are a run oriented team with rushing yards resulting in 80% of their yardage. Those numbers would mirror CL’s as both teams like to ground it out.

That will play into The Lake’s strength with a defense that is yielding a paltry 3 yards per carry and 74 yards per game.

Cade Felps is Blanco’s major go to player that is averaging 114 yards per contest while Senior Tristan Fortner has 147 rushing and leads the receivers with 6 catches covering 83 yards.

Chris Osteguin leads the Panthers with 110 yards via the airways going into this slug-fest.

A Sophomore Kaileb Webster leads the tackle brigade with 33 and 26 of those coming as solo stops.

Canyon Lake’s offense continues to improve with each contest and if that trend continues then this might be a long night for the home team.

Blanco has had success in this series but the tide is changing with a football program that seems to reload with an abundance of many more players and playing a smaller school should make this game a tough out for the Panthers.

A game with a lot of pounding should benefit a Hawk team that will use their depth to wear out Blanco.

Go Hawks!!