Football, Pre/Game | September 12, 2018

Pre-Game: CL Hawks @ Wimberley Friday 7:30pm

              Connor Rose takes on the Weiss Wolves in win, 20-3                                (photo by Karen Holmes)

          PRE/GAME: Canyon Lake    @    Wimberley       Friday 7;30pm
                    Hawks  (2-0)        Texans   (1-1)

            Series: The Texans lead this rivalry with an 8-2 record
                    2008  Hawks  07  Texans  41
                    2009  Hawks  15  Texans  38
                    2010  Hawks  18  Texans  38
                    2011  Hawks  14  Texans  50
                    2012  Hawks  03  Texans  40
                    2013  Hawks  28  Texans  13
                    2014  Hawks  27  Texans  28
                    2015  Hawks  28  Texans  14
                    2016  Hawks  21  Texans  31
                    2017  Hawks  13  Texans  21

                    This Year’s Results:
                    Hawks 22  Marble Falls  00    Texans  32  Burnet   25
                    Hawks 20  Weiss         03    Texans  13  Giddings 63


Canyon Lake will be traveling the Back-Bone for this week’s battle with Wimberley as the Texans have reeled off two straight wins in this series.

The Texans have dominated Canyon Lake in winning 80% of the contests with many of those losses being in double digit categories. 

This rivalry has been a much closer game these past 5 years after the Hawks were able to break that strangle hold by the Texans when CL finished with their first victory, 28-13 in 2013 season.

During the start of this series, the Hawks were victims of turnovers that was added to playing a superior Texans’ team for those run-a-way losses.

This will be the earliest meeting and Wimberley  comes into this contest sporting a 1-1 record. During the 2009 year, WHS, entered this game with a 3-3 record and proceeded to handle CL with ease, 38-15. During their 2012 campaign, the Texans, had a 4-3 record and dominated the Hawks, 40-03.


                  Wimberley Record entering this game these past 5 years.
                            3-4   2013      Hawk Win
                            0-2   2014      Hawk Loss
                            0-4   2015      Hawk Win
                            2-1   2016      Hawk Loss
                            3-0   2017      Hawk Loss

Putting this in layman terms, ‘This game is not a given for Canyon Lake by a long shot!’

    Go Hawks & Beat Wimerley

The Texans did lose some top level talent from their ranks as they continue to work out some kinks during an early part of this season. Wimberley has a way of regaining their footing as the season matures and the Hawks will be hoping that realization waits another week before Wimberley wakes from their slumber.

Junior Cooper McCollum will be taking the snaps and has a respectable .575 completion percentage and has totaled 520 yards for the season. McCollum also leads the Texans with 90 yards rushing and that indicates on how well he can avoid trouble . 

Senior Guy Kypuros has totaled 86 yards via the run and there are a trio of Texan’s having over 100 yards receiving with that fourth receiver just 8 yards from the century mark.


                   name                 no    yds     ave   td
                   Landon Clewell        8    144    18.0   1 
                   Kolby Goforth        12    112     9.3   0
                   Caleb Cervenka        8    124    15.5   1
                   Christian Marshall    8     92    11.5   2

The Texans’ kicker has not been successful as of yet converting 33% of his point after attempts.

               Beat the Texans

Canyon Lake had an abbreviated game last week after lightening halted the contest with 5 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter. But during the past 6 quarters, the Hawk defense, has made their presence known by holding their opponents to just one field goal.

CL has allowed just two possessions inside their 20 yard line and a field goal and running out of downs were those results. 

Greyson Lee, Alex Hardin, and Jacob Ruff have done a good job in stopping the past two teams and will have all their defensive backs back in action this week and that is good news based on how well a passing team, Wimberley has been thus far.

The Slot-T continues to work on their consistency and each game seems to be better with Sophomore QB, Peyton McMullen coming into his own. Turnovers have stopped drives and that aspect of the Hawks game will need to be minimized this Friday on this road game.

Canyon Lake’s two wins in this series has been with home cooking and this could be a first with a win over Wimberley and bringing home the Back-Bone Trophy.

Come and fill the Stadium and cheer on your Hawks!!