Football, Game Article | October 12, 2018

CL Hawks Gold Team Submarines Ducks, 14-0

                               DE Tyler Hickman and DB Reef Malish help settle the Sun on the Ducks, 14-0.

Canyon Lake found Gold in win over Taylor in their Thursday night contest rushing to a victory, 14-0.

               Way to Go Hawks!!

Another good defensive outcome for CL and limiting these Ducks to a indoor pond for their swimming enjoyment after dominating Taylor throughout this battle.

“We moved the ball methodically,” Coach John Barthels said in a calculating way. “I was proud of our defense and we dominated the line.”

Canyon Lake had two drives that resulted in points and only needed one when Logan Cruz broke to the outside and cruised 65 yards down the sideline that helped finish off the home team.

“I didn’t see it coming because it was suppose to be a trick play,” Cruz said with a simple smile. “They were going after Reef (Malish) and so he handed off to me and I just ran it.”

Cruz cruised with more assessments, “We just threw them off and did something different…and the left hash just opened up and we were going on a faster pace.”

Canyon Lake other touchdown was methodical and was a prototype Slot-T drive with an eventual score and taking precious time off the game clock.

Logan Cruz was Cruising in win over Taylor with his 65 yard run.

The Lake’s defense was defensive against Taylor in keeping them from any water in the game.

Malish finished with a submarine tackle that took the Duck’s running back under water, “A gap was open and I saw it open and just ran head first….I could barely see the ball so I just grabbed his ankles and made him (running back) fall over.”

That was typical throughout the contest as Malish was almost ready to take the handoff with that tackle.

Defensive End Tyler Hickman started this set of downs with a sack while stripping the ball for the Duck’s QB hands.

“The Coaches were telling us to spread out so we could give them less choices for more yards,” Hickman said with conviction. “So, I was outside and I got around their blocker and I went in for the sack….I just knocked the ball out of his hands.”

A defense that was well prepared in stopping the Ducks from getting into the air on those pass plays.

This Gold Team has not had as many opportunities this year, but seeing how deep Canyon Lake is in their Sub-Varsity teams will only prove to be great benefits as these players continue to mature and competition for more opportunities.

The Ducks were under water for the whole contest finishing with negative yards on the ground and keeping the Ducks out of water for a clinching win on this first game of what would end up being a Canyon Lake Sweep.

Way to Go Hawks!!