Football, Game Article | October 17, 2018

MVMS & SVMS Battle to a Tie as Both Schools Stay Unbeaten

    MVMS 8th A Team Ties Smithson Valley Middle School, 6-6


Story by Cory Martelli,

It was cold and raining, as Smithson Valley Middle School and the Mountain Valley Middle School, collided in their first ever meeting between these schools in a football game.

           Way to MV Hawks!!

The Hawks and Mustangs came into this battle in a weather biting game undefeated and seeking a win to not only maintain an undefeated season but to make a statement for king of the hill towards a district tile within CISD, a first ever reward.

This year all CISD Middle Schools will play each other in a true “All District” winner take all season. This Battle of the Valleys lived up to it’s hype right down to the last play.

The first quarter had both teams with drives to each other’s 30 yard line, only to have the defenses rise up and stop the other offense in the windy drilling rain.

“This was the most physical and competitive game that our coaches have been a part of,” Head Coach Brandon Pawelek said. “I was talking with Coach Rushing from SVMS and he said that was the toughest game they have played in years.”

Coach Pawelek continued, “It was a fun and intense game and both teams played their hearts out….we knew they were going to be really good and our kids went toe to toe with them for four quarters. Both teams had opportunities to score again but the defenses were making plays when they had to.”

The Mustangs Spread offense led by QB Michael Mayhugh finally caught traction late in the first quarter when Mayhugh called his own number from the 34 yard line with an up the middle run. The 2-PAT failed as MV’s Ryan Verrette and Helijah Johnson penetrated the back field of the Mustangs for a loss, 6-0 Mustangs.

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The Hawks took their opening kickoff and started on the 35 yd line and taking the Slot-T offense to the Mustangs.

SVMS had not seen a Slot T and had trouble with it’s schemes thoughout the night.

Running back, Ty Sellers split the outside tackle and ran 43 yards down the sideline to the Mustang 3 yard line. On first and goal the Hawks pushed forward and scored for the tie. The Hawks 2-PAT also failed as Mustang’s Kale Williams split the guards and ended the Hawks hopes of putting two more points on the board.

At the halftime, it was all tied up, 6-6, on this cold wet and windy night.

The Hawks took their 2nd half kickoff and Seth Moss made a decision to take the kickoff way back to the Hawk 15 yard line. It seemed like a bad decision but it was exactly what the Hawks offense needed.

MVMS Slot-T offense went into a ground and pound mode with a drive that took up all 8 minutes of the quarter and 1:22 minutes of the 4th quarter. This drive kept the Mustang’s offense off the field for a whopping 9:22 minutes.

           Way to Go MV Hawks!!

This is one way to keep your opponent from scoring and Ty Sellars, Aiden Muckenfuss, Ethan Schedldbauer and Cole Cason, and Elijah Johnson racked up 103 yards just on that drive after counting penalty yards.

That would be the Hawks only reward in keeping the Mustangs offense off the field.

Mountain Valley had two penalties in a row that pushed back the Hawks offense from the Mustangs 7yard line.

Those mistakes did not help against the Mustangs defense. Brayden Hoebeck, Williams, Gavin Woods, Brock Bracher and Braden Harrington all had big plays defensively for the Mustangs during that series.

The Mustangs took over and put Mayhugh into over drive taking up big chunks of real-estate as did Brayden Bafidis.

Smithson Valley Middle School got down to the Hawk’s 16 yard line with just 1:16 to play, when Elijah Johnson with Hayden Baker finally ended the drive for the Mustangs on a pass breakup.

The Hawks got the ball with: 59 seconds left and had the ball down to the Mustangs 42 yard line when time expired.

The Hawks and Mustang records move to 5-0-1 and if they can both win out they would be sharing the 1st CISD Middle School title.

Mountain Valley Middle School A Squad will be back in action next Tuesday when the Hawks meet up with Spring Branch Middle School at CLHS with a 4:45 B Game start and the A Game kicking off after that first game.

Go Hawks!!