Coaches Corner, Stats, Volleyball | November 7, 2018

CL Volleyball’s 2018 Recap

                      2018 Hawk’s Ready to Take Down another Opponent.         (photo by Hayley Malone)


The ReSporter: What can you tell us bout your Seniors and who you will be losing on this team?

Coach Paisley: “This year’s Seniors are a great group of girls! We as coaches and players build relationships with each other and it is always hard to say goodbye! I will say that it is interesting and neat to see the sub-varsity team pictures and look at varsity photos and see what players stuck through it, worked on improving their skills, and believed in the process over their 4 years in volleyball! (any sport for that matter) We are sad to see them go, but look forward to their future accomplishments.”

The ReSporter: Assess the group you have that will step into the fray for next year?

Coach Paisley: “We will have returning on varisty next year:
Seniors- Cassidy Felps, Lainee Moses, Caroline Kullberg, Kayla Wunderlich
Junior- Kaylee Moore and Sophomore- Megan Vorhis”

“Each player is very athletic and has strong skill sets! We will be looking to these ladies for more leadership and we have no doubts they will bring this to the table! We are excited to see what next season will bring along with those who will be joining the 2019 Varsity team!”

The ReSporter: Give us an idea of the Sub-Varsity teams and how the ones that might come up would get next year’s group ready for a better District 28-4A finish.

Coach Paisley: “We have lost 9 seniors this year and we have plenty of spots and positions to fill for the 2019 season. I look forward to working with the girls in the off-season. Everyone is eager and ready to work on improving their skills and to be prepared for try-outs.”

The ReSporter: I know you HATE to lose and having a season being under .500 was a first for a while. Your schedule was tough, so give us your thoughts on how this next year might be different.

Coach Paisley: “We intend for our preseason to have tough competition because it better prepares our girls mentally and physically for district and post-season play. We will continue to seek tough competition and continue to challenge ourselves. We don’t shy away from competition.”

The ReSporter: Give the fans an idea of what you ask the ladies as they prepare for the next year. (For instance, what type of work-out, do you encourage them to play other sports, etc.)

Coach Paisley: “We always have our post-season meetings and discuss ways to keep improving and set goals for the following season. We encourage our volleyball athletes to play other sports, keep touching a ball, and continue to work hard and improve in the off-season.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and Go Get’em!



             1ST TEAM
             Riley Mickey        Mariah Haight

             2nd TEAM
             Paige Bower         Lainee Moses

             Cassidy Felps       Caroline Kullberg
             Megan Vorhis        Kayla Wunderlich


                   ACADEMIC ALL-DISTRICT

             Seniors:                   Juniors:
             Paige Bower                Cassidy Felps
             Peyton Chew                Caroline Kullberg
             Raegan Cowan               Lainee Moses
             Mariah Haight              Kayla Wunderlich
             Tyler Hollums
             Riley Mickey               Sophomores:
             Haley Overstreet           Kaylee Moore
             Audrey Schulze
                                        Megan Vorhis


             CL HAWKS SEASON     &      ALL-TIME TOP 10 STATS

             Aces      2018             Aces     All-Time Top 10
             Cassidy Felps      35      Faith Hasness        131
             Mariah Haight      29      Hannah Wunderlich    110
             Haley Overstreet   26      Regan Mickey         107
             Paige Bower        22      Hanna White           91
             Riley Mickey       22      Hayley Melone         90
             Lainee Moses       14      Mariah Ellis          83
             Kayla Wunderlich    6      Sam York              74
             Raegan Cowan        6      Anna Bettersworth     59
             Caroine Kullberg    4      Cassidy Felps         45
             Kaylee Moore        4      Ashley Biering        44
             Tyler Hollums       1

             Kills     2018             Kills     All-Time Top 10
             Riley Mickey      254      Bailey Drum         1199
             Paige Bower       150      Addison Farley       808
             Caroline Kullberg 131      Amber Ramsey         629
             Megan Vorhis      131      Faith Hasness        492
             Cassidy Felps     127      Anna Bettersworth    470
             Kayla Wunderlich  105      Paige Bower          412
             Reagan Cowan       20      Riley Mickey         376
             Haley Overstreet   19      Alysha Perez         285
             Adia Garcia        12      Mariah Ellis         259
             Kaylee Moore        4      Tara Clark           223
             Lainee Moses        3
             Mariah Haight       3
             Audrey Schulze      2

             Assists   2018             Assists   All-Time Top 10
             Cassidy Felps     421      Regan Mickey        3153
             Haley Overstreet  206      Faith Hasness       1252
             Reagan Cowan      199      Miki Roberts         780
             Lainee Moses       37      Cassidy Felps        686
             Mariah Haight      34      Mariah Haight        439
             Paige Bower         7      Mariah Ellis         389
             Caroline Kullberg   2      Hannah Wunderlich    291
             Kayla Wunderlich    2      Sam York             261
             Megan Vorhis        2      Riley Mickey         236
             Tyler Hollums       1

             Digs     2018              Digs      All-Time Top 10
             Lainee Moses      380      Hayley Melone       1205
             Mariah Haight     307      Faith Hasness       1000
             Riley Mickey      228      Sam York             861
             Cassidy Felps     218      Bailey Drum          837
             Reagan Cowan      129      Regan Mickey         647
             Haley Overstreet  101      Mariah Ellis         610
             Kaylee Moore       93      Amber Voigt          458
             Caroline Kullberg  83      Lainee Moses         446
             Paige Bower        73      Addison Farley       357
             Kayla Wunderlich   55      Hanna White          334
             Megan Vorhis       34
             Tyler Hollums      23
             Adia Garcia        13
             Audrey Schulze      8

             Blocks  2018               Blocks    All-Time Top 10
             Paige Bower        78      Anna Bettersworth    197
             Megan Vorhis       66      Paige Bower          192
             Kayla Wunderlich   22      Bailey Drum           82
             Riley Mickey       21      Alexis Robinson       77
             Caroline Kullberg  16      Regan Mickey          68
             Adia Garcia        13      Emma Gray             67
             Cassidy Felps       5      Megan Vorhis          66
             Haley Overstreet    4      Lillie Sander         57
             Audrey Schulze      1      Amber Ramsey          57
                                        Tira Clark            50