Coaches Corner, Football | November 18, 2018

Coaches Corner with Mountain Valley’s Brandon Pawelek

       Mountain Valley’s 8th Grade Football Team celebrating another District Title.


The ReSporter: Could you give us a comparison on the type of teams you played this year compared to previous seasons?

      Go Mountain Valley Hawks!

Coach Brandon Pawelek: “It’s hard to compare teams we have played in previous years to the teams we played this year. With middle school football it all depends on the group of kids that are coming up. Last year our 8th graders played some really good teams and those same schools weren’t as strong with their 7th graders.”

The ReSporter: Give the Hawk Nation an idea of where this past 8th Grade crew would stack up to previous teams.

Coach Pawelek: “This 8th grade group is one of the best we’ve ever had. It would definitely be a great game if they were matched up with the kids that we had who are now juniors and seniors. Unfortunately, there were a lot of kids in those groups who moved away or didn’t continue playing football.”

The ReSporter: What did you like or not like with the new set-up with your schedule and distance to games, etc.?

Coach Pawelek: “The new set-up took some getting used to with playing on Tuesday’s and then having some games on Wednesday’s. Once we got adjusted with our practice schedule it was fine. We definitely enjoyed being closer to all of our opponents and not having to travel so far.”

Mima's says good game Freshman Hawks!!

      Go Mountain Valley Hawks!!

The ReSporter: Give us an idea of the strengths with this 8th Grade team as far as Defense-Offense-Special Teams?

Coach Pawelek: “We really didn’t have many weak spots with this group. We had a lot of depth and everyone plays both sides of the ball in middle school. With both A and B teams, we scored a lot of points and didn’t give up very many.”

The ReSporter: What will the fans see with this team coming up for next year as Freshman? Compare this group with our present Freshman team that tied Fredericksburg for the District Title.

Coach Pawelek: “I think this group will continue to have a lot of success in high school. As freshmen they will have another tough schedule but they will work hard this off-season and prepare well every week during the season. They are really competitive and have the best overall record in their middle school career than any other group we’ve had. A and B team combined record in two years is 33 wins, 1 loss, and 2 ties with 4 district championships.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach, the Hawk Nation will be anticipating next year and keep us posted as this year continues and Go Hawks!!