Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Stats | December 17, 2018

Battle of the Sexes for the Basketball Top 5

                       Chelsea Tschoepe getting ready to set the Lady Hawk’s Offense.                    (photo by Karen Holmes)

In sports there is one that has a closer bond with both the boys and girls athletes. That would come from the Basketball court.

        Go Hawks!!

Football is a boys game while Volleyball ,in the Texas UIL, is for the young ladies. Baseball and Softball comes close but there is still way to big of a gulf to have a fair comparison.

The only difference in the game of basketball would be the size of a basketball which has a smaller version for the girl’s teams. As far as all those other rules, they are identical.

This year, both the boys and girls, have played the same amount of games going into this final week before the CHRISTmas fast break.

It would be fun to pit Lainee Moses vs. Jeremy Duncan for the fastest dribbler between the two baselines and that might be a fun thing for future contest. Have the best shot from beyond the arc, free throw line, etc.

The ReSporter would like to share the Top 5 between the two Hawk teams in a battle of the Sexes.

Hope you enjoy this endeavor going into the final days of the fall semester.

Go Hawks for the Ladies and Young Men!!


     Points                   3-Point Makes            Made Free Throws
     Parker Mott        158   Parker Mott         29   Parker Mott         35
     Sam Schimank       144   Sam Schimank        17   Chelsea Tschoepe    29
     Chelsea Tschoepe   110   Sophia Barber       16   Sam Schimank        27
     Marley Carrizales   90   Chelsea Tschoepe    13   Marley Carrizales   24
     Rico Griffin        90   Jeremy Duncan        7   Lainee Moses        22

     Offensive Rebounds       Defensive Rebounds       Total Rebounds
     Jesse Melendez      31   Jesse Melendez      61   Jesse Melendez      95
     Rico Griffin        27   Rico Griffin        58   Rico Griffin        85
     Caroline Kullberg   25   Chelsea Tschoepe    41   Caroline Kullberg   64
     Sam Schimank        25   Anthony Zavala      39   Anthony Zavala      60
     Trent MacRoberts    22   Caroline Kullberg   39   Chelsea Tschoepe    59

     Assists                  Steals                   Blocks
     Lainee Moses        42   Marley Carrizales   54   Caroline Kullberg   31
     Sam Schimank        30   Lainee Moses        40   Jesse Melendez      10
     Marley Carrizales   29   Parker Mott         34   Anthony Zavala       7
     Parker Mott         21   Chelsea Tschoepe    30   Trent MacRoberts     7
     Chelsea Tschoepe    19   Sam Schimank        21   Rico Griffin         3
                                                       Emily Geist          3