Boys Basketball, Stats | December 30, 2018

CL Boy’s Battle Navarro this Monday and Top 3 Stat Leaders

                                             Parker Mott flying high with Anthony Zavala looking on.
(Photo by Mariah Haight)

Canyon Lake is at their mid-point of the season and after a grueling tournament in Fredericksburg last week, the Hawks will be in action this Monday with a 10am tip-off triple header against Navarro.

Hero Card says Be Heroes Hawks!

This will be a good barometer contest as those important district battles come calling.

Come out and support this year’s team and you can come up with some ideas for getting back in shape after all this Holiday eating.

Below is a break down of the Top 3 Hawks in several categories after a 20 game stint.

Go Hawks!!


            Field Goals            Free Throws            3 Pointers
            Sam Schimank     73    Parker Mott      46    Parker Mott      40
            Parker Mott      64    Sam Schimank     34    Sam Schimank     23
            Anthony Zavala   55    Rico Griffin     24    Jeremy Duncan    11

            Field Goal Pct         Free Throw Pct         3 Pointer Pct
            Rylee Spaulding  56%   Sam Schimank     79%   Parker Mott      35%
            Anthony Zavala   46%   Parker Mott      76%   Trent MacRoberts 31%
            Trent MacRoberts 41%   Nic Rivera       75%   Sam Schimank     27$

            Offensive Reb          Defensive Reb          Total Rebounds
            Rico Griffin     36    Rico Griffin     77    Rico Griffin    113
            Sam Schimank     30    Trent MacRoberts 57    Trent MacRoberts 86
            Trent MacRoberts 29    Anthony Zavala   56    Anthony Zavala   85
            Anthony Zavala   29

            Points                 Assists                Steals
            Parker Mott     214    Sam Schimank     37    Parker Mott      41
            Sam Schimank    203    Parker Mott      33    Sam Schimank     29
            Anthony Zavala  131    Rico Griffin     23    Rico Griffin     26

            Blocks                 2 Point Goals          2 Point Pct
            Anthony Zavala   12    Anthony Zavala   54    Rylee Spaulding  57%
            Trent MacRoberts 11    Sam Schimank     50    Ben Rowe         54%
            Rico Griffin      5    Rico Griffin     43    Anthony Zavala   49%