Game Article, Girls Basketball | December 5, 2018

CL Lady Hawks Green Team Take Care of Luling JV, 34-11

     Shelby Murphy and Katie Taliaferro are all smiles after win over Luling Eagles.

Canyon Lake Ladies Basketball made their season debut with a win over the Luling Eagles JV with a 23 point whitewash at the Hawk Nest last Tuesday night, 34-11.

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Shelby Murphy led all scorers with 12 points as this Hawk Green crew was tenacious with their defense in a first half shut-out. CL Green scored 21 points in those first two quarters which would give Head JV Coach Jimmy Chamberlin some chances to play with his line-up for future battles.

“That was the first time we had run that defense,” Coach Chamberlin started. “We are always working on something….this game was refreshing to see what they already know.”

Shutting out a team for two quarters and keeping the JV Apaches out of the end-zone (without a basket) in that firs half will always be a big hurdle to clear.

CL Hawks had a 23 point lead before Gonzales found the bottom of the net with 6 minutes remains in that 3rd quarter of play.

The guard play kept CL in control in getting up the court and putting the offense in position for scoring and taking this game in grand fashion.

On how CL takes games like this for future battles, Katie Taliaferro quipped, “We practice on calming down from the fast pace.”

           Way to Go Hawks!!

That is always a key ingredient for basketball in slowing down the game which will usually result in smarter play.

“We will be going over plays and getting good shots,” Taliaferro said while talking about what a game like this will allow while the outcome is already on the tea leafs. “We are starting to practice more of a team with our communication and becoming a family.”

Taliaferro finished with a respectable 7 points and made the only 3point shot for the Green crew.

Murphy was not shy with her shot after sinking 6 goals and leading the Hawk Ladies with 5 steals.

“We were working on moving the ball around and focusing on getting our plays right,” Murphy said like a pro. On what this team will be working on as district play gets closer with each passing day, “We can work as a team and looking inside for our post players and making smart passes that will result in good shots.”

                 Go Hawks!!

Two smart players that seems to know how to get this group of ladies playing at their best as this season matures.

Those two post players, Lilly Wilson and Angelina Rodriguez both finished with 9 rebounds with 7 of those bounds coming on the offensive side of the court. Wilson was active with 2 assists, 2 steals, and 2 blocks while scoring 5 points.

Alex Jones was another Hawk that played an all round complete game and win as Canyon Lake will be back at home next Tuesday.

Congrats and Go Hawks!!


            1 2 3 4 Final
Luling JV   0 0 7 4 11
CL Green 11 10 7 6 34

                              3pt           tot rebounds
                    fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta pts or-dr tot a  s  b  to
Katie Taliaferro      2-6     1-1     0-0    7   0-2   2  2  0  0  2
Alex Jones            2-3     0-1     0-2    4   1-1   2  2  2  0  4
Sierra Natal          0-6     0-0     0-0    0   2-2   4  0  0  0  1
Emily Lane            0-0     0-2     0-0    0   1-1   2  1  0  0  1
Shelby Murphy         6-18    0-1     0-0   12   3-1   4  0  5  0  1
Adriel Rico           1-4     0-2     0-0    2   1-1   2  1  3  0  0
Lilly Wilson          2-6     0-0     1-2    5   4-5   9  2  2  2  2
Angelina Rodriguez    2-3     0-0     0-1    4   3-6   9  0  1  1  2
Totals               15-46    1-7     1-5   34  15-19 34  8 13  3 13
Percentages           33%     14%     20%