Game Article, Girls Basketball | December 16, 2018

CLJV Lady Hawk’s Team Beats Stockdale Brahmas, 44-15

                Lilly Wilson and Adriel Rico and the JV Hawks take care of the Brahmas.

The Canyon Lake Junior Varsity continues their strong start to this year’s schedule with another convincing win over the Stockdale Brahma’s JV, 44-15.

“We played well,” Head Junior Varsity Coach Jimmy Chamberlin stated. “We got the shots we wanted….we rushed some of them but I was pretty happy.”

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Coach Chamberlin spoke like a sage with his next statement, “We can’t win unless we shoot the ball.”

The JV Lake was good on that front needing ice for their tired arms after letting go with 56 shots in this win.

CL’s defense was also evident after they were able to hold their visitors to 2 points in starting the game and then ,repeat and rinse, in that 3rd quarter. That was more than enough effort to allow a 29 point skunk.

A testament to a term called, Team, had every Lady Hawk with a field goal with Adriel Rico topping that list scoring 9 points all in that first half.

“I was not nervous this game,” Rico said. “I’m usually nervous and I am learning to be more calm in practice and the Coaches have brought out my confidence.”

On what she hopes for as this season continues, Rico continued, “We need to find ourselves and then we can continue to improve.”

Rebounds were the difference in this win, with an even number of ‘bounds that allowed CLJV to clean the glass on both sides of the court with their offense and defense.

         Proud of the Hawks!!

The Brahmas did not stand a chance with the Hawks flying all over the court with steals (19) and a great defensive effort.

Lilly Wilson led the, Windex, charge after reaching double digit rebounds with 11 and those too, were evenly divided, 6 offensive and 5 defensive.

“I don’t want them to score,” Wilson started on her thoughts of playing defense. Then her thoughts on rebounding was clutch, “Once (the ball) it hits the rim….I don’t wait and let it hit the floor.”

“We have won all of our games by a large margin except a game during one of our tournaments,” Wilson continued on what this team will need to work on as this campaign continues, “Passing and getting open looks.”

Pretty simple game when you boil it down.

       Proud of The Lady Hawks!!

Katie Taliaferro and Shelby Murphy both finished with 5 steals in leading that category for The Lake.

But there will always be something that Coach Chamberlin can work on for future contests and that might be a day on the Charity Stripe after a dismal 33%, after sinking 8 on 24 attempts.

Rico would be the only Hawk with a percentage shooting 67% from the ‘Free Throw Line’.

Good win with theirnext game being in Natalia this Tuesday and then back at home on Friday with tip-off at 3pm.

Go Hawks!!


               1  2  3  4  Final
Stockdale JV   2  7  2  4  15
CL Hawks JV   11 12 11 10  44

                           3pt           pts rebounds
                 fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta tot or-dr tot a  s  b  to
Katie Taliaferro   4-5.    0-1     0-2    8   3-2   5  2  5  0  3
Alex Jones         1-3     0-1     2-4    4   3-1   4  0  0  0  0
Sierra Natal       1-3     0-0     0-2    2   1-3   4  0  1  0  1
Emily Lane         0-9     1-3     0-0    3   1-3   4  2  2  0  3
Shelby Murphy      2-8     1-6     1-6    8   0-5   5  2  5  0  1
Adriel Rico        2-5     1-2     2-3    9   1-1   2  0  2  0  2
Lilly Wilson       2-6     0-0     0-1    4   6-5  11  1  2  1  1
Angelina Rodriguez 1-4     0-0     3-6    5   5-1   6  0  2  0  2
Totals            13-43    3-13    8-24  44  20-21 41  7 19  1 13
Percentages        30%     23%     33%