Boys Basketball, Coaches Corner | January 4, 2019

Basketball’s Coaches Corner with Lucas Chapman

Coach Chapman planning strategy for another Hawk Win

Mima's says good game Freshman Hawks!!

                  Go Hawks!!

The ReSporter: What were you wanting to accomplish from this Fredericksburg Tournament and what did you take away from those 4 games?

Coach Chapman: “Holiday Tournaments are always tough because you play 4 game in two days
after a week off from doing anything. Our main objective is to just get back going again, get our legs back under us and begin to prepare for the upcoming district season.”

The ReSporter:  You have diminished your turnovers from previous years but it seems
that those TO¹s that you had are magnified more. Can you give us your take
on those give-a-ways?

Coach Chapman: “Turnovers are something that we really haven¹t had much issues with this
season. Turnovers are going to happen, especially when you try to push the
tempo, but you just do your best to limit them and not have them lead
directly to point the other way.”

The ReSporter:  Being consistent is a key ingredient by all Coaches as a common phrase,
it seemed as though that was the missing key to those Freddie Tourney
games, would you agree and how can that be addressed?

Coach Chapman: “We played well for many stretches during the tournament, but unfortunately
we had too many stretches where we played poorly. That is to be expected
coming off of a long break without any practices. As we get closer to
district we just have to respond better to those times when things aren’t
going well, and I believe that we will.”

         Proud of these Hawks!!

The ReSporter: Your Free Throw Percentage has been upgraded. Do you see that as a team or is it a case of the right players that are more proficient in shooting free throws being fouled.”

Coach Chapman: “As a group we are pretty good FT shooters. I suppose it is a combination of the right guys going to the line and just having more guys who can knock them down consistently.”

The ReSporter:  You have a different type of game this year by going to a more uptempo style. Where is this team and what would you like this team to be with that part of your game.”

Coach Chapman: “We are certainly at our best when we can get out and run and push the
tempo. We need to get back to that a little bit to play to our strengths
and advantages. It¹s tough sometimes to do that in a tournament situation
when you play so many games in a couple of days. It is just hard to
sustain. Going forward we will certainly look to play at our tempo.”

                        Go Hawks!!

The ReSporter: ” What are some of your most important items you will be working on as you prepare in these next few games before district?

Coach Chapman: “Shooting, finishing, defense and rebounding. It is a simple game. I tell the kids that the team that shoot the ball better and puts it in the hole more wins the game. It is a simple and obvious concept and the kids laugh at me, but it’s true. When you shoot the ball well, finish well and prevent quality shots from the other team, you will win the game.”

The ReSporter:  Compare your bench players to previous years and what you are looking
for in your chess match as each game presents itself?  Or, how do you assess during a game on how to have defensive/offensive vs. ball handlers, etc.?

Coach Chapman: “Personel decisions are always tough, especially when you have a bunch of
guys who have similar or complimentary skill sets. At this point in the season, everyone has a good feel for what their strengths and weaknesses are. For the players it is about playing to those things. As coaches we try to put them in a position where they and our team can be successful.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and good luck as those important district battles come calling.