Boys Basketball, Game Article | January 1, 2019

CL Hawks Respond with Win over Navarro, 50-41

   Rico Griffin and Trent MacRoberts have smiles after thinking of ‘The Block’ in Win.

Canyon Lake got back on track in outscoring Navarro, 32-16 in that second half for a much needed win after a tough Tournament in Fredericksburg last week in a win, 50-41.

“We maintained our guard play offensively and our interior defense was good,” Head Coach Lucas Chapman said. “We were slowed down during the tournament and we did not handle adversity well and we had that exact same situation today and no one got down or upset.”

Hill Country Furnishing says Way to Go Hawks!!

This game had every reason for seeing that same type of tournament effort after being outscored 11 points in that 2nd stanza, 17-6. That had the Home Team with a, 25-18 lead going into intermission.

CL was able to get 19 shots off to start the game but their success rate was a dismal 20%…a good sign was seeing the Panthers shooting worse than the Hawks to start the contest.

That energy was gone during that 2nd period, when The Lake, responded with no assists and just one steal that allowed Navarro to take a lead going into halftime.

Canyon Lake opened their 3rd quarter with 5 assists and on their first 5 shots and that helped wrestle the momentum back in the Hawks favor for what would be carried to that final buzzer.

At the 3:41 mark of the 3rd period, CL was able to tie the score at 27 and outscored the Panthers, 9-6 to end this frame.

Rico Griffin (12 points) was the main instigator during this hot stretch, as he was able to abuse the baseline, with 3 consecutive shots while dishing 3 assists and being responsible for 12 of CL’s 18 points to open the start of the 2nd Half.

Canyon Lake reversed that poor first half shooting (27%) to a winnable (52%) to end the game.

             Way to Go Hawks!!

Trent MacRoberts controlled the boards with 12 and was able to fill his stat sheet with 3 steals and blocks to go along with his 10 points.

One block was a highlight, when MacRoberts was matched up against a taller Panther in the paint. With MacRoberts long wing span he was able to get a hand on the ball and bring it down for a rebound. This block would also result in a Hawk score and a 3 possession contest.

“Stay disciplined and not jump,” MacRoberts assessed his block. “I was trying to play it cool and thinking that this was crazy.”

MacRoberts would comment on CL’s 2nd half, “We all new what we had to do….we had to win!!”

Griffin spoke on what this block can do for a team, “When you see something amazing you can hear the bench and that gets your adrenaline pumping.”

             Way to Go Hawks!!

On what this win can do as this season creeps into district play Griffin said, “How we responded was good and it insures on how this game would turn out like we wanted it to,”

Another part of this win was seeing Parker Mott causing two turnovers on consecutive plays that would not allow Navarro to get shots off to close the gap during the end of this game. That allowed CL to increase their separation and eventual win.

Coach Chapman had a short bench during that 2nd half as the starting 5 scored 47 of the 50 points.

Canyon Lake was only able to get one score from a Jeremy Duncan 3 pointer during the first quarter of play coming off the bench.

A much needed win and the Hawks will be in action Wednesday with their tip-off commencing after the JV contest around 12 noon. Center Point will be the visitors as Canyon Lake looks to start a winning streak to start this New Year.

Go Hawks!!


            1  2  3  4  Final
CL Hawks   12  6 18 14  50
Navarro     8 17  8  8  41

                          3pt           tot rebounds
                fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta pts or-dr tot a  s  b  to
Rico Griffin      5-8     0-1     2-2   12   1-3   4  3  3  0  1
Trent MacRoberts  4-6     0-1     2-3   10   3-9  12  1  3  3  3
Sam Schimank      4-13    1-6     0-0    9   3-1   4  1  0  1  1
Parker Mott       4-13    1-6     2-2   11   1-5   6  3  3  0  4
Anthony Zavala    2-5     0-0     1-3    5   1-1   2  0  1  1  3
Ben Rowe          0-1     0-1     0-0    0   2-1   3  0  1  0  0
Luke Mendez       0-2     0-1     0-0    0   1-0   1  0  1  0  1
Nic Rivera        0-3     0-3     0-0    0   0-0   0  0  0  0  2
Jeremy Duncan     1-2     1-2     0-0    3   1-0   1  0  0  0  1
Rylee Spaulding   0-0     0-0     0-0    0   2-2   4  0  0  0  0
Totals           20-53    3-21    7-10  50  15-22 37  8 12  5 16
Percentage        38%     14%     70%