Game Article, Girls Basketball | January 5, 2019

CL Lady Hawks Intensify Greyhounds, in District 28-4A Opener, 46-40

Chelsea Tschoepe & Marley Carrizales both have reason for those smiles, after a Win over Boerne.

Canyon Lake started District 28-4A play with a bang after staving off a desperate Boerne comeback in an opening district game upset, 46-40.

              Way to Go Hawks!!

This time last season, CL had started district play at this same venue and was upended by a Greyhound team that wanted to make a statement over the State Ranked Hawk club.

Not this time, The Lake started off in a auspicious quandary but would soon rectify their first quarter shortcomings in taking a lead in the 2nd stanza that was never relinguished.

“I’m real pleased with our effort tonight!” Head Coach Zach Burleson said excitedly. “This by far is the best we have played all year and it was possible with our intensity.”

That intensity was evident to start this contest after a 2 for 8 shooting display that was coupled with 8 turnovers but only looking at a 3 point deficit, 11-8.

“We were physical and determined,” Coach Burleson continued. “We blocked out better and secured the ball. On the offensive side, we were more patient for the most part and it led to the looks we were wanting.”

Boerne entered this battle sporting a 16-8 record with some good skins on their wall to buttress that win-loss number.

“This was a great win for us,” Burleson closed. “Boerne is very good and that is a difficult place to play….The hope is that this intensity can keep up.”

                 Let’s Go Hawks!!

The play of Junior Marley Carrizales to start that 2nd quarter was needed as her three-pointer added with being perfect, with 5 made free throws in that stanza, standing out as a reason for this turnaround game.

Jessie Melendez started the 2nd period with a put back after an offensive rebound to close the gap to one point, 10-11. Boerne would drain a 3 pointer to increase their lead to 4 points but after a Melendez made free throw, Carrizales would sink a three that matched the Greyhounds shot to get the Hawks tied up at 14 points a piece, with 4 minutes remaining before half.

“Once we got going, I knew that Boerne would be tough but we stayed calm and not chaotic,” Carrizales relayed when she was asked bout this comeback. “We took our time with smart passes and did not force them.”

The game would go back and forth for the next 4 minutes after Boerne would sink two charity shots that would be their last lead in this game, 17-16 with 2 minutes remaining in the quarter.

A short jumper after an assist by Lainee Moses to Caroline Kullberg was the impetus that would get Canyon Lake over the hump, 18-17.

       Keep it up and Go Hawks!!

Carrizales would be fouled on a shot beyond the arc on CL’s next offensive series and a calm but calculating, ’nothing but net’, on those three foul shots had the Hawks with a 4 point lead, 21-17 and still over a minute remaining before halftime refreshments.

That 2nd period had a reversal in many facets, but being 8 for 11 from the line and coupled with just 2 turnovers would be the focal point in having a lead after this 2nd period.

Boerne would not be finished and proved their resolve by tying the score one last time at 25 points before a Kullberg free throw and a sweet shot from Cassidy Felps after a smooth pass from Emily Geist to keep the lead in CL’s favor, 30-28 going into the final quarter.

Four trouble helped in keeping Chelsea Tschoepe on the bench for much of the game up to this point of the contest. Tschoepe is CL’s leading scorer and a key player in helping start this Hawk offense.

Tschoepe would finally have a chance to rid herself of those bench cobwebs and sank two 3 pointers in a row which gave the Hawks the separation needed to stave off a Greyhound’s charge.

Way to Go Hawks!!

Holding onto a 2 point lead, Tschoepe’s two shots took place having 5 minutes to go in regulation.

“We started to get some open looks,” Tschoepe said. “And that helped us to play our game. We knew they had some crazy fans but we stayed calm.”

Chelsea, with 514 points, now needs just 2 points before she can pass her sister Tiffany (515 points) for 4th place on the CL’s All-Time Scorers list.


                                   Top 5 All-Time Hawk Scorers
                                1) Reagan Heun         1335
                                2) Alexa Ramos          767
                                3) Katy Williams        755
                                4) Tiffany Tschoepe     515
                                5) Chelsea Tschoepe     514

The Hawks who now enjoyed a 36-28 lead would balloon to a 10 point advantage after a Kullberg shot amd assist from Carrizlaes. The Lake would see if they could hold on to a 10 point lead with 5 minutes remaining.

       Your the Best Lady Hawks!!

Another Greyhound Charge would commence with a 7 point run to close the gap to 3 smackeroos, 38-35 and only one minute reduced from the clock.

However, Canyon Lake’s intensity, would match that Greyhound Charge with a Hawk dive bomb and getting that lead back to 10 with 1:25 to go before a win could be wrapped up for the bus ride home.

Those 7 points had Kullberg with 3 followed by Tschoepe, Carrizales, and Moses free throws.

With those strong, 2nd and 4th quarters, Canyon Lake outscored the Home Team, 31-21 and took a lot of smiles back on that Comal bus!!

Way to Go Hawks!!


            1  2  3  4   Final
CL Hawks    8 15  7 16   46
Boerne     11  9  8 12   40

                            3pt           tot rebounds
                  fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta pts or-dr tot a  s  b  to
Lainee Moses        1-5     0-0     3-8    5   2-2   4  5  4  0  5
Marley Carrizales   0-1     1-1     6-7    9   0-2   2  4  4  0  8
Cassidy Felps       1-1     0-0     0-0    2   0-0   0  0  0  0  0
Kaitlyn Cox         0-1     0-0     0-0    0   1-0   1  1  0  0  0
Sophia Barber       0-1     1-10    0-0    3   1-3   4  0  2  0  1
Emily Geist         0-1     0-0     1-2    1   2-1   3  1  0  0  0
Chelsea Tschoepe    0-1     2-6     3-9    9   1-6   7  0  1  0  3
Adia Garcia         0-0     0-0     0-0    0   0-0   0  0  0  0  0
Caroline Kullberg   3-5     0-0     3-6    9   2-0   2  0  0  4  2
Madison Harwell     0-0     0-0     0-0    0   0-0   0  0  0  0  0
Jesse Melendez      3-4     0-0     2-5    8   3-5   8  1  1  3  2
Totals              8-17    4-17   18-37  46  12-21 33 12 12  7 21
Percentages         47%     24%     49%