Boys Soccer, Game Article | January 20, 2019

CL’s Soccer Wins Classic with Dramatic Ending, 2-1 Over SAC

Michael Carpenter uses his head in Win over SAC, 2-1. [Photo Credit: Mark Robinson / MJR Photography / www.mjrphotog.com]

Canyon Lake beat San Antonio Christian in a shoot-off after tying score with 14 seconds left in regulation play. The win came in the championship game of this week’s Canyon Lake Soccer Classic.

Bunk-Haus says Way to Go Hawks!!

It was a blustery day, as the winds were relentless throughout this contest blowing in from the Northwest and sending the ball easily to the South side of the playing field.

As it turned out, after a scoreless first half, it was a goal scored in the 33rd minute mark in the 2nd Half when Fernando Gallegos assisted the leading scorer for SAC, Noah Platzer for that first score.

The wind was a factor as a simple pass would go much further than wanted and out rolling a teammate to see the opposing team take the ball and advance against the wind or the ball leaving the field of play without any resistance. That would be a common occurrence for the whole match.

Canyon Lake played against the wind to start the game and both teams struggled to find a rhythm and hence a scoreless first half.

With that first goal by SAC, the Hawks would be on the attack for much of the 2nd half but would come up empty on many occasions after a pass missing it’s mark and going out of play time and time again.

The man retrieving the ball on that side of the field was busy in getting the ball back to the end line to help both teams with a running clock and not much time being wasted. In fact, the MVP of this match could be awarded to that unsung hero in getting the ball ready for each out-of-bounds ball (which there was countless) saved enough time for this eventual last minute goal.

Canyon Lake had the ball deep on SAC’s side at the minute mark being left to play but that ended in much the same way as a good defensive play and wind had The Visitor’s sending the ball back past mid-field and 40 seconds showing to play.

Joshua Nelson and Michael Carpenter take it in after last second comeback goal.

CL took their last gasp effort and had the ball with one more chance on a corner kick by Joshua Nelson with 20 seconds left in the match.

Brayden Damico (the Hawk’s Goalie) had abandoned his goal and was in the danger zone with the rest of the players from both teams.

With the goal area being a congested area and time clicking away, Nelson, would send the ball into the air much like a, Hail Mary Pass in football, for a last second chance to pull off a win.

“I thought I would have a 1% chance,” Nelson said with confidence. “I saw Michael’s (Carpenter) head hit the ball and could not tell if it went in until I heard the crowd and I just said, Wow!!”

“We fought very hard and seeing the ball go In made this the greatest experience I have ever had,” Nelson commented.

Michael Carpenter got the header with a little help from Josh Sczech when Carpenter used his hands on Sczech’s shoulder to get height for his header as the SAC goalie looked in disbelief as the ball rolled into the net in tying the contest with 14 seconds remaining.

“Once I saw the ball reach the net, I was high pressing and at first I thought the ball was going to go over me,” Carpenter said scratching his head(er). “I just slowed down and jumped over Josh (Sczech) and I used my hand on his shoulder to get to it….and then I just said I better not mess it up.”

             Way to Go Hawks!!

That mess up did not materialize and with some help from an unsuspecting teammate it played out like this goal was planned.

“I was surprised when saw Brayden (Damico the goalie) come into the box,” Sczech recalled. “I saw their #10 jump and then I felt a hand on my shoulder and I jumped but Carpenter got to it.”

With a match going 39 minutes and 47 seconds and a score happening in this manner had to be a first for many of the players.

“I can’t remember…maybe once, that this type of game has played out,” Hammer Head Carpenter said with nails in his teeth.

Coach Ryan Tierney was in a joyful mood when he talked about the final sequence, “When it first came off his feet (Joshua Nelson’s) I thought it would service well when you see it high and to the back post…but I thought the ball went to the side of the net but it is always good to defend your house. We played a better first half but I have never been part of a game like this win.”

With a tied score, both teams would pick the 5 players for a Shoot-Out and crown the CL Classic Tournament.

Joshua Sczech was first up with a score putting CL up 1-0 and then Damico would stuff the first shot by the Crusaders.

Trenton Lorett followed up with a goal that was matched by SAC and Canyon Lake with the advantage, 2-1.

             Way to Go Hawks!!

Matt Bell made it three in a row and with another stop by Damico, the Hawks would have an, 3-1 advantage with two more tries left to play out.

Michael Carpenter was denied on his kick while SAC would get their goal to bring the score to one, 3-2.

Now, Canyon Lake would need a goal or stop for a win when Midfielder Sterling Watnem would put San Antonio Christian away scoring the winning goal that put the Hawks up, 4-2 and a Shoot-Out victory.

Way to Go Hawks!!


               Canyon Lake’s Classic Tournament Scores are below:

               Thursday Matches
               Lampasas        3  Bandera         1    Canyon Lake  3  Jarrell     0
               SA Christian    3  Manor New Tech  0    SA Cole      3  Pleasanton  2
               SA Christian    1  Bandera         0    Canyon Lake  1  Pleasanton  0

               Friday Matches
               Lampasas        3  Manor New Tech  2    SA Cole      2  Jarrell     0
               Manor New Tech  3  Bandera         2    Canyon Lake  3  SA Cole     2
               SA Christian    5  Lampasas        2    Pleasanton   4  Jarrell     3

               Saturday Match
               Canyon Lake Hawks  2  SA Christian  1   Shoot-Out 4-2