Proud Lady Hawks after 2nd Place Finish at NBCA Tournament earlier this season.

                 THIS WEEK       @     CANYON LAKE           January 8th-12th

     Tue Jan 8   Wimberley Fr    @     CL Hawks Green        500p Girls Basketball
                 Wimberley JV    @     CL Hawks Gold         500p Girls Basketball
                 CL Hawks JV     @     Liberty Hill JV       500p Boys  Soccer
                 Wimberley       @     CL Hawks              615p Girls Basketball
                 CL Hawks        @     Liberty Hill          630p Boys  Soccer

    Thu Jan 10   CL Hawks        @     I-10 Shootout         TBD  Girls Soccer

    Fri Jan 11   CL Hawks        @     I-10 Shootout         TBD  Girls Soccer
                 CL Hawks Green  @     Llano Freshman        500p Girls Basketball
                 Llano Freshman  @     CL Hawks Fresh        500p Boys  Basketball
                 CL Hawks Gold   @     Llano JV              500p Girls Basketball
                 Llano JV        @     CL Hawks JV           500p Boys  Basketball
                 Burnet          @     CL Hawks JV           500p Boys  Soccer
                 CL Hawks        @     Llano                 615p Girls Basketball
                 Llano           @     CL Hawks              630p Boys  Basketball 
                 Austin McMallum @     CL Hawks              700p Boys  Soccer

    Sat Jan 12   CL Hawks        @     I-10 Shootout         TBD  Girls Soccer


             Let’s Go Hawks!!

Canyon Lake’s Soccer teams got going last week and there was only one score The ReSporter could find before this writing and that was a Hawk Boy’s win over Gonzales, 8-1 in a game at the Apache’s Tournament.

A good first scrimmage and you will see that this Hawk group might be primed for a good season.

“The majority of our starters were Sophomores on that State run team 2-years ago,” Head Coach Ryan Tierney calculated. “Damico, Lorett, Bell, Carpenter, James, and Young were all on that team…Add DeLeon, Sczech, and Nelson to that line-up and we are pretty solid.”

A good start and only time will tell.

Basketball is immersed in district contests now and the Lady Hawks went to Boerne and came back with a win over a solid school. That win was a good start to what should be a fun run for playoff spots.

That win over the Greyhounds evened the Girl’s All-Time Record with 145 wins and losses. If that trend continues, then Girl’s Basketball will join Softball and Volleyball as the 3 sports with that lofty stat since Canyon Lake started 10 years ago.

The Hawks will welcome Wimberley this Tuesday with both schools entering this game after opening their first district battle with a win.

             Be Heroes Hawks!!

Fredericksburg might have the favorite mantle after a solid 19-7 start in non-district and a win over Bandera as district will have two rounds of 5 games before crowning this year’s champion.

CL’s Boys Team have rebounded after a forgettable tourney in Fredericksburg and have now crafted a 3 game winning streak in an impressive fashion.

This year’s Boy’s Team are at or near the top in comparison to past Hawk years and that might encourage a trip to the Hawk Nest to take in some Basketball entertainment.


                                   Top 5 Years
       Offensive Points Average                   Point Differential
       2019       59.5                            2019          +4.8
       2010       53.7                            2016          -1.1
       2016       51.9                            2017          -1.3
       2017       51.1                            2010          -3.2
       2011       51.1                            2013          -3.7

       Assists                                    Steals
       2019       10.3                            2019          11.3
       2011       10.3                            2014           9.8
       2017        9.9                            2010           9.6
       2013        9.8                            2016           9.2
       2018        9.2                            2011           9.1

Scoring more points with 6 per game and over a steal more per game and tied with 2011 for assist per game. But the point differential is the most important, in that, the Hawks have never averaged more points than what was scored on them.

A different team and style of play and District 28-4A will begin this Friday with a visit from Llano and a chance to qualify for their 4th straight season in the playoffs if they can take care of business.

Go Hawks!!