A rain soaked CL Hawks Soccer team with Sr. Michael Carpenter and James Mason helping in defending the Hawks Goal.                           (photo by Lynne Carpenter)


              THIS WEEK       @    CANYON LAKE January 15-18

Tue Jan 15    CL Hawks JV     @    Liberty Hill Jv    500p Boys  Soccer
              CL Hawks Green  @    Freddie Fresh      500p Girls Basketball
              CL Hawks Gold   @    Freddie JV         500p Girls Basketball
              Freddie Fresh   @    CL Hawks Fresh     500p Boys  Basketball
              Freddie JV      @    CL Hawks JV        500p Boys  Basketball
              CL Hawks        @    Liberty Hill       630p Boys  Soccer
              CL Hawks        @    Fredericksburg     630p Girls Basketball
              Fredericksburg  @    CL Hawks           630p Boys  Basketball

Thu Jan 17    Jarrell         @    CL Hawks          1145p Boys  Soccer
              Pleasanton      @    CL Hawks           645p Boys  Soccer
              2019 Canyon Lake Classic Tournament

Fri Jan 18    SA Cole         @    CL Hawks           315p Boys  Soccer
              CL Hawks Fresh  @    Bandera            500p Boys  Basketball
              CL Hawks JV     @    Bandera            500p Boys  Basketball
              Bandera Fresh   @    CL Hawks Green     500p Girls Basketball
              Bandera JV      @    CL Hawks Gold      500p Girls Basketball
              CL Hawks        @    Bandera            630p Boys  Basketball
              Bandera         @    CL Hawks           630p Girls Basketball

Sat Jan 19    TBD             @    CL Hawks           CL Classic Soccer


                    Go Hawks!!

Canyon Lake’s basketball teams went undefeated in district play and will have some tough hurdles to clear this week when front running Fredericksburg will be the foe.

For the Girls game, it will be a battle of two undefeated teams sporting 3 wins. The Billes are ranked in the top 20 in Texas in a couple of polls and this will be the game that will go a long way in seeing where the CL Ladies will finish at the end fo the season.

With a game with Bandera at home on Friday, Canyon Lake will have finished their first round of district games. Bandera likes to get the ball up the court and they will be in their element in getting higher scores.

Fredericksburg held them to their lowest total this year and Canyon Lake’s defense will try to accomplish that same result if at all possible.

For the Hawk Boys, they started last Friday with a come from behind win after trailing by 8 points at halftime before staging a good overall 2nd half and eventual win.

Fredericksburg boys won their first game as well and the Billies will be a team that is well coached and have finished in the upper echelon of district since these two schools started sharing the same district 10 years ago.

The Hawks first road game will be in Bandera to finish the week….the Hawks go into the Bille game sporting a 4 game winning streak and will hope they can keep this streak going.

              Way to Go Hawks!!

Boys Soccer will go to Liberty Hill for a Tuesday battle before hosing their CL Classic starting on Thursday with two games.

There are two 4 team Groups in this tourney and CL will have SA Cole, Pleasanton, and Jarrell in their bracket and how they finish in those 3 games will result in who and time for their Saturday contest.

In that other group the teams are from Bandera, Manor New Tech, SA Christian and Lampasas. The teams will garner points based on the following criteria:


                    6 points for a win
                    3 points for a tie
                    1 point  for a shutout
                    1 point  per goal (3 point max)
                    0 points for a loss

If the Hawks can finish on top of their foursome then they would play at 3:15pm on Saturday.

Another Busy Week of Hawk Sports and Go Hawks!!