Game Article, Girls Soccer | February 28, 2019

Lady Hawks Soccer Surprised the Billies in Shut-Out Win, 2-0

Canyon Lake’s Lady Soccer team surprised the Billies in winning, 2-0 last Tuesday for their first District 28-4A victory.

Two Sport Hawk, Adriana Peaslee was all smiles after the Hawk Win over the Billies, 2-0

The Lady Hawks have been improving this year but their record would not indicate anything of that nature but a win over a perennial good Billies team would be a show how this might be another year of having a chance to prepare for a post-season battle.

With just this 2nd win, CL will show that is not how many games you win, but when you win those contests that count.

Fredericksburg came into this date with Canyon Lake having a .500 record of 8 wins and losses. But the Billies left the Hawk Nest with a loss as there is now a 3-way tie for 3rd place with Bandera-Fredericksburg and the second round of the district starts on Friday and an improving Hawk team will have a chance to control their own destiny after this win.

“Kalani (Thorpe) got our first goal and that just hyped us up and we wanted to win,” Adriana Peaslee deduced. “We were so fired up in practice on Monday and Coach wanted us to play more physical.”

That was certainly apparent as there were several Billies that found themselves in a fight as the Hawks kept Freddie off balance in this shut-out.


                            District 28-4A Standings

                    Team             W  L  T      Pct  Games Behind
                    Boerne           4  0  0    1.000      —--
                    Wimberley        3  1  0     .750      1.0
                    CL Hawks         1  3  0     .250      3.0
                    Bandera          1  3  0     .250      3.0
                    Fredericksburg   1  3  0     .250      3.0


The Lady Hawks will host Boerne this Friday as this game will start the 2nd round of games as that first round had CL beating Fredericksburg and losing to Bandera.

Bandera was on the losing end with Fredericksburg while beating your Hawks. So, a revived Lake team will has a chance to control their seeding these next 2 weeks.

Go Hawks!!