Game Article, Track & Field | March 10, 2019

Boys & Girls Track Continue to Improve after Tough Tivy Meet

Canyon Lake finished their 3rd Track & Field Meet last week in Kerrville and are showing signs of improvement as the track team will take a week break during the Spring Break period.

                Let’s Go Hawks!!

The Lake will be back in action the following week when the will travel the Back-Bone to Wimberley and a good time for the Hawk Nation to show up for this group of athletes.

The ReSporter has the best Hawk’s who finished in that track meet and you will see if that participant placed in the Meet.

On his thoughts so far this season Head Boys Track & Field Coach Troy Moses said, “This was one of the most competitive meets we have attended in my time here at Canyon Lake. Our kids performed really well. Our times continue to improve and each week someone does something that we were not expecting. Our 4×200 meter relay keeps improving as we get closer to the district meet. Nic Rivera is continuing our hurdle tradition, with a1st place finish in the 110 meter hurdles and a 2nd in the 300 meter hurdles . As I have always told our athletes, we are preparing to perform our best at the district meet and I feel we are heading in the right direction.”

These are the Point Totals for the Tivy Relays

                   BOYS                                    GIRLS
JV                         Varsity                  JV                    Varsity
                                             100 meter
Stephen Sharp  11.77  8th  Caleb Almond 11.44  5th  Castillo  14.34 14th  H Overstreet    13.22  5th
Matthew Soza   12.26 20th  Connor Rose  11.60  8th  Ana Cason 14.90 19th  Jasmine Coble   13.82 13th
Derek Wiatrek  12.35 23rd  Ryan Rivali  11.79 14th

                                             200 meter
Colton Eilers  24.48 11th  Cody Kline   23.46  4th                        Madison Churbe  26.80  2nd
Dom Vaillant   25.40 20th  Greyson Lee  23.83  7th                        H Overstreet    28.00  7th
Matthew Soza   25.50 21st  Ryan Rivali  24.70 10th                        Audrey Schulze  28.36 10th

                                             400 meter
Jesse Horner   54.82  2nd  C Martelli   51.46  2nd   K Yuill   74.87 16th
Cayden Iles    57.34  7th  Jacob Neel   54.80  7th
C Valigura     63.50 24th  T Chacon     56.66 11th

                                               3200 meter run
                           Luke Mendez  10:51.15 6th
                           PeterSchultz 11:00.15 8th

                                       100/110 meter hurdles
Logan Cruz     17.54  2nd  Nic Rivera   15.10  1st   S Palmer   18.91 10th  A Strickland    15.39  2nd
                           Nash Young   15.94  4th

                                        300 meter hurdles
Derek Wiatrek  46.32  4th  Nic Rivera   41.12  2nd   S Palmer   54.76  8th  Lainee Moses    51.51 11th
Logan Cruz     46.60  5th  Nash Young   42.55  5th                          A Strickland    51.90 13th
Bryce Vincent  42.67  6th

                                        4x100 meter relay
CL Hawks       46.94  4th  CL Hawks     44.59  5th   CL HawksJV 56.50  5th   CL Hawks        52.56  5th
D Vaillant   P McMullen    C Rose       C Almond     N Castillo H Gallaher   L Moses     M Vorhis
S Sharp      M Soza.       R Rivali     G Lee        Ana Cason  A Rico       J Coble     H Overstreet

                                        4x200 meter relay
CL Hawks     1:37.40  3rd  CL Hawks   1:32.36   1st  CL HawksJV 2:02.91 5th  CL Hawks       1:49.04 2nd
C Eilers     S Sharp       C Rose      G Lee         Ana Cason  N Castillo   M Churbe    A Schulze
Daniel Neel  P McMullen    C Martelli  C Kline       A Rico     H Gallagher  L Moses     A Strickland

                                        4x400 meter relay
CL Hawks     3:46.44  3rd  CL Hawks   3:37.00   5th  CL Hawks   4:40.83 4th  CL Hawks       4:20.56 4th
C Eilers     J Horner      T Chacon   C Martelli     J Gore     S Palmer     M Churbe    N McCoy
D Neel       P McMullen    N Rivera   Cody Kline     A Sanchez  A Rico       A Schulze   Danielle Carty

                                            High Jump
P McMullen   5-04.00  4th  Cody Kline  5-08.00  4th  S Brown    4-04.00  2nd Landry Brown   4-10.00 3rd
Daniel Neel  5-04.00  6th  P McAuliffe 5-08.00  6th  M Churbe   4-10.00  5th

                                            Pole Vault
                        W Hillenbrand 13-06.00  3rd                           Amber Leach   8-06.00 4th

                                             Long Jump
D Wiatrek   17-01.00   7th Jacob Neel 19-01.75   7th  Gallagher 14-00.50  2nd M Churbe    14-10.50 11th
C Eilers    16-10.75   8th T Chacon   18-10.25   9th  A Cason   11-11.00 11th M Vorhis    13-07.00 16th
Cayden Iles 16-05.00   9th                            Castillo  11-02.00 14th

                                            Triple Jump
Troy Eyster 39-11.25   2nd  Jacob Neel   39-03.00   6th
D Wiatrek   36-01.25   6th  Caleb Almond 37-02.00   11th
P McMullen  35-11.00   8th

                                             Shot Put
C Windham   39-03.00   1st                            C Tschoepe 27-03.00  3rd  S Mefford 31-05.00 10th

S Pendleton   102-08   2nd                            A Ozuna    70-10.00  6th  J Lawless 106-02.00 3rd
Ben Crisp      97-00   4th                            J Balusek  70-09.00  7th  A Garcia   99-09.50 5th
Sara Mefford   99-09   6th