Boys Soccer, Coaches Corner | March 4, 2019

Coaches Corner with Boy Soccer’s Ryan Tierney


James Mason helping Goal Keeper Brayden Damico with some great Hawk Defense.      (photo Lynne Carpenter)

The ReSporter: What is the difference in this Hawk Team today vs. the one that started District 28-4A, three weeks ago?

Coach Tierney: “Our mentality has changed. We have taken a never back down approach. We know every game is going to be a fight or brawl and we are going into it with one another.”

The ReSporter: Where does this team stand going into the Wimberley game that would change the last game from a loss to a win?

Coach Tierney: “It is going to be the way we approach it. We believe in each other and believe in our team. Once the whistle blows we go full out until the buzzer goes off. No looking back, but only looking forward.”

The ReSporter: Compare the depth of this year’s group to the team that blazed the play-off trail two years ago.

Coach Tierney: “To be honest, I’m not sure. I know I got to be a brief part of that team, but honestly I didn’t know that team very well. I know this team, every athlete wants to compete at a high level and everyone is fighting for every inch when they step on that field.”

The ReSporter was looking at District 27-4A which will be the schools that our district will face in that first round. What are the strengths that concern you most with how those teams play compared to the Fredericksburg’s, etc schools?

Coach Tierney: “Liberty Hill will always be a strong team. They are very talented and are a physical team. Salado is always playing at a high skill level and Lampasas and Jarrell are doing well. I believe we match up well to the district to the north. We are just as physical and play just as fast. It will be a close bidistrict no matter who we see.”

The ReSporter: What are some of the things a Coach will look at from previous contest during the first round in order to win again or change a loss to the win column?

Coach Tierney: “I think we continue to focus on what we do well and continue to emulate that. We will focus on defensive techniques and shapes. As a coach you are always trying to find a balance between technical play versus and being highly organized on the field.”

The ReSporter:  Thanks Coach and good luck against the Texan’s on Friday!