Boys Soccer, Game Article | March 29, 2019

Hawk’s Aren’t Lampasas Badgered in Bi-District Win, 3-2

                                                                         Hawks Win with Bellville coming up next.

Canyon Lake Boys Soccer overcame the Badgers in a come-back win in this Bi-District battle and will now go another step on the ladder after surviving with a, 3-2 victory.

       Way to be a Hero Hawks!!

Lampasas turned out to be the 2nd Hawk opponent that started this game by scoring the first two goals and having CL in a hole with 36 minutes remaining in this win or go-home contest.

The Lake was controlling the tempo in that first half but a late Badger goal with 15 seconds before halftime would put the Hawks in a different motifs to start the 2nd half.

“We were not executing and going back to old habits,” Head Coach Ryan Tierney stated. “We talked about possessing the ball and wanted to use the whole field since we saw space on the backside and that forced us to shift and open up the team up.”

Canyon Lake started the 2nd half with more resolve but another Badger goal within the first 3 minutes of the 2nd half would tighten the noose and left CL looking at a steeper climb. Last week’s win over Fredericksburg had your Hawks spotting a one goal lead for the Billies before 5 unanswered goals for that win, 5-1.

This was different, in that, now the stakes would not have another game or chance to put things in order, with a little over 36 minutes to get the offense in gear.

Canyon Lake has not been a first half team this season with 13 of those games having more scores during the last 40 minutes of play.

                  Way to Go Hawks!!

To make things more complicated was having a lightning delay after that 2nd goal by Lampasas that would have both schools waiting 30 more minutes before getting back to action.

The Hawks would come back with a little more step in their get-a-long and had a goal off a corner kick when Michael Carpenter got that pass and planted the ball in the Badger’s goal for the first goal with 34:10 left.

“I was angry that should have never happened,” Carpenter said when recounting his thoughts while looking up at a 2 goal deficit. “At half-time I prayed to God.” And after your goal? “Ahhhhhhh!!!”

That relief could be seen from several players as the Hawks had more than doubled the shots on goal and Lampasas was the team in the lead.

“We came out for the 2nd half with a lot of energy, just like we did last week against Fred(ericksburg),” Carpenter hammered.

It took 20 minutes when Jorge De Leon was able to get his goal in much the same manner and now a tied score with 14:10 left to play.

             Go Canyon Lake!!

“After that 2nd lightning bolt we had 30 more minutes,” De Leon remembered. “We just weren’t reacting and we needed to play fast and that was when we started having better passes.”

On what was the thinking was after finally tying the score, “That was good and we knew that we got this.”

Canyon Lake was a different team in that last 36 minutes and the urgency was put in a good light with much better defense and offense type of play.

That was when Joshua Sczech would take the last shot and goal at the 5 minute mark for CL’s first lead of the game and now only needing to play keep away.

“That was frustrating with them scoring on two easy mistakes,” Sczech recounted on how the Hawks found themselves down by 2 goals. “Those two mistakes turned this game upside down and it was time to think on what we needed to do in making a change….and play differently and beat this squirrelly.”

Canyon Lake’s Soccer team has not been a favor in many games in their history and certainly during the playoffs and now The Lake has a .500 playoff record with this win. This is 4th campaign since the soccer team has been in existence that playing in the post-season has been realized.

Now for the 2nd time in 4 tries, Canyon Lake will be back in action next week with they face a Bellville team that won their District 25-4A Championship with a 9-0-3 record and readies for a 2nd seeded Go Hawks.


                     HAWK SCORERS:

           Trenton Lorett        1 Assist
           Michale Carpenter     1 Goal
           Jorge De Leon         1 Goal
           Joshua Sczech         1 Goal