Game Article, Track & Field | March 23, 2019

Lady Track Hawksters set on Improving before District Meet

Amber Leach making it look easy after setting her PR in the Pole Vault Event.

Canyon Lake Girls Track is more than half way around their track after placing 4th in the Texan Relays last Thursday.

“As the 2019 track season comes to our last meet before district, I am pleased with the improvements that we have had since the beginning of the year,” Head Girls Track Coach John Barthels said. “About 90% of our times are improving each week and we still have a ways to go as we look to put people in events that will best serve the team.”

       Way to be a Hero Hawks!!

On the JV side, the Hawks were led by Shelby Palmer who placed in 4 different events with two 3rd place finishes in the 100 & 300 meter hurdles.

Kaylee Moore took time off from some Softball to score 16 points coming from 2 events finishing 2nd in both the discus and shot put.

Next in line was Kalani Thorpe scoring 11 welcomed points as this was her first track meet this year as Thorpe is also busy with the Play-off bound Soccer team.

Adriel Rico hit her stride with a PR in her anchor leg running for the 4×400 meter relay.

“I just did not want to let them (the other 3 girls) down,” Rico said. “I get a lot of energy and this is my favorite race and now I will be working on getting ready for district.”

This team of ladies finished in 3rd place trailing Wimberley and La Vernia.

Adriel Rico taking it all in after another long day at a Track Meet.

CL’s Varsity finished in 4th place with two first place trophies coming from Sara Mefford’s Shot-Put throw and Alyssa Strickland finishing ahead of the field of 100 meter hurdle participants with 15.06 time. That was a PR for Strickland which will put her in prime position for what could be a good season.

“Alyssa Strickland continues to improve on her times in the 100 meter hurdles….she is such a competitor and is fine tuning each week her skills. She has also helped to improve our time in the 4×200 this year and has been a great asset to the relay.”

Madison Churbe joined the two ladies above in scoring in double digits finishing with 12 points that tied Strickland.

Churbe scored her points in 4 events with her best place in the high jump with topping 4-10 with Landry Brown one place behind due to more attempts.

“Madison Churbe is coming on in the long jump and high jump and has taken on the roll this year of running on the mile relay,” Coach heaped praise.

Karleigh Schedlbauer was inserted into the 4×400 relay and helped this relay to improve their time over 4 seconds.

“If I am in the event then I am going to do my best because that pushes me,” Schedlbauler stated. “I would like to advance to the regionals and we just need to be more positive and try harder and that will put us in the position to push ourselves.”

              Go Fast Hawks!!

Amber Leach had her PR in the Pole Vault when she cleared 9-06 to finish 2nd place that garnered 8 points for the team.

“I had been waiting for 2 years,” Leach said when asked about her new height that she reached. “My overall goal is to beat or tie the Hawk record and I want that record to have men name on it.”

That spot is presently held by Jessica Cunningham who has been on top since the 2010 season that had a State berth.

On how Leach decided to be a pole vaulter, “In the 7th grade was when I started to play sports and I told my Mom I wanted to Catapult….when she finally realized I meant the pole vault. It is such a hard sport and I just had to do it.”

Karleigh Schedlbauer helps 4×400 improve time by 4 seconds in Texan Meet.

Leach continued, “I want to reach higher heights and I had hold the poll higher and just maxed out my step.”

Being the only girl in this event you would think it might be a little lonely, “Yes, it is a little lonely…but I have a friend from Navarro and we practice together and share poles.”

Not a lot of athletes flock to this event and many times you see a different set of competitors as they know each other and encourage each other regardless of the school uniform that is on.

Coach Barthels finished, “This year has been a bit of a learning curve for the team as each week we are trying new things with the ultimate goal in mind of advancing as many athletes as possible on to the area meet in Liberty Hill in a couple of weeks….If we continue to do better as we have been doing, I am optimistic that we will take most of our varsity on from district to the area meet.”

Go Fast Hawks!!


Junior Varsity          TEXAN RELAYS Team Results   Varsity
Wimberley Blue       248                            Wimberley Blue       169
La Vernia            170                            Blanco               133
Canyon Lake Hawks     74                            La Vernia             93
Blanco                63                            Canyon Lake Hawks     76
Navarro               33                            Navarro               50
Smithville            22                            Smithville            42
Wimberley Red          4                            NB Christian          29
NB Christian           1                            Austin Champions      16
Austin Champions       0                            Wimberley Red         12
Castle Hills Baptist   0                            Castle Hills Baptist   0
IDEA Monterrey Park    0                            IDEA Monterrey Park    0

Junior Varsity                  Points Scored       Varsity
Shelby Palmer         19                            Sara Mefford          16
Kaylee Moore          16                            Madison Churbe        12
Kalani Thorpe         11                            Alyssa Strickland     12
Adriel Rico            7                            Amber Leach            8
Jessi Gore             6                            Natalie McCoy          6
Lindsay Ford           4                            Audrey Schulze         6
Alexis Ozuna           4                            Landry Brown           5
Chelsea Tschoepe       3                            Lainee Moses           3
Hannah Gallagher       2                            Jade Lawless           2
Nataly Castillo        2                            Danielle Carty         2
Savannah Cruder        1                            Karleigh Schedlbauer   2
Hailey Overstreet      1                            Hailey Overstreet      1
Jasmine Coble          1

                             Times and Distances
Junior Varsity                                      Varsity
200 meter dash                                      200 meter dash
Adriel Rico         30.49  5th                      Madison Churbe       27.23  6th

800 meter run                                       400 meter dash
Kalani Thorpe     2:42.13  2nd                      Natalie McCoy        64.55  4th

3200 meter run                                      100 meter hurdles
Lindsay Ford     15:34.97  4th                      Alyssa Strickland    15.06  1st

100 meter hurdles                                   long jump
Shelby Palmer       18.43  3rd                      Madison Churbe    15-10.75  6th

300 meter hurdles                                   shot put
Shelby Palmer       55.40  3rd                      Sara Mefford       32-0.50  3rd

long jump                                           discus
Shelby Palmer       14-04  4th                      Sara Mefford         97-04  1st
Hannah Gallagher    13-10  6th                      Jade Lawless         90-05  5th

shot put                                            triple jump
Kaylee Moore        28-11  2nd                      Audrey Schulze       33-05  4th
Chelsea Tschoepe    27-03  6th

discus                                              high jump
Kaylee Moore        71-08  2nd                      Madison Churbe        4-10  2nd
Alexis Ozuna        63-05  4th                      Landry Brown          4-10  3rd

pole vault                                          4x100 meter relay    62.83  6th
Amber Leach          9-06  2nd                      Savannah Crider  Nataly Castillo
                                                    Hannah Gallagher Jessi Gore
4x100 meter relay   52.79  5th
Jasmine Coble    Landry Brown                       4x200 meter relay  2:06.06  4th
Lainee Moses     Hailey Overstreet                  Nataly Castillo  Jessi Gore
                                                    Chelsea Tschoepe Adriel Rico
4x200 meter relay 1:49.28  4th
Madison Churbe   Lainee Moses                       4x400 meter relay  4:35.36  3rd
Audrey Schulze   Alyssa Stickland                   Kalani Thorpe    Jessi Gore
                                                    Shelby Palmer    Adriel Rico
4x400 meter relay 4:18.00  4th
Madison Churbe   Danielle Carty
Natalie McCoy    Karleigh Schedlbauer