Hawk’s Defense by Goal Keeper Brayden Damico, #15 Andrew Pipkin, #22 James Mason, and #9 Joshua Sczech will need to be solid during the Hawks next 3 games.                            (photo by Lynne Carpenter)

               THIS WEEK      @     CANYON LAKE            March 4-9

  Mon. Mar 4   CL Hawks       @     Wimberley              All-Day Girls  Golf
               CL Hawks JV    @     Devine JV              430p           Baseball

  Tue. Mar 5   CL Hawks       @     Wimberley              All-Day Boys   Golf
               CL Hawks JV    @     Burnet JV              500p           Softball
               CL Hawks       @     Burnet                 700p           Softball

  Thu. Mar 7   CL Hawks       @     Kerrville              All-Day        Track & Field
                                    Antler Relays
               Brentwood      @     CL Hawks               430p           Baseball
               SA Veterans    @     CL Hawks               700p           Baseball
                                    Hawk Tournament

  Fri. Mar 8   Taylor JV      @     CL Hawks JV            430p           Softball
               Wimberley JV   @     CL Hawks               500p    Boys   Soccer
               Taylor         @     CL Hawks               600p           Softball
               CL Hawks       @     Wimberley              630p    Girls  Soccer
               Wimberley      @     CL Hawks               700p    Boys   Soccer
               SA Burbank     @     CL Hawks               700p           Baseball
                                    Hawk Tournament

  Sat. Mar 9   TBA            @     CL Hawks Tourney       TBD            Baseball


                   Let’s GO HAWKS!!

Canyon Lake had a decent week of sports action started with a baseball squad that has supplied some good baseball and finishing the week with a 2nd Place spot in the Hondo/Devine Tournament, It was the second week in a row that had CL playing a Championship contest.

That in itself gives you an idea that Baseball might be the flag bearing sport this Spring for Canyon Lake.

This Week @ Canyon Lake, the Hawk Baseball crew will host their tournament with two games on Thursday followed by another battle on Friday. This tournament will be run like the previous two with two quads of schools playing round-robin with a game by each school matched up with the #1’s from each group till a Championship battle to end the week-end on Saturday.

Softball had a good week finishing with a 4-0 record and will be on the road this Tuesday in Burnet and then will be back at the Hawk Nest on Friday when the Taylor Ducks come quacking in for battle of birds.

The Lady Soccer team had a welcomed win over Fredericksburg on Tuesday which was needed to help keep their playoffs hopes in tact.

CL Ladies Soccer will have another tough contest on Friday in Wimberley before finishing their District 28-4A schedule against two teams they are battling with for one of the 2 remaining play-off spots. Boren and Wimberley has the top 2 in their grasp while Bandera has yet to taste victory, that leaves 3 teams fighting for 2 spots.

CL’s Boys Soccer team came into district play this year with the best record amongst their district brethren but started with two losses and in a big hole. Well, that hole has been conquered after a 3 game winning streak that had two of those wins coming on the road against two schools (Fredericksburg & Boerne) that have dominated this sport since CL had their first class of students.

                     Go Hawks!!

Now the Hawks are chasing Wimberley for a chance of finishing this district round-robin on top of the heap as these teams go into their final 3 battles.

Canyon Lake has already earned a split with Boerne and will look to an important match at home with Wimbo this Friday, with a chance, of evening that series and a win that would put The Lake in the driver’s seat.

Bandera would be next and then another important date against Freddie that would be at home for a chance of sweeping the two games in district for the first time in Hawk History.

The ReSporter has had problems in getting information from the Track & Field teams and at this writing has no results to share. F

Hopefully that will be rectified as this week has the Tracksters going to Kerrville for the Antler Relays Meet.

Go Hawks!!