Boys Soccer, Coaches Corner | April 7, 2019

Coaches Corner with Boy’s Soccer Ryan Tierney

                                           Matt Bell getting it done in win over the Panthers.                          (photo by Lynne Carpenter)

The ReSporter: What was going on when this team started district and what that team was not doing right compared to how they are playing now?

          Coach Ryan Tierney

Coach Tierney: “I’m not sure it was like we weren’t doing things right. I just think we came up short on some pretty good teams in district. I think our attack has really come into itself and that has helped on keeping us in games a lot down this last stretch of the season.”

The ReSporter: You have played Gonzales earlier this year, what can you take from that battle even though it was so early in the season?

Coach Tierney: “They are way better now than the first time we played them. One thing we can take away from the early part of the season is that we know we can play head to head. But they have really come on strong as well and it helps when you’ve seen what they do early on.”

The ReSporter: How would Eastside Memorial compare to these Gonzales Apaches?

Coach Tierney: “It’s 2 different styles of play. Both really high quality and talented teams, but Eastside plays very direct and Gonzales possess very well and plays through their midfield.”

The ReSporter: Give us an idea of what it has done for this team to be blessed with so many Seniors and how does that change your coaching in game and in preparation?

Coach Tierney: “This senior class means a lot to this team. The experience level is what really stands out. We have a lot of 3 and four year starters and that helps with preparing for big time games.”

Canyon City Grill says Go Hawks!!

The ReSporter: On that same angle, you have several on your team that was a part of the last Sweet 16 team, how does that help in going back to McAllen?

Coach Tierney: “I believe they are excited to be back, but I think they know the heartache that came with losing that first game and that helps with understanding about what exactly is at stake and how can we improve from that last trip.”

The ReSporter: “It seems you have more offensive weapons this season and there is not any one player that will arise for any given game, give us your thoughts on what that does to an opponent?”

Coach Tierney: “It creates disorganization. They think they have it shutdown in one area but then there is another area to worry about. Much like Eastside against us and I’m sure any team at this level has that attacking ability that tries to create disorganization among your defense.”

The ReSporter: You mentioned the other day after the Bellville win that your back-line had played their best game, do you feel, as a team, that most of the students are continuing to improve as the competition rises with each additional game?

              Go Fast Hawks!!

Coach Tierney: “Most definitely. Every single guy from our leading scorer to the JV guys we brought up have just improved each and every week. It speaks volumes about the kind of kids we have and how much sacrifice they put in.”

The ReSporter: Give the Hawk Nation your thoughts on what you want to come back with after this next week-end? Yes, I know you would want 2 wins, but what bigger behind the scenes notion comes to mind?

Coach Tierney: “I’d like to see growth. We have grown so much over the course of this season. We’ve had to fight back into games a lot. I’d like to see us grow leaps and bounds in our soccer maturity so when we head into a state tournament we can speak at a high level.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and the Hawk Nation can’t wait to see what this group of boys does next!!