Boys Soccer, Coaches Corner | April 15, 2019

Coaches Corner with Soccer’s Ryan Tierney

                      THE GOAL that sent the Apaches home with no time left.                    (photo by Lynne Carpenter)


The ReSporter: Wow, what a week for CL’s Soccer team, how would you describe what you just witnessed?

                 Make a Legacy!!
                   Go Hawks!!

Coach Tierney: “I have witnessed young men who have overcome adversity. These athletes have overcome adversity since the preseason by playing 6v6 over the summer together to extreme conditioning, hard weight room lifting, come from behind game victories, to adverse situations out of their control. Through it all they have stepped up to the occasion and more importantly they have stayed together as a team.”

The ReSporter: Every team you face gets better and better, how will you handle the team this week in preparation?

Coach Tierney: “We will take a look at film and try to get as many eyes on it as possible. We will look to see what our opponent is strong at and try to suppress that and take a look at their weaknesses and try to exploit that. Preparation is more about recovery and mentality at this point of the season. We have to be disciplined in our approach and take advantage of every chance we get.”

The ReSporter: What would you like to say to the Canyon Lake community on how their presence this week would play and help this group of players?

Coach Tierney: “I know our boys are proud of where they come from. From the deep Southside of the lake to Mystic Shores, to the far reaches of Spring Branch; Our boys are proud of that CL that is represented on their jersey. They represent the hard-working community of Canyon Lake and are the epitome of the never back down attitude of this community. It would mean the world for all walks of Canyon Lake to appear and support these boys who act as representative for this community.”

The ReSporter: Have any Colleges called and tried to steal you away from the Hawk community yet?

Gordon says WAY to Go HAWKS !!

Coach Tierney: “That would probably never happen. The dream is to work for or have my own academy team one day.”

The ReSporter: Canyon Lakes defense has been solid all year long, your back row has played a major roll this year, give us a rundown on these boys and their attributes.

Coach Tierney: “Michael Carpenter and Mason James are big, long and athletic. They win aerial balls, they are aggressive in the middle and they are the captains of the backline. Our Fullbacks have played some quality ball in the past several weeks. Trenton Bulter is athletic and aggressive, while Andrew Pipkin is a disciplined and technical player who is in great form right now. As a unit, they communicate but even more important they move together in a way that support each other.”

The ReSporter: When you are facing a possession team like Progreso was, how do you help the players to get or instill the most out of each of their possessions?

Coach Tierney: “It comes down to work that we have done all season. You have to target specific players in specific spaces and then you have to get the ball forward quickly.”

FINAL   4!!!!

The ReSporter: I forgot who, but one of the players mentioned how you guys practice those last second corner kicks, how do you break your practices up offense/defense/specialty plays?  

Coach Tierney: “We normally spend a day on offense, a day on defending and then our specialty plays we will review on game days. We just do it consistently and don’t change much so it is routine for the athletes. This week is much different though, recovery is the most important part of practice this week.”

The ReSporter: What would you do if you saw 500-1000 Hawk fans at this week’s game? Since most might not be Soccer savvy, give them one piece of advice for something to watch for.

Coach Tierney: “I’d say soccer is about enjoying those around you and being in the atmosphere. The game will have its own storyline and you just have to ride the buildup and wait for the climax of the story to happen. As long as you are there with great friends and family and you are rooting for your team; you make it what you want to make it. Lots of times soccer fans truly believe they affect the outcome of the game. Chants, songs and cheers can funnel emotion to the athletes on the field and truly “WILL” their team to victory. If you want to enjoy something you’ve never experienced come to the game and witness the magic of the game, but be careful because you just might fall in love with it.”

The ReSporter: Make the trek this Wednesday to Georgetown and Encourage these young man and GO HAWKS!!