Game Article, Track & Field | April 7, 2019

Hawk Boy’s Surprise with a 3rd Place Finish in District 28-4A Track Meet

The 4×100 Relay finished 2nd as Ryan Rivali, Greyson Lee, Caleb Almond, and Chance Martelli show off their awards!

Canyon Lake finished the District 28-4A Track & Field Meet with several surprises and Persona Records (PR’s) after their two day event hosted by the Hawks.

Nic Rivera breaks 40 second barrier on 300 hurdles.

Nic Rivera was gold on this night after breaking the 40 second mark for the first time in his 300 meter hurdle event. Rivera continues a strong contingent of hurdlers these past few years and seems to be on the mark as the Area Meet comes calling.

“Before I started, Coach Greene, said he wanted me to catch the 6-8th lanes by my second hurdle and I actually got to them before that,” Rivera remembered. “As I was going around the curve I kept focusing on jumping with my right leg and then when I reached the final 100 meters I realized I could shoot for the high top and I had tunnel vision until I got to the finish line as I hit another gear and when I finished I said, Yes…I finally did it!!”

Rivera has has wanted to break that 40 second barrier and now that he has shattered that mark will look to improve more as he continues. “I want to attack the hurdles and get to that first hurdle faster by switching my blocks to get a faster time,” Rivera kept going and going and going.

Will Hillenbrand finished in 1st place in the Pole Vault and will look to improve so he can advance to Regional Meet. This will be Hillenbrand’s second time and will bring some, been there, to this year’s meet with a chance for advancement.

Chance Martelli is another Hawk that has his sight on breaking the 50 second barrier for his 400 meter run….that is certainly possible as Martelli has seen those marks on his 4×400 relay splits.

“This was a good day to know we are improving at such a late point of the season is good,” Martelli said after realizing the 4×400 relay had improved their time by 5 seconds. “I will have to kick earlier and push myself as I do my thing and stride it out on that second curve….breaking 50 feels good.”

Chance(s) are that Martelli will have another Meet!

Canyon Lake had a strong day in finishing in 3rd place behind Wimberley and Fredericksburg. The Hawks Junior Varsity was a 4th place finisher as this group had a bus load of pr’s (personal bests) and that will help as next year will be here before you know it.

“We ran great and better than I thought we would,” Head Boys Track Coach Troy Moses gushed. “I had not run that group this year and they ran the 4×100 relay and had a chance to win….and I had no clue our 4×400 relay would run that well…Tristan (Chacon) ran his best this year. Bryce Vincent, we had him with a 52 second on his 400 relay and now I know what he and Tristan are capable of.”

On what the plan of attack will be as this group prepares for their Area Meet, “There is not much time and I will want to make sure they will be fresh, we might change up our relays because I know what they are capable of doing.”

Tristan Chacon was a pleasant surprise while Cody Kline will be busy after finishing 4th in his 200 dash and helping in the 400 and 200 relays.

Cody Kline will be active in the Area Meet!

Kline was talkative after his day/night on the track, “This feels great and hopefully we can give the Seniors one more chance at the Regions and then State,” Kline was all in after the 4×400’s surprise finish. “I did know he was on me,” Kline kept going when recounting what he felt during his run. “I got a burst of speed on the second curve and it was good running against them (Fredericksburg) and I see if I can break 51 seconds.”

Another impressive group was the distance runners as they had several personal bests which was highlighted by Luke Mendez who is now the holder of the Mile and 2 Mile run while his counterparts were PRing like nobodies business and can take that kick to next year’s Cross Country.

Canyon Lake will be out of the blocks as this meet gave a good indicator for some more good results.

Go Hawks!!


                                       TEAM RESULTS

          Varsity                                    Junior Varsity
          Fredericksburg      176.5                  Wimberley            175.0
          Wimberley           127.5                  Fredericksburg       147.5
          Canyon Lake Hawks   115.0                  Boerne               129.0
          Boerne               82.0                  Canyon Lake Hawks     82.5
          Bandera              65.0                  Bandera               74.0
          Llano                56.0                  Llano                 12.0

                              Hawk Area Qualifiers Event(s)
                              Chance Martelli      4x100 Relay, 4x400 Relay, 400 Dash
                              Cody Kline           4x200 Relay, 4x400 Relay, 200 Dash
                              Greyson Lee          4x100 Relay, 4x200 Relay, 4x400 Relay
                              Nic Rivera           110 Hurdles, 300 Hurdles
                              Caleb Almond         4x100 Relay, 4x200 Relay, 100 Dash
                              Ryan Rivali          4x100 Relay
                              William Hillenbrand  Pole Vault
                              Tristan Chacon       Long Jump, 4x200 Relay, 4x400 Relay
                              Matt Bell            800 Meter Run
                              Bryce Vincent        4x400 Relay
                              Patrick McAuliffe    High Jump

                              District Meet Individual Points

         Nic Rivera            18                     Jeremy Greene         15
         Chance Martelli       16                     Colten Eilers         12
         Cody Kline            15.5                   Troy Eyster           11
         Caleb Almond          14                     Jesse Horner          11
         Tristan Chacon        12                     Stephen Sharp          9
         Greyson Lee           10                     Connor Windham         8
         William Hillenbrand   10                     Cayden Iles            4
         Bryce Vincent          6                     Dominick Vaillant      3
         Ryan Rivali            4                     Matthew Soza           3
         Matt Bell              4                     Derek Wiatrek          2
         Patrick McAuliffe      4                     Josue Pina             2
         Peyton McMullen        1.5

         Men’s Varsity                                Junior Varsity
                      43.81    2nd   4x100 Meter Relay              47.38     4th
         Chance Martelli  Caleb Almond                Dominick Vailant  Jesse Horner
         Ryan Rivali      Greyson Lee                 Matthew Soza      Stephen Sharp

                                      800 Meter Run
         Matt Bell         2:05.90 (pr)  4th          Brian Clark         2:19.43 (pr)  8th
         Partick McAuliffe 2:13.99      13th          Brock Coburn        2:34.25 (pr) 12th
                                                      Santiago Barrientos 2:35.99 (pr) 14th

                                    110 Meter Hurdles
         Nic Rivera          15.31       2nd          Jeremy Greene         17.83 (pr)  3rd

                                     100 Meter Dash
         Caleb Almond        11.29       3rd          Stephen Sharp         12.04       3rd

                                   4x200 Meter Relay
                           1:31.63       2nd                              1:37.99       5th
         Caleb Almond   Tristan Chacon                Dominick Vaillant  Colton Eilers
         Greyson Lee    Cody Kline                    Matthew Soza       Stephen Sharp

                                   400 Meter Dash
         Chance Martelli     50.20 (pr)  2nd          Jesse Horner          54.71 (pr)   3rd
                                                      Cayden Iles           56.13 (pr)   6th

                                 300 Meter Hurdles
         Nic Rivera          39.59 (pr)  1st          Jeremy Greene         45.08 (pr)   3rd
         Bryce Vincent       42.43 (pr)  5th          Derek Wiatrek         45.87 (pr)   5th

                                  200 Meter Dash
         Cody Kline          23.33 (pr)  4th          Colton Eilers         25.11 (pr)   5th
         Greyson Lee         23.61 (pr)  5th

                                  1600 Meter Run
         Luke Mendez       4:52.39 (pr)  7th          Josue Pina           5:18.42       6th
         Colin Baker       4:59.85 (pr) 10th          Brian Clark          5:21.66 (pr)  8th
                                                      Caleb Price          5:24.06 (pr) 10th
                                                      Tyler Cox            5:25.72      11th
                                                      Colin Logan          5:39.39 (pr) 19th
                                                      DJ Menke             5:57.92      20th

                                 3200 Meter Run
         Colin Baker       10:55.32 (pr)  8th         Josue Pina          12:12.40 (pr)  6th
         Luke Mendez       11:11.29      10th         Tyler Cox 1          2:26.75 (pr)  8th
         Peter Schultz     11:46.30      12th         Caleb Price         12:39.18       9th
                                                      DJ Menke            13.18.20 (pr) 12th
                                                      Chandler Hunt       13:23.78 (pr) 13th
                                                      Tyler Dickens       13:26.22 (pr) 14th

                               4x400 Meter Relay
                            3:27.11 (pr)  2nd                              3:43.50 (pr)  3rd
         Tristan Chacon   Cody Kline                  Cayden Iles      Jesse Horner
         Bryce Vincent    Chance Martelli             Jeremy Greene    Colton Eilers

         Daniel O’Dell   110-06.00 (pr)  9th          Ben Crisp          102-05.50 (pr)  7th
                                                      Shawn Pendleton     96-04.50      11th
                                                      Eric Teutsch        81-07.50 (pr) 19th
                                                      Connor Windham      77-10.50      23rd
                                                      Braden Hodge        76-03.50      24th

                                   High Jump
         Partick McAuliffe 5-08.00      4th           Jeremy Greene        5-06.00 (pr)  5th
         Cody Kline        5-08.00      5th
         Peyton McMullen   5-08.00      5th

                                   Long Jump
         Tristan Chacon   19-06.00 (pr) 4th           Colton Eilers       18-08.50 (pr)  3rd
         Sam Schimank     16-08.50     13th           Troy Eyster         18-04.00 (pr)  6th
                                                      Cayden Iles         17-06.25 (pr)  9th
                                                      Derek Wiatrek       17-04.00 (pr) 10th
                                                      Dominick Vaillant   15-08.75 (pr) 20th

                                 Pole Vault
         Will Hillenbrand 13-06.00      1st

                                   Shot Put
         Josh Almond      40-07.00      9th           Connor Windham      39-03.75      2nd
         JT Greene        38-03.00     11th           Braden Hodge        33-05.00      9th
                                                      Shawn Pendleton     32-02.00     12th
                                                      Brandon Powers      32-02.50     14th
                                                      Kyle Yuill          32-00.50     16th
                                                      Eric Teutsch        31-00.00     17th

                                   Triple Jump
         Jacob Neel       37-02.00     9th            Troy Eyster         40-00.00      1st
                                                      Derek Wiatrek       35-02.75      7th
                                                      Colton Eilers       34-06.75     10th